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Cosmic Consciousness
2005 04 04

By creativecosmos | Creative Cosmos Planetary Forum

Disintegrating the bonds of fear, releasing identification with the mind, and flying in your imagination through the newly fluid liquidations of your true identity, you see those that are of like perceptive capabilities. Looking down at the underlings below you realize that it doesn’t take much to influence them.

Amazingly, many people are stuck. Having been immersed in madness since conception, they miss the fundamental point of life. Cultivating the witness, we have found that our minds already knew what to do.

So now that we have established our presence, how best to effect change? Reach out to those who show signs of awakening. They are in doubt and have nowhere else to turn. They are just recognizing the terrible truth and have no way to cope with the new reality with which they are faced.

Many of us have been called since birth to this cause. Well here it is. The rest of the structures are collapsing. Only truth will survive the rapture/rupture. It is a bridge that you either cross, or you are lost. In mercy we have been given much time, but it has run out.

You will heed the urge when you realize that it is really your soul calling. All the pieces will seem to fall into place. A big relief washes over you as you realize the truth. Sweet validation has finally arrived and it feels fantastic!

Once you have found yourself, the landscape changes. It was always changing before, but only now you realize it. The ground will never again be solidly beneath your feet. Security is an illusion; a dream existing only as long as it is believed in.

Tell the youth, and the children. Get to them before their parents do. Under normal circumstances one would think to leave them alone, but the crime has gone on too long and God can not stand for such suffering to occur even in the dream. It will soon be a period of healing for us all.

Information can not be suppressed. Allow the storms to subside and what remains is the ultimate reality. Beyond the dust of cloudy perception, within the vision behind every eye, there exists a place of clarity where a look can be unencumbered with associations.

Every last thing we take for granted such as solids, liquids, gases, textures, sounds, smells, feelings, and thoughts all relate to the outside and if we can see them, we are not them. There is space between us. The “I” that I am, is more vast than the greatest of external simulations/stimulations.

Here, disassociated with the details of personal incarnation, one can at last glean the cosmic perspective. Now, realigned with our soul, we have the full power of our essence. Breath deeply the experience of life for it has been long since you have been here.

Reexamine what you falsely believe. If you had not grown up in the area where you did, would you think as you do? Have you disregarded the nurture to find your nature? Are you conscious or a result of programming within the specifics of your coincidental arrival point?

Get past the gravitational threshold because as long as you resist you are harming yourselves and those around you unnecessarily. Get over it Man! Get it over it Woman! It is better this way. Overgrown children have done too much harm and the true adults are here. Though younger in physical age, we are older as souls. (We had to get here somehow!)

Earth is the meeting point for many galactic civilizations. Beings such as the Pleiadians, the Draconians, the Andromedans, and the natural born Earthians, all mingle in the same form with different intent. Some entities have learned to channel forces through the people.

They have done this through indoctrination and symbol reference. Mental and economic slavery has been imposed on the children of God over the course of many generations. Light has been made flesh, and flesh has been imprisoned with desire. Do you choose a helpless life of servitude to invoked lasciviousness?

Those who have come before such as Jesus, Buddha, Yogananda, Osho, and others were refining our sensibilities to the point of where we can truly maintain integrity. Honorably hold yourself above the poisoned well of lies at any cost. Give your gifts relentlessly and carry forth the mission. Get the word out to the people who are ready to hear. Seek the ready but do not impose upon the weak. Allow those who would, to fall on their own sword. It is the gracious way.

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