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Absurd Universal Secrets
2006 09 19

By Christopher Moors |

The Universe has many secrets and as Osho used to say, most of them are out in the open. Staring us in the face are the most amazing things, but it is all so immense that we cannot see. Being breathed by that which is…immersed in a sea of bliss….we imagine ourselves to be lonely and separate. Even now I can hear the music of the Lotus Paradise, not as a metaphor but as an eternal celebration. If you are interpreting this….STOP! Be silent and listen. Let the birds and bugs take you to the song of the Earth. Let the sun dance upon your heart and awaken the recognition of your soul. Reflecting like the moon, the mystery is as enjoyable as the music.

George W. this, terrorists that….everybody is Hitler….yeah yeah… What is it for? The hopelessness of the world will eventually frustrate us so bad that we turn in the other direction. At last!!! So that is what the madness is all about. Finally we realize that fulfillment will never be found without. Everybody isn’t going to wake up at once. It happens one individual at a time. Shout loud enough and you’ll get killed. Help people where they are and with what they can handle and little by little we’ll get the Earth back on track. It takes awhile for the greater revelations to sink in to the collective subconscious. Rushing is violence and then Love is replaced with Power that starts seeking its own glory.

Now if you are ready to go all the way to the truth which lies beyond boundary, lean in a little closer. No religion is the answer because they are all filtered through the perception of the original sage that spawned them (not to mention the echoes of their friends and friends of friends throughout time). It is better to say to Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, and the rest of the gang, “Thank you for your creative expression. Now let’s see what mine will be.” Let’s freshen things up. Blow away the dust and seriousness of the tired old stories. Church bores people because it is like watching the same movie a thousand times. No matter how entertaining it is, eventually it will make you want to slit your wrist.

Life is ever new and always changing. You can’t get a fix on it and it often throws you the absurd. Whisper hello to the giraffe and maybe he’ll tell you from where he gets his spots. Why do beloveds sometimes get taken away from us in the prime of their lives? To shock us and remind us to get with Life while we have this short and fleeting chance to dance the dance. Forget all this bullshit war business. Those who kill (regardless of their reason) will have marks upon their head. Laugh and dance and never let those status quo bastards take away your joy. Make some noise in public and when they scowl say, “Yes I am a little strange, nice to meet you stiffy.”

~Christopher Moors

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