Is life but a dream?
Anunnaki and Nibiru - The Return Part 4
By John Jaeger |

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Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily life is but a dream...

Since the dawning of intelligent thinking, humans have endeavored to understand the "meaning of life". The answer may be more simple than our minds can allow. We look for patterns and then need to support why these patterns exist. We create theory and establish universal law. We say what can and can't exist. We say what is and isn't possible. I say, who exactly do we think we are? Oh wait, that was the very question in the first place! Anyone getting the distinct impression that life is a big circle?

An interesting article about the Big Bang Theory provided me with food for thought. Previous PUFOIN Perspectives have touched upon the Universal consciousness (God) and how our understanding of God is distorted through our need for religious beliefs. Our own individuality has worked against us and is what brings us to war with one another over varying religious ideology. What if the answers lies right in front of our nose? What if life IS but a dream?

That last statement certainly demands clarification. Obviously we can't call life a dream, at least as we understand dreams. Peter Gersten, known in UFOlogy circles as the UFO Lawyer for his efforts at trying to bring about disclosure through Freedom of Information Act lawsuits, has focused his own journey to enlightenment on a premise that life is one big computer program. Obviously, Peter is using a reference to something we can relate to. We understand what a computer is. We understand what a computer program does. We've seen virtual worlds within video games. In its own way, it makes a lot of sense. You can read more on Peter's perspective at his website:

Many people, from as far back as the time of human origins, have struggled with this meaning of life. We have this burning need to "understand" ourselves. What am I? Who am I? What will I be? Where am I going? What will I see? We live the 5-Why's and How. Who among us once coming of age, hasn't asked the questions? Not everyone will ask outwardly but most ask inwardly. We have a desire to understand our own purpose. Thus, we turn to our gods for those answers and wouldn't you know it, these gods left little instruction booklets on exactly this subject - except, they left out the chapter on "why".

We're told "how" to live our lives. Where told "who" to worship and trust. Where told "what" to do with our lives. Where told "when" to do it. Where told "where" to do it. It is the "why" that hasn't been explained, because not even GOD can explain it.

If the origins of everything truly are this universal consciousness, which suddenly came into self-awareness then there can be no answer to the question of "why". God, itself, is asking that question and WE are Its self expression. WE are Its attempt at reaching out and trying to learn more about Itself. As I've said previously, WE are GOD and when we resort to this infighting we're only confusing our mission for self-understanding.

The question about the existence of other life in the Universe has to be answered with a resounding YES. Of course there is life EVERYWHERE in the Universe. If we ARE God, then we must accept that our consciousness has manifested itself everywhere for the very same reason we exist. To understand our self! It would also stand to reason that every alien life would ponder the same questions and see the same answer to "why".

This journey we're on to enlightenment is an amazing one. We're all at different stages and we continue to grow through our decisions. Some decide that all of this metaphysical thinking is nonsense. Others grasp the concept and then become mindless followers of someone claiming to have the answer. Certainly, there are many levels of understanding in the middle.

Personally, I've always been a bit skeptical of those who claim they can "channel" aliens. It isn't because it isn't within the realm of possibility but simply because I can't grasp the concept without a bit of a giggle factor. Mentally, I can sit back and accept that anything is possible - it really is! Reality is what we make of it so sure, I suppose the ability to channel exists. If that is true then we must consider the channeling of deceased Souls and the idea that time truly has no meaning.

I'm often brought back to a sense of awe when I consider the profound nature of reality and the role each of us plays in that nature. Consider this: When we dream, the life we live in that dream is real during that dream. In our sub-conscious mind, we have no concept that we're sleeping. We experience feelings and emotions. We experience pain and joy. We live a lifetime in a matter of a nighttime. What "if" our waking consciousness is merely a dream of another level? Just like we can't understand our conscious life during our sub-conscious existence, it would make sense that we wouldn't be able to grasp our "super-conscious" life through our conscious existence. The mere fact that we can even speculate on what is beyond us has to indicate that we're beginning to shift - or better said, wake up. Consider a lucid dream and our ability to control our dream when our conscious mind begins to recognize that it is still within the sub-conscious reality. Now consider our super-conscious mind waking and recognizing that it is still within the conscious mind reality.

Many have a hard time accepting this idea that our past holds the key to our future. Yet, all we need do is look to our past and understand the message and we'll open the door to a new existence. One is forced to ask why 2012 is such a unique time. Yes, there are any number of doomsday prophets talking about the "end of the world" and even I have explored the idea of a coming Apocalypse brought about by the return of our creators, the Anunnaki. I was careful to state that I didn't believe it was the "end" but it certainly could be Apocalyptic. I need only look to human nature to understand that differences create fear. Imagine the visitation of a more advanced alien and not just 'any' alien but the alien that created us from their own genetic make up! Heck yeah, that has the ability to send some chills down the spine!

Again, why 2012? Why that date? It has been written for thousands of years. What could the Galactic alignment truly mean? Is it merely the end of a Galactic year or is it truly something more substantial for our enlightenment? Many "new-age" religions believe that in less than 8 years we'll be transformed. Whether it is harmonic or dimensional, we'll experience a new density of existence; very different from our current one. We'll know in less than 8 years.

Without doubt, it can be said plainly that we have experienced growth in our collective understanding. Too many people still hold tightly to individual spiritual beliefs. There are still many gods in our religions who speak different messages to us. In the end, maybe life really is just a dream.

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