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Past Lives: All You Ever Were is Now
2006 09 28

By Christopher Moors |

When you live in a plastic bubble, your own rationality for what you believe makes sense to you. Therein lies the most dangerous of traps. The more beliefs that enter the bubble, the less light, uniqueness, and soul quality will be able to find its way out. Like black spots on glass, the false assumptions/conclusions add up over time until the only way to have an uncorrupted thought would be to have a life threatening circumstance occur. This kind of happening hacks at fundamental misconceptions which are precisely where anyone who wants to live an independent life has to go. This is why someone who has a near death experience sometimes comes back glowing and vibrant…seemingly a different person. This is why when a few sensitive souls lose a loved one, instead of endless grieving they come back with a deeper sense of spirit and renewed purpose moving forward, honoring their friend by incorporating them into their being.

Most are unable to recall their own past lives due to the compression of internalized expectations. Listening to anyone and everyone as they give you advice and their thoughts about life, you get a confused and simple minded working theory that you then start believing in to give you cover from the fear of death. The fear never goes away and you develop a myriad of behaviors to deal with the increasingly complex outer world. Many of these behaviors become habituated and soon the spark of life begins to die. “Yes sir, no sir, of course I will sacrifice my human dignity…” Plodding along in a daze, drugs and alcohol fill the void and the instigators at the top of the food chain are perfectly happy because they cash in across the board with no threat to their control in the foreseeable future.

To unravel the expectations and muddy self perception takes dedication. Again and again, you will have to remember yourself as a divine spirit. This is one of the occult secrets behind jewelry and adornments. If you wear a necklace with a symbol that you associate with truth and spirit, when you become aware of it upon your neck during the course of the day it will cause you to remember yourself in this way. After doing this for some time you begin to get a wedge in through the habit wall and the first gleams of daylight will appear. From this point of observation you can achieve disconnect from foreign influence in the mind and emotional field. As each pattern arises within you and seeks to cause you to act out, your new gap of freedom allows you to remain still. Seeing the habit as being ‘not you’, you can trace it back to who it is from and to the moment it entered. Illuminate with understanding, and the pattern will come around but once more for its final extermination.

As the light starts to enter the body from the rejuvenating inner worlds, the soul has its first space to begin moving through. Building upon the momentum, insight gives you new impulses. Suddenly you feel like dancing instead of just walking in a straight line. You might be astonished to see the oak tree in the front yard looking back at you. You might discover a hidden ability to paint which wakes in you memories of a past life which becomes a flood of feeling. We can reincorporate every life we have ever lived with full cognizance of the abilities we had accrued through our time in any given era. We can see certain epochs of history with first hand knowledge of the aesthetic that will become a part of our character. Certain symbols will stand out and this too you can track down in the mystery of self discovery. Creativity helps you align with the flow from source and each experiment tells you a bit more about you. Reading the clues sent from your soul you can integrate all you ever were with who you are now.

~Christopher Moors

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