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2006 08 29

By Christopher Moors |

With images representing all of history whirling before our eyes, we live at once all human experience. This is the threshold of our passing into a new era. How we come to terms with what has occurred will largely decide the direction of our evolution. Where there is war, surround it with peace and relentlessly beat the drum of destiny. We are meant to celebrate life together, but so many can not forgive themselves or each other for what they’ve done. That is why Jesus says, father forgive them for they know not what they do. Father knows well that younger souls are ignorant of their responsibility because unconsciousness is built into the system. Forgiveness is part of awakening and available for all intrinsically in the Universe. For a long time people creep along until they get a moment where their illusions stare them in the face. Then they can decide whether or not to admit that their life up to this point had been a distraction from their true purpose which is to share Love with All Creation.

There is not always a right or wrong way to do something. It is more important what you decide you want to do with your life. You can bark up old trees and beat your head against the wall while you secretly pine away to do something you truly enjoy or you can make the leap of faith. Perhaps there is an incredibly interesting and intricate road that leads you to your destination. Perhaps this destination is but a stop on the journey. Perhaps the journey never ends. By the way, have you ever ridden on one of the astral trains? You can meet just about anybody on one. Many of us have ridden there during our dreams while our human body is sleeping.

The universe has laws, but do not think that even they are absolute. If there is anything true about this Universe, it is that it is ever-changing. Let me contribute this to the history of science…there will always be exceptions/distortions/things-that-don’t-quite-add-up because that is a quirk of this Universe. You could almost call it a sense of divine humor. Never forget the comedy that is this Existence. Look for rips and tears in the fabric of space/time, because they are there. There are even now humans on your Earth with the capacity to leave the planet. Advanced space craft sit in underground hangars across the globe while the war movie keeps everybody paralyzed in fear. Pills dull the pain though….right? They are not “bad” drugs like that nasty medical marijuana. Society can’t yet let the cancer patients have relief because pretty soon other people would want some. Then everybody would start asking too many questions from the consciousness opening effects of the drug like in the ‘60s. Then a show of force against the people would be necessary like the various assassinations that stare glaringly back at us from the face of post WWII American politics.

Today, the average person is getting beaten down economically until they no longer have a will to resist. The people could subvert this form of control by taking the initiative to move towards a simpler lifestyle. Much of the excess that creeps in ends up being more of a psychic burden than a joy. Sure luxury is nice, but freedom is even better. This is another reason why the ways of the Eastern Wisdom traditions must be incorporated into Western Culture. This will give rise to a modern spirituality which accepts life. There will be as many ways to express this as there are people who share in the experience. Creativity will blossom and problems will be solved. Stresses will be dissolved because they won’t be caused in the first place. Hearts open and intuition is heard. Happiness is the result of peace which comes from the fulfillment of your nature.

~Christopher Moors

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