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Elaine Smitha - Spiritual Science

A book that empowers you with tools that cut the high costs of health care and improves your quality of life.
Discover how easy it is to:
* Bypass the medical conveyor belt and take control of your life
* Reprogram your genes
* Reverse aging and disease
* Create a lifetime of unlimited health
* Take charge of your life in a faster, surer way than ever before.

Here is "another" brilliant author who are have the ability to explain the big picture. More and more people are learning that everything is connected and that consciousness is the divine force that govern our life and our experiences. This is basically shamanism or (if you will) spiritual science. The power of intent is something that humanity is waking up to. It's always hard to get a global perception on where humanity is mentally, but it seems that most of the old teachings are coming back and this time it seems that we are driven by more than intuition. Reason and consciousness are vital in the process of awakening and they both seem to be on our side. This is truly an amazing time to be alive.

Listen the audio clips below. The first one is about food and energy.
The second is about healing, medicine and the implication of the year 2012.
The third clip is about our genes and the Last clip Elaine talks about doctors, medication & magnetics.

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