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The Peace of Space
2006 08 21

By Christopher Moors |

No matter how enthralling the astral realms become to the seeker who suddenly realizes that the 3D world is nothing but the surface of a vast universe of vibration, they must always remember that beyond it all is the Peace of Space. Beyond the Mind world which interprets the senses and acts as an intermediary between your being and existence OUT THERE, there is consciousness. This is something you do not need to strive to maintain. When you get past the concept that there is something more to be had, you can settle into the idea that ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE, including YOU.

This does not mean that we stop striving to grow in our understanding. A perfect moment can evolve into another perfect moment that has built upon the experience of the past. Future will beckon us to a day when our troubles will go away, until we realize that the horizon never comes any closer. Sinking in to who and how you are now, you start to touch the deeper dimensions. You phase in to the present and realize that all along things were more vibrant and alive than you had ever noticed. You become a part of natureís melody and delight in its song.

So many of us have inclinations in this regards but feel as if it can not work in our reality. Often this is because we have yet to value our own inner voice enough to create what we perceive. Each personís unique ability has to develop over time and learn how it fits into the work of the whole. When seeing yourself from outside of yourself it is easier to recognize your own tendencies and then foster curiosity wherever it might lead. Share your discoveries with friends around the Earth and those that resonate with you will find you.

We are truly moving into the age of the world family. No longer do we need to be bound by small units when people everywhere have gifts to share. Many of our soul selves know each other and have been intermittently connected for aeons. One life is not nearly enough to explore the friendship possibilities. Death may cut short a journey in the body, but it does nothing to interrupt the soulís path. We all come and go many times. While we are here we have the precious opportunity to share the blessings of Life.

~Christopher Moors

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