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Neurotoxic Food Additives - The United Nations and the New Millennium
2006 09 14

By Stephen Fox |

The first task at the highest international imperative is for the industrialized nations’ leaders and heads of state to recognize their obligation to remove carcinogenic and neurotoxic food additives from all of the manufactured food and drug products that they export to other nations, which are destroying the health of many in almost every nation.

The Wealth of Nations, as described by Adam Smith, after imperialism, erodes and dissipates, first in non-financial realms into an era of private armies, as nations like the USA, France and the UK’s prior perception of ostensible moral and ethical superiority disintegrate, because of their obliviousness thus far to the central fact that rampant and unchecked multinational corporate power has resulted in an almost unstoppable decline into uncorrectable errors, particularly in the realm of each nations’ obligation to protect the health of their citizens.

When this obligation becomes subservient and capitulated to the voracity of corporations to make profits and return dividends to their shareholders, and the Presidents and Sovereigns of those nations cannot prevent such health abuses by multinational corporate powers, it becomes incontrovertibly clear that a supranational source of accurate and truthful medical information free from corporate influences about food additives is urgently needed internationally.

This is the reason that I wrote the Resolution to create a new United Nations Undersecretary General for Nutrition and Consumer Protection, which is posted in Sweden at, which must be achieved in the last General Assembly Session presided over by Kofi Annan. It is also the reason that I ordered the USA Food and Drug Administration Commissioner, Dr. Andrew Von Eschenbach, M.D., on March 22, 2006, to rescind the approval for Aspartame, which is googleable, and whose medical points will be useful in your nation to rescind the approval for Aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners.

If not, hundreds of millions more people will suffer from increasingly serious and life impelling illnesses, more conflicts, shorter lives, more birth defects, less productivity and less happiness in each nation. Neither the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization nor the World Health Organization has ever even questioned nor raised an objection thus far to the multinational corporate manufacturers knowingly adding polluting food chemicals, neurotoxins, carcinogenic food additives, etcetera, to hundreds of millions of people’s diets.

It would be ultimately cost saving to each nation to be able to prevent illnesses and the social costs of birth defects, chromosomal impairments on a vast epidemiological scale, domestic violence, failures in the educational systems, and cycles of poverty. One of the primary causes in many nations is the number of manufactured food products. The most harmful food additive is the artificial sweetener Aspartame, and although it is metabolized as methanol and formaldehyde and two unessential amino acids, and because its approval was forced through the FDA in 1981, it is still found in 6000 USA food products and more than 500 medications, including children’s vitamins and aspirin.

Ajinomoto = Aji no Moto is "Essence of Taste"
Each nation clearly has an obligation to maintain a higher standard than is possible in the USA in 2006, because of the corporate control of the political processes in the USA at this time. Heads of state should order the rescinding of the approval of Aspartame, all the products containing must be returned to the manufacturers, and punitive and exemplary damage suits against the manufacturers and corporate end-users be entered into in national courts, regardless of the objections of the Ambassadors and the trade officials of the nations where the chemical is manufactured: i.e. Japan, where the world’s largest manufacturer of Aspartame is located (Ajinomoto) as well the world’s largest manufacturer of monosodium glutamate, another neurotoxic food additive, and France, where the European Ajinomoto factory is located, and the USA, the origin of corporate entities like Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Wrigley’s Gum, and other corporations. using and adding Aspartame. I particularly commend the exceptionally fine research being done at the European Foundation for Oncology, the Ramazzini Foundation, by Dr. Morando Soffritti, M.D., the most truthful research on Aspartame’s carcinogenicity being done in the world, since almost all of the corporate-funded research inevitably “proves” Aspartame’s safety, and I recommend you read the UK Parliament member’s speech, Roger Williams, at
. Dr. Soffritti’s continuing efforts are described at the website for the Ramazzini Foundation.

If the USA can recognize that it cannot continue to pollute manufactured food products and export them to other nations, and ceases said destructive corporate policies, which pervade even further into the pharmaceutical industries, there would be no need for further terrorist attacks on the USA, and certainly no need for more draconian responses from the USA President in terms of dismantling the Bill of Rights and other civil liberties, throwing out most of the environmental protection statutes that have taken 50 years to formulate, as well as harsh and self defeating beffudled responses from USA trade officials trying to force American products into Europe, African, South American, and Asian nations, or their attempts to counter objections from other nations trying to protect their citizens’ health.

A clear USA recognition of these facts perhaps must wait till a new USA president is constitutionally and legally elected, and because of Mr. Rumsfeld’s having forced the FDA approval for Aspartame in 1981 and present manipulation of the USA President, who has consumed lots of Aspartame/Methanol/Formaldehyde, as the FDA and the corporations forced the European Food Authority in May 2006 to reconfirm the acceptable safety of Aspartame and its metabolization as methanol and formaldehyde.

I personally faxed every Head of State in the European Union, to the Pope, and to all of the members of the European Food Safety Authority, one week before the EFSA decision, asking them to end Aspartame’s approval for Europe, but the corporations prevailed, fearful of the inevitable punitive and exemplary damage suits for the harm done by their products, and silenced even the European Food Safety Authority into submission, to continue their reign of dumping millions of tons of this neurotoxic food additive into manufactured food products in all of the nations which allow products containing Aspartame to be imported. Do these corporations have more power than the heads of state of Europe?

The biochemical regimen to repair the damage done by Aspartame is detailed, and costly, and is delineated in Dr. Russell Blaylock’s googleable article: "What to do if you have used Aspartame" and more vital information is in this compendium of articles by physicians:

Report for Schools, OB GYN, Pediatricians, on Children Aspartame/MSG at: report on Aspartame and Children as well as Aspartame, the Shocking Story of the World’s Best Selling Sweetener, in the UK Publication, the Ecologist. Dr. Soffitti’s response, standing by the efficacy and truth of his research, despite the corporate manipulation of the European Food Safety Authority decision process is posted at "May 5 News and Events of the Ramazzini Foundation".

Stephen Fox, Founder, New Millennium Fine Art, 217 W. Water St., Santa Fe, NM, 87501 USA

Article received from Stephen Fox

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