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"Our only hope really is to align and ally"
A wonderful comment from Donna Geller
2006 09 14

By Donna Geller

Greetings Henrik,
I send this not with the intent to proselytize my personal politics or agenda but rather as an effort to further awareness, attention and action to something terribly awry in my country, America, that concerns not only us here, but all of us on this planet - regardless of our individual world views. I am 60 years old and find the activists of my generation are decreasing in number daily, and few in the following generation are ready to take up the gauntlet. You, Henrik, are a blessing and an inspiration for your generation. You show the foresight and wisdom to see that everything on this planet is connected. What happens in any one country will eventually affect us all. Your courage and conviction to 'Resist the Flood of Ignorance' when you are more likely today facing a tsunami than a flood, is not only commendable - it is remarkable. I send this to you with the hope that you will forward or use it at your discretion as a plea to all intelligent, aware, objective, dedicated, honest and fair-minded people that they must be called to act, and act soon.

We all believe in the pursuit of life, liberty, and justice. And though not a perfect system, we still have in America, by our laws and Constitution, the opportunity to achieve and maintain those goals. However, I am not sure that opportunity is going to remain much longer and I cannot believe we will knowingly stand by and watch the Constitution of this country go down in flames - literally - without taking some action to prevent it. We must all be aware that, at times, a government will lie to their people - and not always with nefarious intent. Sometimes it may be for our safety and to preserve our way of life. We would like to think that such deception was and always will be so intended and only done when absolutely necessary; that our elected leaders hold dear the public trust, and would never abuse it for self-gain or agendas contrary to our liberty or the public good. We would like to think it, but it just isn't so.

I do not pretend to know what exactly happened in the 9/11 tragedy, the subsequent actions or events it appears to have spawned. Nor do I subscribe to the many 'conspiracy theories' that abound. I do not know what is true, but I do know what it is not true. A significant portion of what is being propagated as the actual facts, the truth, and has become the unyielding, official position of the government just frankly insults one's intelligence and rivals the most extreme conspiracy theories for first prize. I was not even sure where to begin to search for truth, but I have employed an old wisdom that seems to to be working better than anything else. I call it the “whole elephant” concept. Rather than throwing out any fact/theory/data, etc., I just keep stepping back, further and further, and widening the lens, until, hopefully, I can get a picture big enough to include and incorporate all the seemingly incomplete, inconsequential, illogical, and/or incongruous pieces. I also find that it works best if I stay with the premise that evil is just a perspective, and avoid assessing or evaluating in terms of good and evil, but rather just think in terms of agendas and competing interests without assigning value judgments - and that is hard.

I forward an interesting site below about the work of a group of scholars in pursuit of the truth about 9/11. Their efforts are not exclusive to just scholars, but rather any area of expertise or degree of commitment that furthers or aids in their quest for truth appears to be welcomed. Also they present an extensive compilation of current evidence that has been uncovered and investigations that have been done within several disciplines. I was moved to write by today's headline article by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed. His perspective is right. Our only hope really is to align and ally; to work in a cooperative spirit rather than a competitive one; and to combine skills, expertise and critical thinking abilities to analyze extant data and demand acceptable answers before it is too late and we are under martial law and on the way to a total, and eventually global, dictatorship. We all have something to contribute to the effort and we can either find a existing niche to do so, or create one.

There was an incredibly profound and prophetic line in Star Wars III. The Evil Emperor, Darth Sidious, still working under the guise of the noble Senator Palpatine, is given, by almost unanimous vote, total control in the galaxy due to the serious Sith threat - a threat that he has been surreptitiously instigating for just such an effect. Alone and seated, among an entire senate standing in ovation to their yea vote empowering this dictator, Princess Amidala remarks, "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause".

Sobering isn't it. We are not in a science fiction movie, but our nation is experiencing the same thing and it will not stop in America. How many millions saw that movie, over and over, while the very same thing is happening in their time, in their reality and they still don't make the connection. Our populace is buying into this 'terrible threat' from the 'axis of evil' that is 'dedicated to our destruction because they hate us and our freedoms' without question. The pieces of it don't fit at all if you examine them carefully, but few seem able to sustain any level of critical thinking or analysis any more. And especially few under the age of 45 in this country - products of a public education system that have been deliberately 'dumbed down'. But those of us that can think and can see when the pieces of a puzzle not only don't fit, they don't even go to the same puzzle, must feel duty bound to try and save what is left of our hard fought and earned freedoms. At the least let us come together within academic and professional disciplines to question and call attention. If our liberty must die, certainly let it not be given away with accolades and thunderous applause, but wrestled away amid public outcries and dissent. If not our freedom, at the least we'd retain our dignity and our pride and our conscience.

Thank you for your attention and for your valiant effort to stem the tide of apathy and ignorance engulfing our world, Henrik. You freely give and sacrifice much to do this, I know. But do know that your site is a beacon in the dark that draws far more into a place of light that you probably will ever know.
Many blessings to you and all at your hearth,
Donna Geller

Article from Donna Geller

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