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Qualities of an Awakened Soul
2006 10 13

By Christopher Moors |

Being near them puts you at ease. You will feel more like yourself and relax in a way that is profound. It will be invigorating, and there might well be frequent bursts of laughter. There will most certainly be empathy. You will be treated with honor because an awakened soul honors the life within every creature every moment. Aware of their place on planet Earth, they never forget that their home is in the stars. Getting past the first stage of perception revolving around the 5 senses and the body, they have reconnected with their more subtle inner energies. In time, most can do this if they are open and sincere in their search.

They have a quality of timelessness. You will not be sure if they are 30, 300, or 3000 years old, because they speak in terms of the ultimate. While others sleep or go through their daily routines, the awakened soul is considering how to contribute to the growth of humanity and how to make it easier for other souls who are approaching the threshold of realization. There are a percentage of the people which resonate with the message of transcendence. It is the truth that life goes on beyond the body and mind. It is a realization that the seeker must be ready for and accept willingly. It is an initiation into a whole new paradigm.

An awakened soul rarely plays roles. They do not change who they are to accommodate circumstance. Uniqueness and originality is their very being and they have learned to stand behind it. Their actions exhibit grace and there will be poetry in their motion. They will tend to be good listeners and when they in turn express to another, it may leave them feeling spaced out. These souls bring intelligence and artistry to everything they do. They might compose music, paint pictures, tell stories, or do anything creative to express Love in the world of forms. Planting seeds all over, they make the subconscious a greener place.

They know they are made of energy and light. While living in the 3D world, they also live in the 4th and many make it to the 5th Dimension. Here you can freely communicate telepathically with the Sun and Angels. Reclaiming past lives and frozen soul trauma, the aspirant gives birth to themselves anew. This is a major spiritual milestone. After experiencing all of this information and then letting it go, the imprint of the truth it has for you now will be left and you will have rejoined the deeper meaning of your life path. You can now consciously live in truth and it is up to you what happens as you proceed. After all, you are the creator.

~Christopher Moors

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