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UFO's - Why all the Secrecy?
2006 11 04

By Jim Marrs |

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In my travels, I am often asked, “Why is there so much official secrecy concerning UFOs?”

The answer to this question is both many and varied. I’ll try to explain.

First and foremost, UFOs, which despite past government pronouncements to the contrary, are indeed the objects of intense interest by both military and intelligence chiefs. In their eyes, objects flying unrestricted in U.S. airspace represent a distinct threat to national security. This was determined as far back as 1952 when whole squadrons of UFOs zoomed over the most sensitive parts of Washington, D. C., including the Capitol and the White House.

This concern even resulted early on in orders to shoot on sight being issued to all military units, an order which quickly was amended to shoot only if fired upon.

So, at least at first, UFOs were deemed hostile since everyone concerned in the military believed they were either secret weapons of the Soviet Union or invading craft from outer space. The fact that analysts were unable to agreed on which was the correct interpretation of the ongoing sightings only heightened official paranoia. Since ultimately, the strongest secrecy classifications were placed on the UFO issue, it would appear that the Soviet secret weapons theory soon fell to contrary evidence.

On top of the fear of enemy invasion, there was intense interest in UFO technology. Whether they came from the Pleiades or Petrograd, they obviously represented a technology far beyond that available to the U. S. military.

Any technology which could be turned into weaponry is highly desirable by the military but this too involves the highest levels of secrecy. After all, you can’t let our enemies know about our newest weapons development and you can’t tell your own public because the enemy would benefit from such open knowledge.

So everyone wanted a UFO but no one wanted to talk about it. Even FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wanted one but was blocked by higher authority. In a 1947 internal FBI memo, Hoover stated that before his bureau investigated UFO reports, “we must insist upon full access to discs recovered. For instance in the La case the Army grabbed it and wouldn’t let us have it for cursory examination.” It is unclear to which case he was referring. Some researchers believe the “La” referred to Los Alamos where some of the Roswell wreckage reportedly was taken, while others think it may have referred to a reported earlier saucer recovery in Louisiana.

The FBI and every other government agency wanted a UFO to examine and the fact that apparently none got the chance, gives a clear indication of the magnitude of power behind the official secrecy. This was a power created under the National Security Act of 1947, a law initiated by President Harry Truman only days after the famous Roswell crash. In addition to separating the Air Force from the Army and creating the Central Intelligence Agency, this 1947 law created the National Security Council, which primarily consists of the president, vice president and secretaries of state and defense along with occasionally other invited participants

The National Security Council immediately took charge of the UFO issue and effectively separated it from any oversight by congress, the media or the public. A conscious policy of strict denial was set in place with an attendant policy to ridicule anyone who tried to tell the public what they had seen.

Since the leadership of the National Security Council was elected politicians who were members or beholding to members of the secret societies which largely control this nation - such as the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderbergers - the rationale for secrecy spread beyond the need to simply protect military weapons.

UFOs appeared to utilize advanced technology not only in flight but in energy, metallurgy, computer science and communications. Therefore, they were not only perceived at those high levels as a threat to our defense systems but also a threat to the monopolies in energy, medicine, basic resources and telecommunications enjoyed by these secret society members. I mean, who would meekly continue to pay ever-increasing prices for polluting fossil fuels if they knew for certain that a clean and abundant alternative was available? Why spend billions on cancer research if a cure was already possible?

Hence, from the standpoint of the highest rulers of our society, it was absolutely necessary to sidetrack any meaningful perception of UFOs on the part of the American public. After all, to have everyone thinking about life on Earth from a overall standpoint might cause many to question conventional politics, foreign policy, organized religion and multinational corporate business. It was a policy needed to maintain the staus quo and proved rather effective for more than a half century.

But truth will out. Today, the vast majority of the public understands that UFOs represent a real and tangible phenomenon though it continues to be denied by government spokesmen.

Even then, this rhetoric has been toned down considerably in recent years. With the overwhelming evidence of the reality of UFOs, no national leader recently has made a flat statement, such as “There are no such things as UFOs.” In the Air Force report on Roswell, entitled Case Closed, the author blamed reports of dead aliens on witnesses mistaking military crash dummies for UFO occupants. Yet he could only bring himself to state, “The incomplete and inaccurate intermingling of…actual events were grounded in just enough fact to weave a sensational story, but cannot withstand close scrutiny when compared to official records.”

This was not exactly a withering denial and left unstated was the idea that the public, despite its experiences with the JFK assassination, the Vietnam War, Watergate, Iran-Contra, ad nauseum, should unreservedly accept official records and statements as authentic and legitimate. The idea that someone in authority might falsify or destroy incriminating records must never enter our heads, despite the fact that the message records going in and out of Roswell Army Air Field during the time of the crash are missing.

But there is one official record we should particularly notice. It is the official government record of “High Altitude Balloon Dummy Drops” published on page 157 of the Case Closed report. It clearly lists the very first crash dummy test as occurring at Holloman Air Force Base on June 23, 1954 --- seven years after hundreds of witnesses experienced something quite strange and unfamiliar at Roswell.

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It is a program which has been nurtured since the early 1990s by individuals within Hangun Control, Inc. (HCI), that Sarah Brady group whose avowed purpose is “the total elimination of arms” in America.

In a December, 1993, leaked document entitled “Confidential Information for use by Lobbyists or Senior Officials Only!” the HCI leadership even laid out their plan for the national licensing of handguns. They proposed yearly licensing fee beginning at a cost between $50 and $75, with ever increasing payments over an eight-year period. “If private ownership has not been prohibited by this time then fees can be gradually increased to discourage private ownership,” stated the HCI author, who added that “brainstorming meetings will be held at the White House through Winter, 1994” for the purpose of guiding “the focus of gun control initiatives over the next five years.”

Some of these “initiatives” proposed bans on a variety of weapons and ammo clips, even banning “realistic replicas/toy guns,” as well as “all semi-automatics (regardless of when made or what caliber)” and prohibiting all gun shows, “military reenactments,” “the assembly of more than 4 armed individuals who are not peace officers or military,” “hunting on all public lands” and support for “Random Police checks for weapons”. One specifically called for the “right” to bring lawsuits against gun manufacturers and dealers “perhaps with money from government programs”.

But this part of the plan ran afoul of timid government officials who realized what a stink would be raised if the American public learned that tax money was being used to close down American businesses as well as subvert the 2nd Amendment.

So, an end run play has been called. Lawsuits now being filed against gun companies are being funded by wealthy members of the secret societies who seek one world government, according to The Washington Post.

George Soros, a member of the secretive Council on Foreign Relations and the even more secretive Bilderbergers as well as a consultant to presidential aspirant Al Gore, has provided the funds to hire lawyers to attack the gun companies through his New York-based Open Society Institute. Soros, a Hungarian by birth, controls foundations in 30 nations. He also has come under scrutiny for suspected involvement with the Russian mafia.

The Center on Crime, created by Soros’ Open Society Institute and aggressively anti-handgun, put up $300,000 to finance a successful Brooklyn lawsuit against gun manufacturers.

Gun control has longed been a staple agenda of the globalists, who are only too conscious of the problem of trying to coerce an armed population. Anti-gun efforts in Australia and England have been largely successful with an attendant, but little reported, increase in violent crime. No wonder a spokesman for the National Rifle Association (NRA) charged that Soros and his foundations were part of a “vast conspiracy” to bankrupt gun makers.

Speaking of the NRA and to older readers, isn’t it interesting how actor Charleton Heston for many years was revered by the establishment media for his biblical roles and conservative politics, but once he was elected president of the NRA, his image recently has become a sort gun-happy cowboy on the fringe of society?

If you would like to know more about the New World Order and its impact on America’s national sovereignty, be sure and send for a copy of Jim Marrs’ new underground best seller “Rule by Secrecy”.

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