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Where there is darkness
...there shall be light.

By Michael Sharp |

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I know everybody is sitting around waiting for "it" to start and wondering when "it" is going to happen. Well, "it" is already happening and "it" is going to start accellerating now. Indeed, "it" is gonna get quite interesting. Why, only the other day, the chief of police in our fine city was fired after an emergency commission meeting because of some bad behaviour in the rank and file. Last year, it seems, some members of the city police targeted for harrassment and arrest some people they didn't like. Unfortunately for the police, these were media people and now the radio transcripts and all the dirty sordid details of their abuse of power is spread out in the light for everyone to see.

And just like that [snap the fingers], the cities top cop is gone.

Now pause with me and meditate upon the beauty of the occurance. We are barely a year into the ascension process and already critical power posts are being washed clean with the light. I mean think about it for a second. The chief of police is a very important post within "the system." Open your third eye chakra here and meditate for a few moments on this and you will understand just how important this position is. The chief sets the tone of a very powerful organization. A chief that serves "the system" can protect "the system" in ways that you or I would find hard to imagine.

So here is a chief that served "the system" and now he is gone.

Who will he be replaced with? It doesn't really matter. Even if they succeed in replacing one servant with another (which they may be able to do), the damage has been already done. It is now clear to everyone in our fair city that even those in the top positions of power are no longer immune from the powerful spread of light on this earth. A precedent has been set, you might say. And you and I know just how important "precedents" are to "the system." Within "the system," nothing that has never happened ever happens! So getting a new thing to happen can be a very big deal.

And the GREAT thing is is that this just the start! You are going to see a lot of "precedents" as this process begins to steamroll through a power center near you.

Oohh, its going to be exciting to watch. And for those of you peeking in here not really believing in all this and thinking we're all just a little nutty talking about this ascension stuff, don't say we didn't warn you. Don't say you weren't given time to prepare. Don't say you didn't see it coming like a thief in the light

Whose fault will it be if now you have to run to keep up with the expanding light of Spirit on this planet.

But don't worry. Its no big deal no matter where anybody is in the process. Its all been prearranged in Divine time and we are just unwinding The Plan in exactly the way God has intended. So if you do find yourself running, just relax and know, you can do it! YOu are strong and there are a lot of people with water bottles standing all around you cheering you on and providing you sustanence.

So there is nothing to fear.

Now join with us (this powerful band of lightworkers) and visualize with me the total illumination of this planet. (If you have a specific spot of darkness you need to deal with, then feel free to visualize that spot while drawing on the energy of this collectivity).

Pray, intend, and magic with me now (while doing the Great Invocation if you really want to smoke).

Where there was darkness, now there is light.

Where there was darkness, now there is light.

Where there was darkness, now there is light.

I AM Michael Sharp

p.s., remember, The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order is the first step on the fast path back to awakening. Why take the long way home when you can take this pre-prepared shortcut?

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