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Devastating Conclusions

By Victor Renfro | Creative Cosmos Planetary Forum

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if it is true that we have super advanced technologies, that we are in communication with alien civilizations, that the development of the pure sciences has been 'disappeared' underground, and that the relations of the people involved overlap political, industrial, military and financial centers in mutual dependence AND in a code of secrecy as to the reality of things as they truly exist in this world, then it is also true that alternate realities indeed exist, one of truth and the other of fiction.

now if this is true, it also logically dictates that it is WE, the ones left out of the loop of the true knowledge, that ARE THE FICTION. star trek, star wars, all the movies and entertainment based around these themes then would actually be more like the TRUE REALITY, although sanitized of the actual facts of the matter, the real names, dates, etc...

the key reversal of all meaning. that it is the majority of people going through their lives, never questioning, doing their little job, earning their paycheck, having babies, watching mainstream media and believing every word (not just americans either but everyone all over the world), that are the fiction. and that 'alternate reality' of ufos, aliens, advanced technologies and vast conspiracies are the truth.

as time passes, trying to 'fit into' this constructed social reality is becoming more and more difficult for greater numbers of people. not because of the wars and all that, but because of the more mundane aspects of social life like having a good job, the whole ego reinforcement, pain/pleasure trap. all of it is as manufactured and fictional as anything you see on TV. the way our social lives are structured, 40 hr work weeks, social strata (economic or otherwise), the need to work, make money, buy a house and car, our cultural conditioning, all of it is as fictional and arbitrarily put-together as any hollywood production. and we are the actors, WE ASSUME THE ROLES.

this is what post-modernism was all about. it was the expression of the perpetual postponement of the future, of the new or novel. nothing new is now possible so we are left with the never ending splicing together of older forms, recycled and recombined. why? because the truth has been denied to us. the future has been denied to us!

ever wonder why they have 'future world' at disneyland? our future is now an exhibit of the past!

the truth is at the root of this. TRUTH.

now, those who continue to reside in this dying, decaying, entropic social fiction, this fictional alternate reality, feel they are dying with it.

its like the body of mankind, the corpus christi, has taken one big tab of lsd and its trip is being broadcast, is seeping into every human consciousness via the mind amplifying technologies of electronic media. if this FICTION we have become habituated to dies, so to do those who still live it, not actually, but symbolically; the death of ego, death of reality. then the realization that something indescribably cosmic is transpiring around us and that at the same time the lightning bolt strikes that everything we are is at once UNREAL and INSIGNIFICANT.

at this point there is only two choices:


the way to make it through this transition is that we allow ourselves the admission that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. discount nothing outright no matter how absurd or impossible it sounds at first. let the information roll around in your head for awhile, let it knock against your perceptions and see if there is congruence; an emergent pattern. for this openness, this all-encompassing thirst for truth is LOVE. its basis is LOVE. the gravity that binds us together.

those with fixed and ridged opinions and beliefs, who refuse to reason or allow for any possibility contrary to those fixed beliefs are ruled by FEAR. all motivations stem from unconscious, ego-reinforcement mechanisms rooted in FEAR. this fear causes fragmentation within oneself and between others. fear REPELS, like trying to touch the positive ends of two magnets together. it rips apart and scatters. it is entropic. FEAR reduces all motivation to the most base level of existence, survival; survival of the body, and survival of the mind, or the REALITY.

the most dangerous animal is one fighting for its survival.

its time to ask ourselves the question. it is time to make the choice. it is time to break out of the FICTION of our lives that we have accepted second-hand and search for our truth; to stand for our truth. REALITY, the true reality, unconfined and uncontrolled, is about to rise again to the surface of all human consciousness.


the frequency is rising.


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