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Born in Time (Part One)
2006 09 27

By Jeff Wells |

You're comin' thru to me in black and white
When we were made of dreams - Bob Dylan

You've seen the story of the presidential doodles. There are many odd and revealing examples, such as GHW Bush's "any more dead ones?" (ABC News says his sad and teary face "gives the note a bit of melancholy, or maybe humor," appropriately ambiguous for a man of shimmering surface and black depths), but the one perhaps receiving the most notice hasn't even been reproduced online. It's a page from John F Kennedy, on which he's written, repeatedly, "9-11," and underscored the word "conspiracy" next to it.

Paul Joseph Watson wondered whether this was some kind of "inside joke" or a "hat tip to the 9/11 truth movement" before concluding "one thing's for sure - it's weird." I'd say rather that two things are certain: it's both weird, and it's not.

ABC explains the numbers, without accounting for the word "conspiracy," by saying that "It turns out that was the tally of a committee vote, not a foreshadowing of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks." But that's a misapprehension of foreshadowing, which always carries within it a duality, referencing both a prosaic explanation and a supra-prosaic that is revealed only in hindsight. If this were, say, a Richard Condon novel and not living history, and so foreshadowing just a literary device, there would be no dispute that Kennedy's doodle fit the definition. It's disputed now because people object to the impression that we may be the characters instead of the authors of our lives.

Kennedy's doodle didn't "predict" 9/11 any more than The Coup's cover art or The Lone Gunman's pilot episode, but all three are suggestive of a grander conspiracy - the grandest - that encompasses all of human history. I'm talking about the conspiracy of consciousness. That by encoding the narrative of history with artful gestures of interpretation - the things that make us go hmmm - consciousness conspires to bring us to comprehension.

Consider for a moment the familiar JFK and Abraham Lincoln coincidences, how their stories seem to enfold, and unfold, one another. Such details as Lincoln's election to congress in 1846, JFK's exactly 100 years later, and each entering the presidency 14 years after that; Lincoln's having a secretary named Kennedy, and Kennedy's a secretary Lincoln, and each being succeeded by a man named Johnson; both were shot in the head on a Friday, Lincoln by a man with three names born in 1839 who fled a theatre to a warehouse, while Kennedy's alleged three-named gunman, born in 1939, fled a warehouse to a theatre; "Kennedy" and "Lincoln" each contain seven letters, and John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald, 15 - you know the list, and how it goes on.

Of course, a grab bag of coincidence a century apart should defy the conventions of even the loosest conspiracy model. But in a holographic model, things change. It is consciousness - not individual consciousness, but the collective consciousness of all life - that draws locality and temporality out of the wave pattern of higher vibrations that form the holographic universe and constructs the space and time setting for our life narrative. And consciousness is a storyteller, employing literary devices such as foreshadowing as well as metaphor in our waking curiosity and dream state, while some astral project and remote view, and as plant shamans, with heads full of snakes, explore innerspace via such gateways as DMT and ayahuasca.

JFK didn't "plan" 9/11, or have "inside info" as I've seen some Randiesque skeptics sarcastically assert. But repeating patterns, even across centuries or great distances, may still evidence a conspiracy. But the better kind: one of undifferentiated consciousness provoking us within the continuum towards greater reading comprehension.

Perhaps to help it write a happier ending.

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Jeff Wells

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