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The one Dollar Talisman
Does Money Talk? It Might Say More Than You Think
2006 09 28


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Did the American designers know what they were doing when they designed the Great Seal and when they released the currency into public trade? Were the Trade Towers built to be destroyed? Could the destruction of the trade towers be part of a grand plan to produce change in the world environment? Is the prophecy from a higher intelligence, who, creativity drew out our fate and produced this prophetic pattern? Are we unknowingly being led by a higher power towards survival? I believe that this is, with out a doubt, a sign from Higher Powers. It is my will to show you to the best of my ability that it is so.

Logically the origin of the prophecy could be either Divine or human. Everyone has to have experiences of their own in order to truly accept that there is a higher power beyond our current mass perception, and that the higher power is not necessarily like we have always perceived it be. As Morpheous said to Neo in the Matrix, “I can only show you the door… you're the one that has to step through”. As Neo had to have faith and step through on his own, you must put faith into the unknown. Once you start to truly believe, proof comes on its own. It is hard to have faith without divine intervention, but you can not see divine intervention with out faith.

If the prophecy is self-fulfilling then there is no God who controls our fate. For me it is hard to imagine the prophecy being of human origin because of how I came across it. To make a self-fulfilling prophecy work, there would have to be a number of powerful people in the world who have the ability to control and manipulate people and pass that control on to followers who will obey the prophecy. It is true that a group of very wealthy people could, through a pyramid effect, control everyone's decisions in the world. Think of the Eye above the pyramid on the American one dollar bill. As the pyramid goes down to the ground, life filters through various levels. At the top of the pyramid are the people who control the people lower in the pyramid.

It may be thought that it would be impossible to continue a self-fulfilling prophecy after one's death, but that is not true. If there were a group of people dedicated to keeping the prophecy going then it would not be difficult to continually plan events and outcomes of those events as they want them to happen. Royal families used to keep royalty in the family through interbreeding. Blood lines were kept for centuries. Through a similar approach, one who was in power before can ensure that intentions are carried forward by followers.

A prophecy is easier to accept with a spiritual belief. The Koran is full of prophetic scientific verses, prophesizing the orbital period of the stars Sirius A and B around their common center of gravity at 49.9 years, the expansion of the universe, and numerous other mind blowing prophecies that prove that the document is legitimately from a Higher Intelligence. The book with the prophecy in it, The Book of the Law Liber AL vel Legis, as we can see from the Origami Prophecy, also lives up to the claim of being inspiration from a higher intelligence, dictated through an Angel.

The symbolic images on the one dollar bill can be traced back to magick to obtain a more comprehensive intention and meaning. The one dollar bill is filled with magical symbolism, and the symbolism used is very important in magick. The eagle and pyramid were not used solely for the aesthetic purposes as the public has been privy to. They hold a far more precise motive. Everything that we have been told about the one dollar bill regarding the uniting of the thirteen colonies is true, but, only a partial truth. The one dollar bill was made to serve a purpose beyond financial transactions and national pride. That purpose is magick. It is Change.

The American one dollar bill contains a mass of magical symbolism. Many people know about the magical significance of the Great Seal of the United States, yet...

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Name: Dhane Blue

Comment: One question came to mind after reading this article -- are the bills of the U.S. currency pictured the new money (designed recently) or the older money that was designed a longer time ago? Also, who designed the money? Where do the two answers to these questions lead us? I haven't carried any U.S. currency for several years now -- bought Euros instead -- I certainly won't carry any more ever again.

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