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The Eternal Eye is Trapped by a Spell Called Money

Posted By creativecosmos | Surfing The Apocalypse Network

The Eternal Eye, Ra, Lucifer, and Atman are all different names for one and the same being. This entity is the spirit of the sun and is the last in the primogeniture of this realm who has what one could call a personality. Neither good nor bad, this god-head is the regulator of all levels of manifestation and the keeper of karma via order.

Often we associate the images we see of Him with the illuminati, freemasons, or some kind of occult activity. The truth is not that those in secret societies worship Him. In fact, they worship Baphomet and use his renegade power to illicit desire to maintain the spell which keeps the Atman (as I will here-to-fore refer to Him) prisoner: MONEY.

When a life revolves around money, is it not a religion? Hypnotized, the masses believe in the reality of the do-re-me which displays the trapped face of the Atman. The words IN GOD WE TRUST suggest that money is GOD to the subconscious.

If all of our attention is focused on the “Image of God,” do we have any left to find the real godliness within ourselves? Looking outwards and pulled by the free-will reign of the animal instinct - Satan, we fail to turn towards the joy which the inner fulfillment of our soul purpose releases.

Jesus said he was the son of God, because he realized his own connection to the Source. Freeing his own Eternal Eye, he awakened to what we can all realize, that we are connected to a living, intelligent, Universe. Beyond the small mind imprisonment, the expansion of energy blows away limitations and eagerly encounters new experiences.

Our potential is much greater than most of us think. Even the conspiracy nuts and news hounds are merely tipping the titanic berg of ice. Those who have been on UFO’s, negotiated with Greys, seen a resurrected Guru, or have been whispered the ‘Single Secret of the Ocean’ by the Water Sprite Selma…well…maybe you’re getting close.

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