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Quantum Physics and Holographic Repatterning
2006 08 22

By Stephen Linsteadt, NHD |

When Einstein used the word "spooky" he was referring to the sub-atomic phenomena whereby the building blocks of our material reality exist both as particles and wave-forms at the same time. This makes it possible for an electron to be present everywhere simultaneously throughout the universe. This is known as superposition.

What is "spooky" about superposition is that it only occurs when it is not being observed or measured. Once a measurement of this phenomenon is attempted, the superposition of the particle being measured in its all-pervading wave-form collapses into a single particle with space-time dimensions. Superposition will even collapse in anticipation of a measuring device detecting it after a measurable event takes place. This gives superposition a non-local omniscient quality in addition to being omnipresent. Einstein characterized this non-local aspect of quantum measurement as "spooky action at a distance".1

Superposition also contains all of the possibilities within which the particle can interact with all other particles. It is, therefore, in a state of infinite quantum potentiality. The wave-form of this state is said to be in perfect coherence as there is nothing there to create an interference pattern. It is the measurement that interferes with this state of coherence and acts like a filter, which allows only one of the infinite possibilities of the particle's position to materialize. Without measurement the particle aspect slips back to the quantum state. Therefore, the particles that make up our "reality" require constant measurement in order to maintain their physicalness.

At the cellular level it is the cell that acts as the measuring device that collapses or de-coheres the quantum field into a particle reality. Experiments in what is known as the "inverse Zeno effect", show that a series of measuring devices can collapse a quantum superposition so that the particle will be detected by the first measuring device and will then take a "quantum leap" to appear at the next measuring device. A series of measuring devices will act to capture the particle and drag it along the measured path.1 In the same way, enzymes possess this unique ability of being able to capture and transfer electrons and protons along a path to various protein molecules in order to activate each protein's specific function.

There are several other quantum-measuring devices within the living cell. DNA, RNA, ribosomes, and mitochondria are all proton, electron and photon level apparatuses. The motion and placement of electrons and protons within DNA initiate gene expression. Single protons are battered across membranes to power the molecular turbine engines of mitochondrial respiration.1

The cell is the bridge between the quantum world of unlimited possibilities and what we experience as reality. It is the cell's ability to choose or measure the quantum world that separates inert matter from living matter. A chair or a rock represents the measurement states of particles with no possibility of slipping back to the quantum level. A living system is able to go back and forth between the classical reality state and the quantum state.

Each time we go into the quantum state we freeze particles in the reality state based on what or how we are taking the measurement. We can set up our measuring device on the upper end of the coherence continuum or the lower non-coherent end.2 In either case, our measurement device (focus of consciousness) will cause a collapse of the quantum superposition and will act as a filter between all of the infinite possibilities.

Our minds are also quantum-measuring devices. Our thoughts produce electromagnetic waves that have the ability to induce electrical impulses in neurons. This is how our thoughts or consciousness translates into nerve impulses that puts us into action. This conscious electromagnetic field (CEM-field) is transferred throughout the body by the oscillations carried through the cerebral spinal fluid and the interconnected crystalline structure that makes up the body holographic. Our cells respond and entrain to our CEM-field by adjusting their quantum-measuring apparatuses to select that which conforms to our conscious or sub-conscious expectations.

Disease can therefore be seen as the result of the cell's distorted quantum perspective. Electrons become misplaced in protein molecules and metabolic processes become derailed as a result. Changes in cellular metabolism can set off a whole cascade of mutations. Because the cell's monitoring of the quantum field is constant we must move in and out of superposition trillions of times per second. This explains how schizophrenics can move in and out of different personalities with completely different states of physical health from one instant to another. It also explains how chickens deprived of calcium intake can produce eggs with complete shells containing healthy levels of calcium.3 Calcium after all is only a molecule made up of protons and electrons. In the quantum world of infinite possibilities there is no difference between a calcium electron and any other electron. The chickens know (intend) that their eggs are made of calcium so they produce calcium rich eggs whether or not they have adequate supplies of dietary calcium.

Yogis that have reached high states of consciousness and are able to perform miracles are also able to tap into the quantum world. What is a higher state of consciousness but the merging into the state of infinite possibilities?

Holographic Repatterning is a quantum tool. It allows us to break the pattern of our cellular consciousness that repeatedly reaches into the quantum realm only to continuously bring back the same old low energy state in our relationships or physical health. The HR modalities change the vibration of information frequencies at the cellular level. Once the intention has shifted our cellular quantum-measuring apparatus will manifest new and exciting realities from the quantum world of infinite possibilities.


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