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Ruminations of the Universe #1: Treasure Your Divinity
2006 11 21

By Christopher Moors |

A grand bridging of systems occurs when you correlate dimensions and the actual heavenly bodies around us. We have often heard about becoming one with all things, and that we are bringing light to humanity. To clear that matter up, we simply turn to Our Father who Art in Heaven, the Sun. Solís heat, warmth, and radiance not only sustain life on the outside, but there is a more direct connection on the inside.

As long as we are looking outward there is 3D and more 3D universe, because we perceive only with the sense instruments of the body which exists in the physical world. When we meditate we withdraw our attention from these devices and let our energy start moving in another direction. This experience is something most people have never had so they will need patience in order to learn to recognize it. It is not difficult, only a matter of whether or not the individual will bother to take the time.

As we learn to value meditation, and are no longer constantly occupied by the outside cacophony or the mind which brings it to you, we can sink into our astral body which exists in the astral realms or the 4th dimension. This is not just one single frequency but a range within a continuum of vibration. Even while your physical body lives in the physical, the astral body simultaneously lives in the more fluid astral universe. Withdrawing from the surface you see that the world within is infinitely more vast than the world without, which you previously thought was all that existed. Your astral body has a visual capacity from the aura, the ability to tune in telepathically to many types of entities, the talent to hear celestial music, and the skill to digest large amounts of information almost instantly.

This astral body is made up of 7 major chakras correlating with 7 colors of the Earth rainbow, many smaller chakras, and the aura or energy skin of the light being. This body exists within the Earthís radiant sphere which gives rise to the 4th dimension. The Earth has a physical body, which we can walk about on, and also a soul within this spherical body that gives birth to nature, and interacts with the Sun so as to make Life here possible. We continue in our progression from bodies to spheres to stars. This is where the cycles of soul incarnation meet up with those who are on Earth. It is well known amongst many that Souls born on the Earth world work their way up from the dirt. From stones to plants, to animals, to man, with of course many further variations along the way. Earth is doing the great painful creative work of contributing original souls to the galaxy.

Many more souls on Earth just swooped in from other places, grabbed a body and started having experience. Many underestimated the denseness of Earthís gravity. This is part of the effect She has on beings who come near. If they have the capacity for heart, it might well become awakened, if they have the sensibility for feeling, they may learn to understand the subtleties of its grace. Gravity and the magnetic field of the Earth are physical indicators of the realms that are born in the higher vibrations around her. Many souls literally orbit the Earth reincarnating again and again until gaining enough self awareness that they can lift back off and carry on the journey.

Beings coming in from other parts of the galaxy have an easier time mastering the Earth way. Buddha was a space traveler who brought ancient wisdom from many other cycles of incarnation on many other planets in many other star systems. His calmness and clarity helped bring peace and order to many on the planet. It is no wonder many view him as a god because in a way He is as is any who come to such depth where they speak as Existence itself. He was able to escape the Solar System.

Many who begin to walk the way or get into new age materials get captivated at the first hints of the astral world. Ghosts, demons, angels, and many more entities are suddenly all around when you become aware of your astral body. They always were, and most likely were always interacting with you before, you just werenít consciously aware of it. The initial stages can be confusing because you can perceive such a wide range of phenomenon. With no reference point in the mind and without the validation of your fellow man, you might begin to doubt your own sanity until you find a teacher who understands or consciousness related materials you resonate with. Some are so enamored that they never escape this place, believing the closest astral realms are all of heaven. Not so. It is just the very beginning; the closest vibration to ours and the first layer of reality beyond our own. Many on Earth are here to become immersed in the experience so as to open their heart. This is graduation from Earth Academy.

To truly open the heart and manage this enormous realm within us while still keeping watchful meditative space, one needs the awareness that comes from returning to the Source. For most of us here that will be our friend Sol or as many call Him, the Sun. We described the astral body as the color spectrum of chakras. As with any spectrum it springs from a singularity, or the white light. This white light is the light of the Sun. This is where we meet as one. When we are free from the ties that bind, we can unify and know the mind of Sol with all its Secrets of the Solar System. Further, from this point you can communicate to other stars and hear the ruminations of the entire Universe. The monk has now integrated the Heart (Earth, Mother), and become One with the Father (Sun).

As previously mentioned, some of us came to this solar system from elsewhere. If we are ever going anywhere but here we are going to have to lift out of even the 5D communion with the Sun and be free of all attachments to everything that happened while in all bodies 3D-5D. Most of us have spent significant time on the Earth, and some of us even visited Minerva (the asteroid planet), Mars, and various moons. Will we ever forget drifting around the rings of Saturn or playing near the warmth and power of Jupiterís musical embrace? What a marvelous time it has been here! Yes there is much tumult on the surface of Earthís world, but it is all designed to get you to look inwards so you can find the treasure of your divinity.

~Christopher Moors

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