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Which Way to the Crematory? Apology to World Elite
2005 04 05

Posted By Nemesis |

Dear Elite, Powerful and Pretty-People,

I just want to publically apologize for being a useless-eater-gnome. Since I am personally guilty of pooping on your parade and contaminating this pristine world at the expense of your family’s holidays, if you would kindly point the way to your henchmen, manacles, gulag and where I can await extermination, I would like to go now and avoid the rush (I never did like crowds) though I do understand that lining three of us up, one behind the other, saves bullets.

With heartfelt remorse I am sorry for ever being born without your permission (I really had nothing to do with it (please talk to my parents, they’re old now and perhaps you could “Schiavo” them and save yourself the cost of a few trees and save them the cost of hundreds of Depends).

I realize things have gotten out-of-hand and that your greed has returned to you in most unpleasant ways (maybe it’s your inbreeding and all those baby vegetables you eat (just thought giving you a clue might help you avoid the same mistakes in the future so you can live happier lives–no need to thank me in the traditional way, just a quick demise will be sufficient reward)).

I know you’ve been trying to come up with solutions for the masses, and have been tireless in implementing them in the most kind way:

Dumming-down the world’s people;

revolutions to put your people in power;

wars of ethnic cleansing and extermination;

birth-control legislation and abortion clinics;

developing killer virus and disease;

using weather as a weapon;

mind-control and sleepers that kill on command;

controlling free government’s elected servants through blackmail to do your bidding and blackmailing the judiciary so they follow your orders;

controlling the money of the world;

combining power in nations and the world so it is easier to implement your agenda;

controlling communication at a global level so you can control the “news” in every nation;

using a vast number of dupes (who think you and they are doing a good work) to indoctrinate populations in every nation.

I know it must be tough to be obsessed with power, wealth and glory (though I understand once you have power . . . wealth and glory are a given and don’t hold a candle light to nuclear power) especially since your dupes-employees’ quest for wealth and glory have in essence created the disaster you are now so desperately trying to avoid (it’s a little late now, but perhaps next time you will consider not using your local “Man Power” hiring agency to get your dummed-downed-dupes to do your bidding).

And lastly, I would like to apologize for not having been a good slave and making it easier on you. I’m sorry for all your restless nights of sleeplessness wherein you were disturbed that things haven’t gone exactly as you planned. I never meant to be the cause of them. And in earnest, I want to thank you for working on the darkside of this duality called Earth-life and providing humanity with so many experiences. Without you it might have been Heaven-on-Earth, which of course wasn’t the plan from the beginning, but, a warning: Your time is short, for, as you know, Heaven-on-Earth is the earths final reality, after you have served your purpose and have done all you can do to bring it about by FORCE, which is not how it will come about. Sorry.

P.S. It’s always easy to tell who is on the darkside of duality: They use force to attempt to implement their ideals. And whether it is a man or woman ruling as a dictator in his family, business or government, it is the same. THE FORCE IS ABOUT TO BE OVERTHROWN.


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