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Ra, Rainbows, and Freedom from the Body
2006 09 24

By Christopher Moors |

How does one go about cracking the psychic hold that causes most people to think that the reality they live in is entirely defined by the body and senses? No wonder there is such misery! Almost all of humanity falsely believes ideologies that cause them to be literally imprisoned…chained to a container of dirt and water. Can you put the sky in a jar? Can you put a cloud in a box? Can you put the ocean in a glass? The question then moves to how to provoke a response that tricks one out of the parameters they usually interpret everything with. Here goes something…

Start with utter silence, stillness, and emptiness. All of a sudden something stirs (Intent) and sends out vibrations into space. These vibrations then become more organized as the ‘One who intends’ starts to become aware. The vibrations coalesce into patterns with their own unique integrity. The being that results is in unity with the “One who intends” and “One on its Own”. This ‘One on its Own’ replicates the process and creates another level of entity…and so on and so on…

Around the very dense manifestation of our physical body, is a light body. This consists of 7 major chakras divided into a typical rainbow of colors and an aura that makes an oval around the body. This is a fact that should be shared with all who do not know it yet. There is no speculation or religiousness involved with it. It is so. If there is a rainbow, one can logically assume that there is a singular white light behind it which gets split somehow. The prism is Ra, the entity in the Sun Body. The split occurs as AUM passes through.

Your senses have been designed to meet the world on the outside. This is the skin of Life….just a surface coating. Many insist on looking outward for fulfillment. A whole culture has been built up based on this false assumption. Humanity creates traps for each other and seems to delight in suffering. The art of separation from sensations is an all but lost one in the modern world. Those who maintain this knowledge are keepers of the flame much as there have been in other epochs of Earthly civilization where insanity seemed to reign supreme.

There are no countries, and there are no religions. Sure some talk about such things, but I can’t see them anywhere. I can feel life and see how nature somehow keeps flowing and growing in spite of all human concerns. We may sometimes have to pay a heavy price for being here, but usually only when we stray far from the Tao. If you let your Mind make your decisions for you, you will have a Heart that longs to be integrated. If you draw conclusions, plotting and planning, how can God give you a gift that is unknown?

Angels, demons, aliens, and gods are out there somewhere, yet we go beyond. The Soul is directly connected to Source from which all things come. The characters in the play are only pertinent as long as you are part of the game. When you remember setting the stage in the first place, you can watch both good and bad with a certain amusement. Deaths are impossible unless Karma is involved. Each has a lesson to learn with exactly the right circumstance meeting them at exactly the right time. Even evil can give you many blessings when you turn experience to your advantage.

Process, release, and keep going.

~Christopher Moors

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