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The 4th Day News - 2nd Issue
January 13, 2005 | 4 - Crocodile (IMIX

By Ian Lungold |

Storms & Flood, California
I am sitting in Los Angeles, California. Not only in L.A. but very near the center of L.A. proper, down in the warehouse district in an artists loft. Now here is a dramatic demonstration that what you resist persists. (Law of Attraction) How many times have I mentioned that everyone should move or stay away from the cities?

Too many times, evidently.

I am here because we are visiting Madalineís kids for the holidays and I have set up a few presentations in the area. We will be returning to Sedona after January 8th but for right now I am in the belly of the beast to be sure. It is from this perspective that I will be writing this 4th Day News. This has been a very enlightening experience and I will endeavor to share how I have benefited from this stay.

Storms & Flood, California
We are all familiar with the physical concepts of mass, momentum and inertia. Once things get going in a particular direction they tend to keep going that way until they meet a force of resistance. The bigger the mass and the faster it goes the stronger the effect of momentum. Increasing the momentum does not alter the potential of a collision it only increases the effects when it connects with anything presenting resistance. As I sit in the middle of 12 million points of consciousness all of who have hopes, dreams and plans of a future for self, family and friends I am a first hand witness of a tremendous momentum and inertia. This massive momentum and inertia of consciousness is not going to change direction by much unless there is a major educational effort made to expose possible economic and environmental threats and the need for change. (Not likely is it?)

Tsunami, Indian Ocean
The people on the Indian Oceanís coast line had a momentum going within their own lives. Each of them were continuing their life patterns (their momentum) even though there had been a large earthquake in Sumatra. What did an earthquake beside some remote small island have to do with their jobs serving tourists, fishing for a living or the tourists shopping and living out their fabulous vacation plans? Enough to kill over 150,000 + of them and make millions homeless, waterless, foodless and in high danger of contracting fatal diseases over the next months. Most people there were so busy attending to business that they completely ignored the signs of trouble approaching. In fact the real shame here is that countries ringing the Indian Ocean had opted out of paying for an early Tsunami warning system by going on the cheap and by not wanting to do or acknowledge anything that may alarm or shake up in any way, the booming tourist trade and investments that were being poured into that area. For the sake of profits the possible problem was pushed off into ďIt canít happen hereĒ type thinking. Understand that this was facilitated greatly by the momentum or inertia of the masses having their own plans and futures. We can now see that needed change was not instituted because of this

Tsunami, Thailand
inertia and in this case, definitely not quickly enough to save all of those people. The future contains the increased probability of earthquakes and various other earth changes (horrible weather) as the earth is being bombarded by higher and higher levels of solar radiation and the unwillingness of many of the inhabitants of earth, especially corporate governments to even consider that anything would come along and change their plans.

To all those around the Indian Ocean, Ooops I guess things can change very quickly.

I suggest we all take a ďClueĒ at this time.

Mudslide Boulder, California
I am sitting here in L.A. experiencing the same kind of denial by some 12 million folks about the encroaching financial, political, and ecological changes bearing down on them. (Matty and I too.) That is to say; I am also sitting here with the idea that while I am here nothing drastic is going to happen. This is the basic human nature or spiritual nature of all of us. We are optimists and are constantly reaching for a better future at each step of our lives. The problem lies in the available perspective that we each have.

For the most part, governments want only to maintain the status quo in the populace and will not educate anyone about the actual state of affairs. Potential threats are routinely hidden from the public by the governments and by the mass media outlets. As an example of how this affects the populace, just yesterday Matty and I were invited to a meeting of forward thinking persons who are starting a business that will introduce solar energy products and fuel saving compounds for fossil fuel engines. These forward thinkers had met to discuss how over the next few years they would market the new technologies in the L.A. area. Most of the discussion centered on how much money could be made and what percentage of each sale would go to the sales person. Matty and I sat very quietly until we got up and left the meeting. We both understood very well that none of the Mayan calendar information would be welcome in these discussions. These forward thinkers had been hobbled by their lack of information on the actual state of the U.S. economy and the advancements that have been made in free energy production. The market that they were planning to become wealthy from within a couple of years just wonít be there. Both because of the fall of the dollar coming very soon with the resulting chaos and a little later when free energy comes on line, solar and wind generated electricity will be as out of date as rubbing two sticks together. So it appeared to us that these folks were very much like the passengers on the Titanic. There were many life boats that left the ship with just a few people in them. Many passengers refused to believe that this wonderful ship would ever sink. So they passed on the life boat idea and danced to the band as it played on. The band could be heard playing by those few in the life boats as the Titanic sunk beneath the frigid waters. None of the people at this meeting had the ability to envision an ending of life and commerce the way they have been living it. This was the manifestation of the momentum or personal inertia of these particular people. The schedule of the evolution of consciousness and the resulting changes presented by the Mayan calendar is the Tsunami bearing down on them and their intense moneyed planning. (They were all going to rich on these products you see?)

I read an email while I was there at the meeting. It had been sent by a woman who had moved to Sri Lanka to assist homeless children about a year ago.

Tsunami, Phuket
She wrote that most everyone that she knew was dead. Businesses and people where she shopped were all gone. The house she was going to purchase near the coast was gone completely and that all of this happened, on a bright sunny day with a calm horizon in less than 15 minuets. (I donít think that the people at the meeting would have wanted to hear about this email so I doubt that it was read to them.)

It was in witnessing this type of reality that an increased understanding came to me of the power of denial. None of us knows exactly when the fall of the economy is going to happen. Those in charge of the economy know fairly well, but that is not us or me personally. I only have the reported indicators from leading world economists and they are saying the fall is coming very soon for the lack of sustainability. Looking back at what I have said was going to happen when about all of this, I must admit I have been wrong or at least early in my predictions. Predictions are never sure in the first place but now I see a part of why these economies are still racing on. The picture I got is of a Road Runner cartoon when Wyllie Coyote runs off the cliff and just keeps going until he finally realizes that there is nothing but a deep canyon under him. (From America itís a long way down.) The U. S. and World economies are at this time based only on the trust of the public and that trust is pushed forward only by the publicís personal momentum which in turn produces a denial that anything will change to their detriment in the future. This power of denial is far stronger than I had previously perceived and this is evidently why these economies are still going on with absolutely no support to be found anywhere.

This could be a great insight because we may be able to look and see the indicators of more exactly when things will go down. Like that moment when Wyllie Coyote reaches down to feel that there is nothing under him? You remember the expression on his face donít you? There will probably be a 1 to 2 week closing window in which to take actions like running for the hills. What we would be looking for is the wakening of the public to the truth of the situation. Right now that is happening very slowly but as the masses come awake you will know. When about half your associates have realized that the future is not going to be as they have been planning, when they are thinking about pulling their money from the banks or the stock market, when the value of gold and silver begin to climb rapidly (because the dollar is falling like a Wyllie), its time to gather your stuff, get on your bike and ride! If you have already woken to this potentiality, start preparing now. Start buying silver and or gold now. Start getting ready now with your plans of how and where to go out of the cities. (Gas, water, food, shelter, first aid, light and friends)

None of this is written to alarm you or anyone else about the world coming to an end or that civilization will collapse completely. Many economies and governments have fallen in human history and we are still here and still learning. (Argentina has started looking interesting because they have gone through 5 or 6 collapses just recently so they have lots of practice at this sort of thing.)

Many of us can see that our western civilization is unsustainable as it is being run and that taking from the worldís poor to stuff the fat cats pockets and bellies is criminal. We Americans are by far the fattest of those fat cats. Peopleís around the world are telling us Americans that our wasteful, opulent lifestyle is actually criminal. (We arenít listening)

Look at how many fat bellies you see waddling by every day and then remember the starving multitudes around the planet that you hear about every once in a while on television. We also understand to different degrees, how spoiled all these fat cats are and that is what is going to change. What are people going to do when there is no Dream Whip (desert topping) at the grocery store? What if there is no food or water at all at the stores? Look at what is going on in Asia right now and imagine the same kind of lack in your own neighborhood. What would all those people around you do?

What would they do to you if you did have food and water and they didnít?

Storms & Floods, U.K.
Possibly, is the time to start thinking seriously about all of this and to look into how fast and dramatically things can change in your lives. Remember it only took 15 minuets to wipe out over 150,000 + people and the immediate life plans of millions.

Remember 9/11? That happened quickly didnít it?

Or you could go talk to the people in Florida about 4 hurricanes in 2004?

Or you could consider the devastating weather patterns forming over most the continents of the globe as I write this on January 4th, 2005.

Still think that it canít happen here?

Be like the Road Runner (generating miracles) not like Wyllie Coyote (the fall guy).

Ian Xel Lungold,
12 Ahau, Bearer of the Codex

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