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Celebrate 13 Ahau, the Energy of Enlightenment – The Midlight Meditation, June 1-2, 2005

By Carl Johan Calleman |

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The Oneness Celebration, June 6-8 of 2004 represented the beginning of humanity’s retrieving of an ancient knowledge, the knowledge about the Divine Plan as this was encoded in the calendrical system of the Maya. The worldwide spiritual celebrations and meditations, that took place on these dates, which were also blessed and actively supported by Bagavan in actuality took place at a very important node point in the wave movement of consciosuenss transforming energies that currently is supporting the process of enlightenment of humanity. This wave movement which is shown in the picture below is in the tradition of Mayan terminology best referred to as the Galactic Underworld, a sequence of pulses (days 1 through 7) that step by step allow the energies of the cosmos to create a balancing of our minds that lead in the direction of enlightenment.

Obviously, this is a global, or actually a cosmic scheme for the transformation of consciousness and will not necessarily apply to every given human individual. Some people may already now have attained a balanced state of mind, others are on the way there. Yet, others may be resisting it all and seek to remain in resonance with earlier and lower levels of consciousness (Underworlds). Most of us are vacillating somewhere in between and I feel personally that there may be billions of people who contribute to the development of the cosmic plan without having a conscious idea of attaining an enlightened state. Regardless, with every pulse of the Galactic Underworld more and more people will become enlightened and the nature of these states will become deeper and deeper. The recent beginning of the fourth pulse, the Fourth Day, of the Galactic Underworld, on December 4, 2004 has been experienced as a strengthening of the cosmic energies driving evolution by people everywhere, and it has resulted in a dramatic rise in interest in the True Mayan Calendar as a codification of the Cosmic Plan. To say this is not in any sense meant to belittle the work of Bagavan or the many other people associated with him and Amma who are now giving dikshas around the world. The Cosmic Plan obviously need human participation to be delivered. What it means is that we recognize that there is a cosmic plan in operation that gives wind on the back for work aiming to the Enlightenment of humanity and that this plan is what the Mayan calendar describes.

Obviously, it is not possible to discuss the beginning of the Fourth day of the Galactic Underworld without talking about the tsunami that cost close to 200.000 lives around the Bengal Sea. Those that had one of my calendars could see that this event occurred two days into what was called the Uinal of Death and there is no question that in large parts of the world this uinal was dominated by the experience of death. This illustrates how the Mayan calendar works. It was not possible (at least not to me) to predict exactly what was going to happen, but the energies are predictable. It is entirely possible that the stronger vibrations of the energies of the Fourth DAY was felt by the Earth and precipitated the earthquake. There is certainly no way that it will be consoling to someone who has lost a child or a parent, but we should nevertheless ignore the increased compassion especially between people in Europe and Asia that has been the result of the earthquake. Such compassion and extended links is actually exactly what you should expect would develop based on the Mayan calendar during the Galactic Underworld, where it is known of the rise of the importance of the Eastern Hemisphere in the emerging Galactic consciousness. I feel many in Europe have also been moved by the selfless acts especially of the Thai people rooted in a Buddhist tradition.

This rise of the right brain hemisphere and the increased resonance of the cosmic energies is actually what the Fourth day is all about rebalancing the world after 5000 years of Western left brain dominance. In the diagram below you may see how the incoming energies (very roughly may be visualized. The Oneness Celebration of last year was actually celebrated in a trough, the midpoint of the third NIGHT of the Galactic Underworld. This was thus a turning point and the beginning of the entering of the new energies that led up to the Fourth DAY on December 4, 2004. This, together with the focusing effect of Venus was the reason that to many the Onjeness Celebration was a profound spiritual experience and a taste of what is later to come.

What also is apparent from the figure is that we are approaching a peak in the energies of the Fourth day. This will occur on the days June 1-2 2005 and it is very important to be clear about the meaning of these dates and it is one of those occasions where many things are converging to produce an extremely intense effect. I will shortly explain why, but let me already now say that this will be the most powerful dates for giving dikshas ever and I would like to call on everyone in the mukti movement and in the spiritual community of mankind to make the most of these dates. What the Mayan calendar teaches is not really what we are to do to develop spiritually, but when we are to do it. In other words whatever your path is that aligned with the higher purpose of humanity, be it Tai Chi, Yoga, TM or anything else, take the opportunity of the energies of these dates tobring yourself to new heights.

It is very important to see that the Oneness Celebration that I called to last year and earlier is not something that should be repeated every year on June 6. The reason is that the dates of spiritual celebrations in the future must coincide with the most powerful energies in the Mayan calendar. Moreover, every such celebration will occur at a new energy in the Mayan calendar and so every celebration will have its unique energy. I feel, today more than ever through organizing and developing such celebrations we may contribute a true awareness to everyone around us that we are participating in an evolution, that we are following a cosmic plan. In the old materialist paradigm where mechanical time was ruling celebrations were usually held at a given date in the Gregorian calendar, which is really an expression of the mechanical movement of the Earth around the sum. In the now emerging paradigm it is however the consciousness transforming pulses of the cosmos (which are not subordinated to the cycle of the physical year) that we need to be align our evolution with. What is happening especially since the beginning of the Fourth day is that people are beginning to experience the difference between mechanical earth based time and the rhythm of the cosmic evolution of spirit.

So first of all, June 1 is 13 Ahau (13 Light) and June 2 is 1 Imix (1 Alligator) in the traditional Mayan tzolkin count that provides the energies of the days. 13 Ahau is the last energy of a tzolkin round and 1 Imix is the first energy of a new tzolkin round. Because 13 Ahau is the last of the energies it is also the one to which all of creation is going. For long it has among the Maya been considered an energy of Enlightenment and there are many prophecies surrounding the arrival of the energy of 13 Ahau. In fact, when creation is coming to its completion on the Gregorian day October 28, 2011, not only will the tzolkin energy of 13 Ahau have been attained, but in all the various Underworlds the completing energies of 13 Ahau will have been attained. The cosmos will then be offering a consciousness where our perception of reality will no longer be blocked by any darkening filters. The full Enlightenment of humanity will then be possible and because of the disappearance of all inner filters of darkness there will be no experience of separation from our fellow beings or from the divine (or from our own divine nature for that matter. All will be one and yet unique expressions of creation.

Yet, of course, we are not there yet, and in the collective process there will be many more steps to go, many more waves of consciousness to experience as is shown in the scheme above. Regardless, the energy of 13 Ahau on June 1, 2005 will give us a stronger taste of this enlightened future than at any point before and so I feel that these are energies to make use of. In the same sense as the Oneness Celebration of June 6-8 2004 gave people a taste of what the Fourth day of the Galactic Underworld will bring, the peak days of the Fourth day, June 1.2, 2005 may give people a taste of the completion of all of creation in late 2011.

Certainly, it should not escape anyone that the energy of birth of Kalki (March 7, 1949) is in fact 13 Ahau and so the Midlight celebration may then also be an opportunity to celebrate the enlightening energy of Kalki. Although one person out of 260 is statistically born on the energy of 13 Ahau, I know that it is not an accident that Kalki is one of them. And as we are going deeper into the Galactic Underworld it is absolutely clear that it will become more important to celebrate birthdays in spiritual time (in Kalki’s case one of them would fall on June 1, 2005) whereas birthdays in mechanical time (such as March 7) will be less important since the mechanical dates do not retain the original spiritual energy of birth. For these combined reasons I would like to suggest that, properly taken advantage of, June 1, 2005 will provide a Super Diksha Day.

June 2 2005 provides the beginning date of a new tzolkin round and there will be nine more such to go before the completion of the divine process of creation. Since it is the first day it provides an excellent opportunity for people that want to develop resonance with the divine plan by following the Mayan calendar. Soon we have in fact come to a point where spiritual people cannot avoid being conscious of the wave movement of divine creation. In my view it is a very important task to disseminate this calendar as widely as possible as it allows people to connect to a higher meaning, the enlightened future of humanity, and this is the kind of hope that the world now sorely needs. The need to disseminate the hope of the Mayan calendar and the awareness (currently unknown to most) that we are actors is a divine creation that develops according to cycles completely different to the physical is a crucial aspect of the guidance that spiritually aware people may offer others in the certainly turbulent times to come as the Galactic Underworld comes to a close. So while especially June 1 is a time to celebrate an energy of completion, it is also the beginning of a new round which should be widely recognized as an opportunity for those that want to enter the divine flow of time.

Lastly, The Midlight Celebration is a celebration of the midpoint not only of the Fourth day of the Galactic Underworld, but also the midpoint of the Galactic Underworld. We are celebrating what is the fourth pulse of divine creation, the Midlight of the Jewish Menorah if we like. The idea of Seven days of divine creation is however shared by Christian and Muslims and almost universally is the number Seven recognized as a holy number. We will experience the the very center point of it all. What this has meant in historically analogous times I will share in other articles that will be posted on, or, and

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