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Creatures of the Astral Realm
2006 10 31

By Christopher Moors |

Everything that is here on Earth is in the Astral Plane. There are universities and bars, swimming holes, and super malls. There are many creatures that exist only in the 4th dimension. The closest are the ones we love to talk about in our myths. Dragons, unicorns, elves, fairies, nymphs, and all manner of entities exist just on the other side of the veil. Scoffers trapped in a limited 5 sense 1 body mentality never raise their vibration level higher than hard core 3D. Those that cultivate inner space and a meditative balance can easily raise their energy into the 4th dimension and beyond.

Coexisting with the entities of the 4th dimension you will begin to commune with them on a regular basis. The newly passed are actually very close; just out of sight. With a little practice you will be getting messages from them any time you want to let them in. Soon you will start getting flashes when you are with people. You may see a certain animal in their past lives. Many strongly take after a given animal so much so that when suggested it provokes an, “Aha!” in a room full of friends. You may also see mythological realities within some people in bodies. They will morph into something like a dwarf, a satyr, or a centaur.

There are other beings living in the 4th dimension that will be well aware of your presence in that realm. As you consciously begin to break the hold of demons over your behavior, you are actually doing psychic battle in the lower 4th dimension. Preying upon the fears and pain in people, they are actually prayed for by the people they devour. When someone is depressed or hateful, they send out the intention that draws an equivalent entity to come and exacerbate the feeling. Angels of all the colors of the rainbow plant seeds that encourage the tendency for positive actions.

Sometimes angels even battle demons to spare the weaker human. Just being an angel does not make them invincible. The demons drain them fast as well. Many angels have to learn to balance their Heart with Will so as to not be undermined in their efforts to assist humanity. The Soul of Gaia herself resonates out from the spirit of the planet to make up the dream-like world of the astral plane. Things can be manifested instantly with merely a thought, and data can be downloaded in your mind much in the way it is on Earth with computer assistance.

To attune oneself with the Sun is to be ready to lift out of the cycles of reincarnation that exist from within the context of the Earthly astral realm. Some have become aware of multiple births but then consider that to be a massive amount of time and information. In actuality the whole series of lifetimes adds experience to the soul which itself relates mainly to this solar system. You can shed even this on your way to Cosmic or Christ Consciousness. When you are aware of yourself in every atom of Existence you will see that context itself is a faulty premise. Even Love cannot contain this vastness.

~Christopher Moors

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