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Know Who You Aren’t
2006 08 27

By Christopher Moors |

Knowing who you aren’t, is just as beneficial as knowing who you are. Try a backwards search. Every little bit you can find out about yourself will serve you on your journey. Look at all the things people do in this world. Some dive deep in the sea, and some fly high in the clouds. Others simply like to keep their feet on the ground and philosophize all day. There are people who paint and people who do heavy construction work. Some grow food and others teach our youth. What is your purpose for incarnating on this blue-green ball of life? What isn’t?

Feel deeply your inclinations. Without considering this question beforehand you may have gotten yourself into a situation that doesn’t line up with your natural tendencies. If this is the case, change will have to be made if you seek to integrate the soul with the body. For others not bound in this way, it will be easier. The end result for all will be harmony between what feels right internally and the external circumstance. We can go about this alignment in many ways. Notice positive attributes, such as, “I like to cook,” and negative such as, “I really dislike heights”.

The essential component to the whole process is getting all of what you feel out in front of you. It may seem like you sense something deep inside, but there is no substitute for looking straight at a quality within your being. If growth is your goal, calmly evaluate your progress on an ongoing basis to open the doorways of higher vibration. No judgment is necessary; awareness is the main ingredient to the alchemical stew. Take note of discrepancies and correct them as you go. Many habits will have to be unlearned, and new conscious acts born to take their place.

If you don’t know what you are meant to do, knowing everything you aren’t meant to do will bring you much closer to finding out. If there are a hundred paths in front of you, and you can eliminate 90 of them, you can focus more closely on the 10 left over. On each path there are lessons to learn. Some will work more easily and then you will know you are on the right track. Synchronicities will appear, and suddenly the path you are meant to walk will light up under your feet. Each step will bring the joy of discovery and the fulfillment that comes from living truth.

Every moment is an opportunity for undertaking this most noble of quests. Take delight when you learn that you dislike the taste of radishes. You have learned something about yourself! It is a sign of your freedom and uniqueness. A “bad” thing can be every bit as beneficial as a “good” one when seen from meditation. In fact when you remove judgment they become the same – experience. Meditation is outside ‘frame of reference’. Everything ‘is’ and the observer is a part of it. Welcome to the happening that is you. Experiment and enjoy!

~Christopher Moors

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