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Profound Aspects of the Soul
2006 08 08

By Christopher Moors |

A life lived encounters difficulty and times of trial. In every circumstance there is a lesson. As so many fine friends remind me, there is no failure and no regret. Looking back and second guessing a choice can undermine the strength that you gain when you stand behind a decision. It is precisely in these pressure filled circumstances that we carve out our own unique identity. In one sense, trials are an opportunity to make manifest the deepest and most profound aspects of your soul.

When one feels an influx of Love rushing in for support at a specifically challenging point upon the path, the wind suddenly moves to your back and each step becomes steadier. Prayers give the tendency for things to go well, for adversity to disperse, and for Love to return as the guiding force and upholder of all. Wrapped in a blanket of good tidings the complex becomes simple again. Experience leads to Understanding which becomes Wisdom and awakens Awareness.

It is a blessing to be uncertain about tomorrow. What control does one have over nature’s inclination? Rest easy knowing that being yourself is the best you can do. Accruing responsibility where none lies can be worse than doing nothing at all. We need only bring our gifts to the surface and share them with one another. This is the solution to every problem. Wars and wickedness come from blockages; pockets of energy that have been diverted from their natural course. When we heal ourselves and restore this flow, we resonate well-ness which makes it possible for others to pick up the vibe.

Believe in people and they will believe in you. God is in every creature and is looking through their eyes. Give Love and get some in return. Teach this to your friends. Let go of that which is beyond reach. Relax and slow down. Give life a chance to touch your heart and open the grace of spirit. It is in the sunrise and in the rainbow on a misty summer day. It is in the starry night and the call of the owl at dusk. Everywhere you look, the glory of creation is shimmering with brilliance. Keep reminding yourself of what is truly important and live that way.

Much Love and tidings of ever new joy,

Herr Moors

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