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The Authority Disease

Posted By creativecosmos | Surfing The Apocalypse Network

W. is not a person, he’s an image thrown out there to strike fear into your heart - the physical embodiment of the “authority” figure. Why is this the baby boomer’s answer to the world’s most intriguing problems? Because they are cursed with the “authority” disease. They were handed this cancer by the expectations of their WWII-era propaganda filled parents and are contaminating the children of the future with the perpetuation of their denial. This leaves Generation X in a peculiar position. We are not like our parents. Overall, we are a spiritual, friendly sort. Many of us are trying to deal with the burden of the “false promise” known as university education and the legacy of student debt that this leaves behind, while maintaining some semblance of truthfulness to ourselves.

These concepts and ideas are foreign to the “consume till you consume yourself” baby boomer child-like perception of society. They are the ones who are brainwashed. I don’t know many Gen X’ers who outright “buy the big lie”. As for the youth, they are just wondering why they are being judged constantly and run ragged to obviously no sane purpose. Success is your state of well-being moment to moment, not some fluctuating status in the mind of your peers (state of control - EGO). This sophomoric, self-centered view of life is pure lunacy! Can you not see that you fit into a bigger picture?

God is not the fulfillment of the Freudian father-figure (authority of which George represents)in your black book of children’s tales. God is the living force that is self-evident everywhere, always, of which you are a part. This should not be scorned, it should be embraced! It is a most beautiful experience to be in communion with the holy spirit (AUM vibration) which manifests space/time in this temporary area of existence. We are growing up and it is wonderful!

The smokescreen charade of politics (fear) is desperately designed to keep this expansion from being set free. But no matter what, it can not be stopped, because it is already happening (and always has been). The brain-dead minions want to keep you from noticing the eternal truth: WE ARE HAPPENING!

Congratulations. Now that you’ve arrived, I’d like to show you around. Over here is an ancient oak. Upon his branch is an owl who was been watching the forest for years. To the east is a hill which rolls up to a horizon full of pregnant clouds in the moistening sky. Feel the cool evening breeze which joins us with a meadow full of healthy deer drinking from a serene pond of sacred water. Surrounding us in every direction are wildflowers displaying the full glory of the rainbow. Sense the beauty with your heart as well as your eyes. Vigorously move your body around and release the pent up energy so that it can find its essential destiny. Breathe deeply and drink in life’s potential. Harmony abides permeating body, mind, and spirit. This is the good news for which we’ve all been waiting. Aren’t you glad, it’s finally here?

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