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A Breakthrough of Intuitive Awareness into Oneness

by Anders Bjdrstedt and Carl Johan Calleman |

The purpose of this article is to describe the role of the Oneness Celebration at the Venus transit on June 8, 2004 in its larger context. This will clearly be the "astronomical event of the year". To begin with, a Venus transit is an astronomical event where the planet Venus passes between the Earth and the sun . a sort of eclipse. Venus transits lasts for 6-7 hours and come in pairs separated by exactly 8 earth years minus two days. As far as human measures go such pairs of transits occur only rarely. Below is a list of the years of the most recent occurrences, where the second transit in the pair is given within parentheses:

1518 (1526)

1631 (1639)

1761 (1769)

1874 (1882)

2004 (2012)

Since there is no person alive today who was born in 1882 or earlier the Venus transit in 2004 will be everyone.s first such experience. What may we then expect from this occurrence? To find out it is certainly worth studying what happened in the world earlier in the first of these pairs of transits.

We may then note that 1518 was when the first circumnavigation of the globe by Magellan/del Cano was launched (they set sail in 1519). The impact on the minds of people of this accomplishment was enormous. Through their journey these captains had shown in practice that the world was not flat, but spherical. In the following years a new world view emerged in which it was clear that humans inhabited a globe. The time of speculation was over and this may be said to have been the first step in the development of a Global Brain.

The next pair of Venus transits approximately coincided with the emergence of the first national mail services (Denmark, 1624; Sweden, 1636) and so also seems to be associated with human communications. Written communications between people, initially in certain countries, then became routine even over long distances. The second in this pair of Venus transits is the first that is known to have been observed by humans.

In the Venus transit of 1761 there is much information to be found. The study of this event had long been prepared for by astronomers, who were planning to use their observations as a means of measuring the distance to the sun. This goal could however only be accomplished if observations were made all around the world, and for this to happen astronomers in different countries needed to collaborate. The transit of Venus across the Sun was observed in 77 different places ranging from Karesuando to Pondicherry including Tobolsk, Tahiti, Beijing and Philadelphia. The point to realize here is that this was the first international collaboration project ever in science. Never before had scientists belonging to different national academies collaborated and it was the Venus transit that compelled them to d! o so. It may in fact be asked if this was the first international collaboration project of any kind, wherein different nations collaborated as such. Regardless, an important step was taken in bringing the planet together and it was initiated through an impulse from the Earth.s sister planet Venus. Putting the idea of international collaboration into practice was a crucial step in connecting the different peoples of the world.

The Venus transit in 1874 coincided with two very notable occurrences in the development of the Earth into a Global Brain: The founding of the World Post Union, and the completion of the Atlantic telegraph cable in the same year, which both marked fundamental steps in the development of global communications. In 1874, moreover, Bell had his first idea of a telephone, which was patented two years later. In this year it became possible, for the first time, for people to routinely communicate around the globe as rapid means for this were developed. Needless to say, today.s Internet would not have been possible without these preparatory steps in the development of global telecommunications.

Considering the occurrences accompanying these earlier Venus transits, and the steps forward in global communications and the evolution of the global brain that these have entailed, it is timely to ask what will happen as the next one takes place in 2004. What events and changes will accompany this? A fundamental difference compared to previous transits is the advanced state of global communications that now already exists. Hence, almost everyone in the world will, through newspapers, letters, telephones and the Internet, have advance notice of this Venus transit. The new steps forward on the path of humanity will be taken within the framework of the Global Brain with its nerve threads, i.e. the telecommunications network, that already exist.

Although this development of the Global Brain has been favoured by the energies of the katuns (periods of 20 x 360 days = 19.7 years) in the Mayan calendar in which the Venus transits have occurred, it is hard to avoid the impression that the very transit of Venus across the sun has somehow served to concentrate these energies and has sent an intensifying beam to planet Earth. During the Venus transits the cosmic energies were thus strongly amplified.

There are however many good reasons to believe that the Venus transit on June 8, 2004, in contrast to at earlier times, will herald a development of communications between human beings that is not based on technology. The chief reason is that we are now at a stage, the Galactic Underworld in the Mayan calendar, that favours the right brain half and the intuitive faculties of our mind that are mediated by this. And so, we may expect that the upcoming Venus transit will launch an era of communications utilizing mental rather than electromagnetic fields.

This new field, unlike gravitation in the National Underworld and electricity in the Planetary, will emerge as a synchronizing field of consciousness favoring spontaneous flow rather than linear planning. (Unfortunately it is not widely known that the different Underworlds in the Mayan calendar determine what fields are open to human beings to use for communications). Of course, this intuitive field may to some extent always have existed, but following the upcoming Venus transit human awareness of it will increase dramatically. This field favoring telepathic communication may be the most important factor in bringing about a harmonizing effect on the Global Brain. It is primarily mediated by the right brain half that at the current stage is favored by the cosmos, and may be the field of communicati! on that turns the Earth into a new being, Gaia harmonica.

It seems obvious to a lot of people that the number of synchronicities (someone calling just when you think of him or her, etc) has increased sharply in recent times. Yet, these are really only weak premonitions of the full effects of the telepathic field that will now emerge. If a sufficient number of people become connected through this field we may expect that they will be able to harmonize their activities in a much more natural way than is currently the case. To support the emergence of this is the whole point with the Oneness Celebration.

It may then be in its place to discuss the relationship between telepathy and the Oneness Celebration of June 6-8, 2004. If the incorporation of a new field of intuitive mental communication is the next step in the development of the Global Brain, how will this affect us as individuals? Before going into this it should be recognized that it is impossible to tell exactly what the effects of this emerging field of telepathy will be. (Imagine yourself a year before the first circumnavigation of the earth or the first global telecommunications trying to grasp the consequences.) In fact, the Oneness Celebration may be regarded only as the great opening into this new field. Being able to see into, resonate with and connect to the thoughts and minds of others must however have a host of consequences that! are difficult to predict in detail, but still important to ponder. To many that are unprepared some of the changes may in fact be shocking or hard to understand.

Yet, if we imagine a world without secrets, where you and others are unable to hide their thoughts from each other, and where we, in a much more profound sense than currently, are all one, what would life be like? If intentions or thoughts can not be hidden in this strengthened field of intuition an enormous amount of plotting against other persons, hidden agendas, etc, would become useless. Manipulation would cease. Hostile plans for deceiving others, in personal relations or in business, would loose their effectiveness. Plans for hurting others through crime, terror or warfare will become transparent. In general, it will be obvious to everyone when someone puts his own interest above the larger whole. Of course, that manipulative behavior or hidden agendas become clearly visible does not mean that they immediately would cease, but clear visibilit! y would give others more of a choice as to how to relate to those with hidden motives. Those that enter fully into this new field will themselves come to live in a world that is much more joyous than previously. Honesty and truthfulness will breed love. The downplaying of conflicts between them will allow them to function harmoniously amongst themselves.

If we are able to co-create such a field we would start to become one in a very real sense. As we do, relationships between different individuals, or groups of people, will start to harmonize to a degree where it is obvious that hurting another is tantamount to hurting yourself. At the present time, this idea, that hurting someone else means hurting yourself however still has much the character of a .nice thought., something that express how you think things .should be. although they really are not. The added clarity of the new vision will alter this. The breakthrough of a new level of telepathic contact would also mean that we add a new field of communication to the development of the Global Brain. This field would bring harmony, since through this everyone would be attuned to everybody else and ! to the purpose of the cosmic plan as well.

While there may remain limits to our ability to enter other people.s minds, it seems likely that our sensitivity to the existence of hidden compartments, stored hidden agendas, etc., in others will increase dramatically. Maintaining such will be a characteristic of those that choose to see the world through duality and separateness. Of course, if other people can read your thoughts and be certain about your intentions, many would feel that they would loose something from this. This would include many that have judgmental thoughts about themselves and so want to hide parts of their inner reality. In fact, many whose intentions are not aligned with the higher good of all will probably avoid breaking through into Oneness. While it seems obvious that even in the short term the survival of planet Earth! will be favoured by human beings getting to know how to utilize more extensive fields of telepathic contact, this would have implications that not everyone is likely to desire.

As should be obvious from the initial discussion Venus transits may be alone among astronomical events to have a track record that associates them with major steps in the development of the Global Brain. (The completion of the Atlantic telegraph cable in 1874 may for instance be seen as the creation of a kind of corpus callosum connecting its Western and Eastern Hemispheres). Because of this track record the Oneness Celebration at this Venus transit is not just another one in a number of global meditations that for different reasons have been proposed in recent years. Rather, previous ones, most notably the Harmonic Convergence or Harmonic Concordance, may be regarded as preparatory for the Oneness Celebration, the Venus transit of June 8, 2004. This will! carry the major breakthrough in the development of a new telepathic field on planet Earth, and the co-creation of this is a pre-requisite for attaining the Enlightened state of Oneness by the time the next in this pair of Venus transits occurs on June 6, 2012. For all those wanting to help birth Gaia harmonica, the new harmonious Global Brain, the Oneness Celebration is the time to do it.

Now, of course, some will say that this field will just emerge regardless of what we do. .Did not the Venus transit in 1518 trigger the first circumnavigation of the Earth without this transit even being known to the world?. some may ask. Well, maybe we should not be so sure that our own participation is irrelevant. After all, what it is all about at the upcomin occasion is the emergence of a mental field that it is we, the human beings, that are the carriers of. It is entirely possible that a conscious participation and awareness is needed this time around. Maybe in fact those that participate fully in such a way as to receive the new light to the right brain half will be the .meek who will inherit the Earth.. What seems likely is that those that truly want to live in accordance with the harmonizing new field of Gaia harmonica should take the opportunity of absorbing the energy of the Venus transit fully and create such a field amongst themselves. This absorption includes the communication in our own individual brains between the logical left brain and the intuitive right brain, where it is now the latter that will be strengthened. And so, while it is possible that the new field will be there regardless of what we do, it is possible that to get an entrance ticket we need to act as co-creators. Integrating this intuitive field and unifying the mentalities of the brain halves, we may also surmise, are pre-requisites for attaining the Enlightened state in the years ahead. Although there are a few that may already have attained this state as individuals, in the case of the Venus transit we ! are talking about a major collective push towards that state; Mass Enlightenment.

Really, what the Oneness Celebration means is a choice, a choice as to whether to continue living as a separate individual or to harmonize your life with the greater whole, the Oneness of Gaia harmonica, which fully experienced is Enlightenment. The upcoming Venus transit will thus present us, individually and collectively, with a very important choice to participate or not to participate. To enter the new field or remain in duality. Telepathy is a meaningless concept if it applies only to a single individual. Only if a significant number of people break through to this new field of communication will any individual, in the full meaning of the word, be able to attain the state of Enlightenment. Thus, there is a need for a collective breakthrough into the new telep! athic field of communication.

There has been some wondering among people why the changes brought about by the Galactic Underworld (which began Jan 5, 1999) have, thus far, seemed so relatively minor. Maybe we have now found the reason . that this is that this Underworld has not yet been activated by a beam of a Venus transit. Both the National and Planetary Underworlds had activating Venus transits in their very first katuns, and one name used for the Mayan Long Count (National Underworld) was in fact the Birth of Venus. In the Galactic Underworld, we have had to wait until the Third Night for this to happen. The Venus transit of June 8, 2004 may be what really activates the new level of consciousness on.

This overall purpose of the Oneness Celebration of birthing a new field of telepathic communication has consequences for the type of meditation that we should conduct during this occasion. If we are open to letting Gaia develop a new field of telepathic contact, then the focus of the meditation should be to open ourselves up to this. Given that it is the right brain half, in resonance with the Eastern Hemisphere, that primarily will mediate this new field then this fact must be taken into account in shaping your meditation. If we, in a meditative alpha state with eyes closed, visualize Light, Cosmic Intelligence, entering through our right brain, and then let this form an infinite loop including the left brain for a sustained period during the Venus transit, then this would mean that we could ente! r the new field of telepathic contact. If this happens we will eventually come to live in a completely open and honest world, free of conflicts. This love may be ours if we are open to the harmonizing effects of the new field!

Certainly, if a world of extended intuitive awareness seems like a welcome possibility to you, we urge you to network this idea and start making presentations on a regular basis to friends and anyone you may be in contact with. There is no money to gain and there is no money to loose, but a new world for us all to win. If there is anything we can be helpful with or have plans for the occasion that you would like to share please contact us at

Carl Johan Calleman is the author of Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar (Garev, 2001) and the forthcoming The Mayan calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and co, 2004). He lectures and gives courses internationally on the Mayan calendar and his web page is

Anders Bjdrstedt has the web page (in Swedish).

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