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Occult Forces of WW3
2006 09 09

By Christopher Moors |

There is much below the surface game that plays itself out on television sets across the world. Skewed reports from hither and thither barely tell us a slice of what is actually going on. Front men dress up in costumes and dance around to distract us while the brutality continues unabated. Instinct once again outweighs civility and the pandora’s box of chaos has been unleashed. The equilibrium of world affairs has been thrown off and it is inevitable that one day balance must be restored.

A lot has been made of the comparison between Bush and Hitler. Having lived both in Hitler’s Germany (past life), and Bush’s America, I can tell you that they are quite different. What Bush is doing is using the control techniques of Hitler as studied and translated by Rove, Cheney, and Rummy. It is blatantly obvious, from the language expressing the “will of providence” to the overt use of symbols/catch phrases to influence the subconscious. Bush himself said he has to repeat the same trite phrases over and over to "catapult the propaganda".

You could almost go page by page through Mein Kampf and point to the talking points. The difference however is that there is nothing but control from Bush. Hitler’s controlling ways were put in service of his whacky but intricate philosophy. He was basically “for” the German people, and before things took a turn for the worse in 1942, things had never looked better from their perspective. The same can not be said for Bush’s America. Infrastructure is crumbling, health care is out of reach for many, the middle class is disappearing, unchecked immigration is tearing the country apart from the inside…. The list seems never ending.

We can believe that Bush is losing power now, but he has already set some very dangerous events into motion. Even being the intellectual midget that he is, he sometimes gives off a terrifying vibration, and then you can be sure that he is channeling dark forces that have their own agenda on the planet. Those of you who Love Christ should be appalled at what Bush is doing in His name. There is no rationalization that can hide the piles and piles of civilian corpses he is leaving laying in the dust across the world. Just because phony Tony stands next to him and hawks such as Hannity, Newt and Netanyahu say again and again it is ok, does not make it so.

We each are personally responsible for the role we play in the Earth’s transition to a new phase of existence. There is no way back and the destruction will be in direct proportion to our ability to stand up and learn the lessons we are meant to learn in this time. Are we going to be like babies and say, “Out of sight, out of mind,” or are we going to have the ability to see the gestalt and realize that all things are interconnected? Are we going to pretend in our little minds that those painted as “evil doers” are not human beings and therefore can be killed indiscriminately? This mentality is exactly what has led to every holocaust throughout history, including the one that took place in the Americas not so long ago. If settlers would have befriended and incorporated some of the wisdom of the native peoples, history could have taken a much more benign course.

The bellicosity of the Islamic leaders shows a combination of the voice of the oppressed and the imitation thereof by prop boogey men to justify even further aggression. This distinction should be made clear. How is it that the American populace can see movie after movie where fantastic special effects portray anything the imagination can dream up, and yet they do not connect this ability to the shabby little videos they see on the official state sponsored news programs? A regime could make up anything and seemingly prove it so! This is almost as dangerous as the weapons of war themselves, if not more so because it corrupts the soul of the people.

Unstoppable will is only necessary when you are charting a course opposed to nature, otherwise no effort to sustain would be necessary. No matter how locked in a person is to their course of action, they will eventually wear themselves out and start to become extremely unbalanced. While Bush is destroying the future of the nation, exhausting our treasure, and letting the homeland crumble, he drones on and on the same phrases. Is anybody still paying attention? Unfortunately some people, including supposedly intelligent news people act as if hearing the same thing for the 100th time is an original answer. It is not and should be addressed directly.

Whether it be Judaism (5000+ years old), Christianity (2000+ years old), or Islam (1500+ years old), the face of fanaticism is distorted and ugly. The philosophical/cultural world paradigm can shift far away from these echoes of the past. Science and mysticism have come together and revealed what actually IS. Anybody can deprogram themselves and see this with their own eyes. As eclectic forces battle to steal your heart and mind, declare personal independence. Find for yourself the truth of Life on Earth. Speak to God through your own personal connection called Intuition. Have Faith that if you believe in yourself, you will find your own way.

~Christopher Moors

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