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Unconscious Kingdom (Part Two)
2006 11 21

By Jeff Wells |

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Nobody knows what's coming down, but it's coming down - T Bone Burnett
Getting back, in a roundabout way, to this and the walls of our cave, I've been thinking of eyelash mites. Familiar with them? They're familiar with us. They're burrowed head-down in our pores, gripping our follicles with their tiny claws, binging on oil and dead skin cells. Untold generations have known nothing but our noses, brows and eyelashes where they're as good as top of the food chain. But even when we know they're there, we don't have cause to think much about it.

They're familiar with us - they live on us, in every sense - but they don't know us. How could they? Even if they were raised to self-awareness and could comprehend their immediate circumstance and of what their world consisted, they would still lack our imperfect frame of reference. They wouldn't know what we know, let alone what we don't know. And how much don't we know?

I've always found it difficult to conceive that a third of the static on a television set tuned to an unallocated channel is cosmic radiation. I mean, it's in my home. How can something so familiar do something so incredible? I know TVs, radios and other electronic devices pick up "stray electromagnetic waves," but it doesn't seem right somehow that the same instrument on which I can watch another Seinfeld rerun also presents the decaying of photons from our universe's roiling moment of creation.

Remember the Scole Experiment? Grant and Jane Solomon's book includes testimony from Scole witnessDr Ernst Senkowsky, who writes:
Throughout history, "mediums" in "trance" states have expressed "transinformation" and performed "transcommunication" through speech or automatic writing. Since the 1950s, all types of electronic apparatus (audio-tapes, video tapes, radios, telephones, TVs, computers) have been used in this field. Each piece of apparatus constitutes the final link in a hypothetical translation chain. They delivered messages from no-where into now-here and allowed dialogues with otherwise hidden "virtual transpartners" or "communicators."
Anyone slightly curious about the Scole material will likely already be familiar with EVP, "Electronic Voice Phenomenon, " and have heard some of the recorded samples here. Some see, in the video experiments, little people akin to Terrence McKenna's "self-transforming machine elves" of DMT.

From last year's post about Scole:
The video experiments began in May 1997, and were dubbed "Project Alice" because they involved an arrangement of mirrors before a camera "to capture moving images sent from the spirit world," write the Solomon's. (Mirrors have long been used as an aid to receiving visions from other realms. John Dee's obsidian mirror, used by his scryer Edward Kelly in his Enochian work, is on display in the British Museum.)

For most of the experiments, the camera sat on its tripod in the dark positioned before two mirrors. At the end of the sessions the team often saw that the camera had repeatedly and impossibly zoomed in and out on its own accord, and the tapes contained weird scenes, smiling faces, vibrant colours and hints of body parts moving across the screen in a red light. One tape showed a pink and gold line running horizontally down the screen, which pivoted to reveal it was a square shape on edge. As it rotated, it was seen to contain an image. According to the Scole team, "this was a very clear view of an animated inter-dimensional friend, whose features, to say the least, were not exactly as our own." They called their new friend "Blue." His screen capture is the classic "grey alien" on the top left of this post. The pyramids on the right are from another spirit transmission, presumably some etheric vista.
The Scole group's Robin Foy tells the Solomons that "some of the researchers within the transcommunication network say they are regularly receiving messages from the spirit world via their telephones, computers and fax machines," and speculates about the possibility of an "interdimensional Internet": "computers are based on semi-conductors and the spirit scientists [at Scole, experiments were made on "both sides" to facilitate communication] often told us that these semi-conductors, like germanium and silicon, have important properties that allow the bridges between dimensions to be crossed."

Our cave walls are now flat screens, and perhaps not everything that appears on them can be accounted for by our own hands and imagination. That is not to assume they are also portals for "departed spirits," which is the claim of the disincarnate intelligences (if that is what they are). Perhaps something else is going on.

UFOs are also an electromagnetic phenomenon, though of a much higher order of strangeness than our television sets. But what should we make of the congruities between the wiring of our socieities and the explosive flaps of "flying saucers" and "alien" sightings? Compounding the mystery Dr Kenneth Ring, in The Omega Project, has tabulated an inclination towards "Electrical Sensitivity Syndrome" in subjects who have had either a UFO encounter or a Near-Death Experience. Nearly half of the former and a quarter of the latter agreed with the statement, "I found that electric or electronic devices more often malfunctioned in my presence than I remember being the case before." (Only a fraction of control groups agreed.) A 53-year old radio station manager named Hazel Underwood told Ring that "after the [UFO] 'incident' I was able to literally 'cut off' a 1,000 watt radio transmitter." A 43-year old administrator with a history of abduction experiences said "I am extremely sensitive to high frequencies.... I have continual problems with cars and the electrical systems (like trunk releases automatically popping open, radios full of static...electronic anomalies within the home."

A 36-year old woman, a survivor of a Near Death Experience, wrote:

Dr Ring, I have a difficult time as many computers malfunction and lights will blow out when I walk under them. This has happened for years, and I tried to ignore that this was happening. I simply cannot wear a watch for long before it breaks down. I went to...a department store and walked in front of their brand new computer and it quit working. When I held up a flourescent light bulb in my hands the entire bulb lit up, like it was turned on. It seemed like there was a lot of static electricity.

Alleged entities advising the use of electronic devices as gateways; the electromagnetic effects of close encounters; Electrical Sensitivity Syndrome in both UFO contactees and Near Death survivors: what frame of reference do we have to account for all this, and can it be possible to find one that does from our mundane perspective?

Which reminds me of eyelash mites, and this perspectival shift:
Bed mites have one mission and one mission only, they are intent on eating you alive every single night that you crawl into bed to go to sleep. And their plan is foiled every single morning when your alarm wakes you up because God, in his infinite wisdom, cursed them with mouths too small to feasilbly consume all of you in an eight-hour period.

But don't believe for a second that they aren't trying. Because they are.

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