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Bosse Ringholm Swedish Errand Boy for the Illuminati
2006 09 12

By Fredrik Palmgren |

Bo 'Bosse' Ingvar Karchimirer Ringholm
First of all, the author of this article would like to make it clear to you “the reader” his own personal view of politics and Big Business in general and that is basically this: It’s a Scam. This article is not aiming at rearranging furniture on the Titanic, but rather shine a light on some of the dirt, and by doing so hopefully getting a better understanding of the problems, thereby making it easier to find the solutions. Finding the dirt is a good thing, because now is the time for solutions.

With or without his own knowledge Bosse Ringholm, the Swedish “Minister for Sport and Deputy Prime Minister” is aiding the ancient and modern “Bloodline Crime Families” in their goals, one in particular being the creation of a “Global Fascist Control Grid”, a “One World Government”. He is now attempting to censor the internet under the cloak of “Gambling Laws”. Blocking websites “The State” sees unfit and peoples ability to use their credit cards online. In short, Swedish Law says gambling surplus can’t go to privateers and Bosse Ringholm having such a big hart and love for the Swedish people naturally want to protect the people from it self. Or maybe its more like this, namely that the Swedish state is losing “its” money to foreign gambling cartels, and this presents a wonderful opportunity of stopping that, and at the same time aiding his masters in getting their control grid in place. This in turn gets people used to giving their freedom away, all for the good of the state of course.

You can read more about this over at Election may signal end of Swedish gambling monopoly, also see The paradox of gambling industry regulation.

Its all these small steps put together that makes up the greater pattern that we need to understand, always try to zoom out and get a bigger picture, for there is always a bigger picture believe you me. I personally feel that George Orwell’s “1984” described the actual year 1984 regarding the magnitude of collective mind control and how well it was working for the controllers.

People talk about how scary 1984 is, yet they fail to realize that we’re so far beyond that now, and that we’re living right inside the beast wouldn’t dawn on them even in their wildest fantasy. To me, that is the best evidence of strong manipulation at work, high black magic or what have you.

Sweden “selecting” it’s political puppets in a few days will most likely see a shift in color from red to blue, Bosse Ringholm being of the red persuasion will move from oppression to opposition but his law proposal will stand its ground because the “real power” has ordered it so. I see no point in removing the bad people from office over and over again, when new dead heads just keep floating to the surface. I think we need to focus our energy on removing the mind control that’s blocking our freedom and our magical superpowers.

Stand up, get up off your knees people.


Ed note: Just a few more things on this. We'll probably see Bilderberg's Fredrik Reinfeldt taking over as the new Prime Minister of Sweden. Fredrik Reinfeldt (Moderates) attended this year's Bilderberg meeting in Canada. Our current Prime Minister Göran Persson (Social Democrats) attended Bilderberg 2001, when it was held in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our Swedish readers (or if you know Swedish) make sure to check out this clip of "Maggot" confronting Reinfeldt regarding the Bilderberg meeting 2006.

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