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The Devil and the Average Person
2006 09 14

By Christopher Moors |

How can a simple uninformed human stand up to the legions of darkness? They cannot. Younger souls are not yet in a position to see that they are part of the greater universal existence. They truly believe themselves to be but a small person in a local environment amongst a relatively minimal group of contacts. Trained since birth to trust the TV, their reality is carefully crafted for them by people in boardrooms who consult with mind control specialists. An average person living their family life and going to their job every day can not be expected to withstand an attack by the well researched and funded covert science of human thought manipulation.

Why are some warriors out there hammering every day on the seemingly obvious discrepancies between truth and the way society plays out their collective experience? If you are locked in the mind there is no place for the soul. And if there is no place for the soul you have lost your connection to spirit. Then a whole culture can careen wildly from one rationalization to another without the empathy and feeling that the soul provides. This is where the devil comes in to take charge of the ship for his own despotic purposes. He convinces you that a death somewhere else is not as important as the death of someone who looks like you.

Playing upon your fears and the absence of personal integrity, the devil reminds you how terrible life is…how there is danger everywhere…and how necessary it is for you to give up self-determination. Creating havoc and then saying, “Look at the havoc,” the devil is full of tricks and deceptions. Waving flags and holding crosses he has no qualms about looking you right in the eye and lying. It is hard for the average person to believe that anybody would be so callous and artful in their contrivances, so they typically do not. If you look beneath the surface and realize that you have the devil in your midst, you are immediately besieged with the question, “What do we do now?”

One can’t fight the devil with devilish ways or the devil will have won by making you like him. Of course anytime someone speaks truth against the devil it is turned around to seem like a condemnation of you. This is a key sign that all is not what it seems, because any being of spirit will welcome you as you are and make room for all expressions. An average person has yet to cultivate the strength to combat such a potent foe, and often succumbs because they choose to protect their tiny fiefdoms and family. Only beings that have transcended matter can live without this security as they know it is all an illusion in the first place. There is nothing to take away.

So in the end, there is the devil with his legions, and there are the human angels fighting a cosmic battle over the right for souls to enter bodies and have the freedom to develop according to nature’s plan. The majority only see the surface images of what is occurring. Preferring to draw premature conclusions and somehow trying to fit everything into their own microcosmic context, they struggle on the best they can. Often angels have to battle the devil inside the average person as well as the devil himself. Stopping a contagious disease with no substance is not an easy task.

The average person isn’t going to read 1000 books. They aren’t going to study every culture in history and see for themselves that what is happening is just the latest flare up of the darker side of human nature. They aren’t going to realize that their nation doesn’t really exist and that it is all a superficial imposition. They aren’t going to see the horror that everywhere they look the hand of the devil is seeking to touch your heart. So they live simple lives and look the other way. It is up to the angels to stop the madness by being sincere and bringing to the people the light of spirit. This too is contagious and eventually will disperse the shadows once and for all.

~Christopher Moors

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