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Do Gooders, Beware!

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Notice to you who carry the torch of wisdom. There will be an increase in retribution by the dark forces we are conquering with our steadfast devotion to truth. The manifestations can be anything from a parking ticket to a letter from a family member concerned about your well-being. Most will be of the nuisance variety. On occasion, a warrior showing weakness will become available for an onslaught attack. Stand your ground. There is no looking back. Now is the hour of honesty.

Many of the hardest moments will be seeing someone you care about under command and control. Losing their humanity, they will repeat the party line to you. The farther you move away, they harder they will try to reassert themselves. Immerse yourself in the faith that doing what you feel called to do, God will be with you.

From Behind a Psychic Shield,
C. Moors

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God Loves The Strong

Being spiritual does not mean that we have to become weak. Sometimes the most holy decision is to smack the other cheek and shout, “What are you doing? You are only hurting yourself and alienating those around you!” If everything is destroyed, will it have been worth it to protect the precious politically correct? When something raises eyebrows, we pay attention.

Embrace understanding encompassing all spectrums simultaneously. There is no right and wrong, only choices and consequences. Does the lion care what you think when he bites into the neck of his weaker prey? Instinct when fused with Intuition in a bath of Insight becomes the tripartite fusion of Eternity.

Knowing who you are provokes the roar which echoes too infrequently in these parts. It makes sense when one knows that the enemies of compassion will make their move as soon as they become aware of a steady presence. Rarely does the right combination come together, but when it does, it easily reveals itself to those who are ready to go beyond the words, the myths, the psychic realms, and go right to the cosmic jugular.

If you want to know truth, storm the gates of heaven!

Will and awareness,
C. Moors

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