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A Phoenix Rises from Psychic Crucifixion
2006 08 17

By Christopher Moors |

It has been 40 days and 40 nights in the spiritual desert my friends, but at last I have returned.

Many demons came out to play while I was away. With big smiles and pretty words they dance around and shout, “Look at me!” They couldn’t conceive of anything more important than the flapping of their jawbone. Speaking endless lies, they accrue so much karma that it will take lifetimes to even reach equilibrium again. Burning with pain they project it in the strangest of ways. Believing exactly the opposite of reality (a by-product of Denial) they seek to push this on any within reach. When the light stands its ground in truth, they shriek and the fireworks really begin!

Seeking your greatest weaknesses, Deniers may offer riches and great illusions if only you would step into their pain trap. Everything could be yours…..ah fool….there is no intermediary between each of us and our Father’s Kingdom. Within our Mother’s Garden we are protected and Loved as we are with no need for any bad feeling. This deep understanding protects us from the deception of those who seek to unduly influence another on their path. We build our own personal way drawing from every tradition: religious, artistic, literary, musical, etc…. Anything that awakens is holy.

Before Gandalf the Grey became Gandalf the White he was pulled into the Abyss. There is a certain inevitable gravity to this emptiness. Ye on the path, take heed, for one day you too will face this threshold. Everything will be taken from you and you will die a psychic death which is much more terrible than a physical one. This isn’t usually mentioned because who would want that? It is like a surgery being performed on your Soul….as if you had cancer and it was being ripped right off. Ego is the cancer; the distortion of running Experience through Mind. Get past personal desires and lexicon, or there will be a part of you lost never to return.

When Aslan the Mighty Lion got stabbed to death in the place of another, He was demonstrating what always happens to those who take responsibility. Pillars of fortitude amidst an ocean of compromise, they take it upon themselves to live the truth. The truth never dies so any aligned with the truth will never die. A body is easily replaced if the aura behind it can remain intact. Certain peculiarities associated with the past body will remain with the corpse, while the new body will shine with ever more refined glory.

The people often take revenge on One who comes in Truth because they can’t stand to have their own flaws revealed. The One reveals them simply by existing in a state of purity. Wherever the One moves, secrets can not hide. Some embrace this blessing, some try to stop the One by Force, and others simply run away. The Forceful will blame the One as if the One is causing what they have never faced. The One could say to the Forceful, “Hey you are the one encumbering me,” but instead usually goes with Compassion, knowing how sad and lonely the Forceful are underneath it all.

Alone we can not find every little nook and cranny of pain and past to heal inside. If your Heart is true, Angels and Guides, working with God and your Soul Self, will construct a scenario that will evoke in you what you need to learn to be free. Sometimes (and particularly if you consider yourself spiritually advanced), it will take a very extreme situation to bring the buried lesson front and center. These lessons can also take place in your sleep as well. If you are completely identified with your dream, you will act as you would in the body on Earth. This time lived is reality every bit as much as anything else.

Beyond anything my friends, stay the course and have Faith that no matter how messed up things get, there is a way. Never lose heart through this process as Intuition brings you closer and closer to the Center of the Sun. When you arrive, it will burn like nothing else you have ever felt. When you finally emerge there is just quiet, like a morning in the middle of nowhere. Little by little you move around and realize that you still Exist. It feels different, but you are still there. Free of Ambition and any need to do anything but serve your purpose, the fire rises, but in a new way.

It is the nature of the Sun’s Son to be Courageous. Conscious and in a new body, the resurrection carries the best of what was into the new and infuses it with the possibilities of the now. Every option is available and whenever the Phoenix seeks to fly, the Lord will be with Him. It always was this way, but now He knows. Peril has sharpened His sensibilities, and Dying has given Him Life.

~Christopher Moors

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Christopher Moors

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