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The Case Against Dr. Sidney Siemer 2006 08 02

By Richard Hamlin |

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Image: Bluebird : Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists Colin A. Ross

After 3 ½ years of investigation, it is time to present the facts and findings which proves the charges that Dr. Sidney Siemer is a serial child rapist and that his daughter Susan Siemer Hamlin was a principle victim of Dr. Siemer.

The allegations against Dr. Sidney Siemer all began in 1999, when his other daughter, Terri Aal, met with her sister Susan Siemer Hamlin and told her that she believed that both of them had been molested by their father.

The first time my x-wife Susan Siemer Hamlin told me anything about Dr. Sidney Siemer molesting children was in November of 1999. At a lunch celebrating Susan’s birthday, she told me and a close friend of ours that her father, Sid Siemer, had molested her best friend from High School when they were both 16 years old during a sleep over. Susan claimed that she had large blocks of memory gaps in her childhood but she had always remembered this event.

In April of 2003, Susan Siemer Hamlin had finally worked up the courage to confront her father, Sid Siemer, about what he did to her best friend in High School and to ask whether he had molested her. Despite displaying overwhelming characteristics of an Adult Survivor of Child Molestation, and her feeling that she too had been molested, she had no actual memories until June 2003 when looking at old photos she saw a picture of a home that she had completely blocked out. That photo set off an avalanche of memories of Susan Siemer Hamlin being raped, molested, and tortured by her father, Dr. Siemer and others.

From June of 2003 until Feb. 28, 2004, Susan Hamlin began to remember in specific detail horrific acts of sexual abuse. She detailed her abuse as starting as early as 2 ½ and continuing as an adult even after we were married. Susan stated that Dr. Siemer molested her, her 4 brothers and sisters, his grand children, other children in the extended family and children of Dr. Siemer’s friends. Susan stated that her father molested several of her friends when she was of school age.

Susan Hamlin further described that Dr. Siemer was not the only perpetrator. She stated that her father surrounded himself with people of like mind. Susan stated that other adult family members and friends of the family engaged in the molestation of children. Susan Hamlin specifically described instances when her father Sidney Siemer allowed her to be raped by others adults.

Susan Hamlin described some of instances of child molestation occurring during “Satanic ceremonies”. Susan wrote extensively about her father “brainwashing her”, “hypnotizing her” and “using mind control” to enable his continuation of these crimes.

During the 11 month period between April of 2003 until March of 2004, Susan Hamlin wrote several hundred pages of diary notes concerning her victimization by her father Dr. Siemer and others. Susan Hamlin sought out and talked to many old family members and friends that she had not spoken to for over 20 years to tell them that she had been raped and molested by her father and to find out if they too had been so harmed. In all, she told over 30 people about her horrific experiences.

This culminated with Susan Siemer Hamlin going to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office and making a formal report about the numerous sexual offenses and other crimes that her father, Dr. Sidney Siemer had committed. She gave 2 statements to officers on that day, 2/26/04, one with me present and one without me present. They were virtually the same. Additionally, she had spoken to a Detective earlier on 2/5/04 with much of the same information.

The report and the accusations made against Dr. Sidney Siemer, other family members and family friends/associates were extreme. Susan Hamlin detailed horrific crimes that most of us would rather not believe occurred. (See “Case Narratives” from

Susan Hamlin’s claims were clearly something not seen in El Dorado County. Detectives were very skeptical about these claims and did not act on them immediately. Over the following 2 days Susan Hamlin began to panic. Susan Hamlin had finally broke the secret. She finally was able to stand up against her father who had so violated her and controlled her for her entire life. She had confronted her father through several letters, e-mails, and telephone calls. She had written volumes of diary notes about her abuse and had spoken to so many people about what had happened. Susan Siemer Hamlin was even going to write a book about this type of child rape and molest. After 47 years it was finally going to be over and she was going to be safe.

Well, El Dorado County’s disbelief and inaction torpedoed that hope. On 2/28/04 fearing what her father would do to her, she recanted everything and claimed that I beat her into making false claims against her father. By recanting what she had reported to the police, she was desperately attempting to clear her father, Dr. Siemer, of the criminal charges he faced and to clear herself as well. Susan had admitted to the police that she had molested our children both with and without her father. What is significant, is that on 2/28/04 when she changed her story, she did not say that she had been molested and also beaten by her husband; she tied the claim that I beat her to her new goal, to clear her father. Susan now claimed that all of the memories that she had told so many were all not true. Susan’s diary notes were all not true. Susan’s statements and confrontation letters, all not true. They were all a product of me beating her to make false claims against her father.

Sidney Siemer went from one of the most prolific child rapists to an all American dad that NEVER committed any sexual abuse.

Susan Siemer Hamlin has been desperately doing her father’s bidding since my arrest. She must explain away extremely damaging statements and writings that would surely convict Dr. Siemer by attempting to convince the public that all of these claims are untrue and a product of my imagination.

Remember, Susan Siemer Hamlin and other controlled family members are being forced to say that Sidney Siemer has never done any act of sexual abuse and all of the claims made are untrue.

Therefore, what I will prove in this article is independent proof of several instances of Dr. Sidney Siemer being a child rapist and child molester. If at the end of this article you are convinced that Sidney Siemer is a child molester, then you will have to conclude that Susan Hamlin’s recantation, her new claims, are simply not true. And if that becomes the case, then we, as a public, must examine her original statements which describe Dr. Siemer as nothing short of a monster; one of the most prolific child rapist in existence. Further, if Susan Hamlin’s original claims are true, Sid Siemer is just one of a group of sexual predators that must be stopped and brought to justice. Lastly, if Susan Hamlin’s original claims are true, then I am absolutely innocent of torture and beating her to make “false claims” against her father.

The basic premise of my arguments is this; the only reason my x-wife recanted was due to a life time of fear of a monster who controlled her for her entire life. Her recantation is normal. It’s expected after suffering from this type of extreme abuse. If I can prove that some of her claims can be independently proven then it gives credence to all of her original charges.

Susan Hamlin’s method of Revealing her Sexual Abuse and her Subsequent Recantation is Normal

Dr. Colin A. Ross testified as an expert in my jury trial about the characteristics of a victim of extreme childhood sexual abuse. Dr. Ross is an internationally renowned clinician, researcher, author and lecturer in the field of dissociation and trauma related disorders. He is the founder and President of the Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma.

Dr. Ross and The Ross Institute provides treatment for patients with dissociative identity disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) and related trauma disorders which primarily arise from extreme childhood abuse.

Dr. Ross’ book, Dissociative Identity Disorder. Diagnosis, Clinical Features and Treatment of Multiple Personality. 2nd Edition, was published in Oct. 1996 (1st Edition 1989) and is regarded as one of the most comprehensive and important accounts of this subject ever published. He has also written Satanic Ritual Abuse. Principles of Treatment., published in 1995 and Bluebird. Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality By Psychiatrists., published in 2000.

One of the first issues that had to be addressed was the manner in which Susan Hamlin began to reveal her extreme memories of being victimized by her father, Sidney Siemer. She had kept secret the horrors she suffered for 46 years and claimed that she did not remember what happened during that time. Susan Hamlin retrieved memories that were repressed or stored away and until she began to recall them, she had no active memory of them.

For me as a husband, this was very difficult to understand, especially once she began to recall incidents of being raped by her father; why didn’t her memories just flow out in an orderly fashion? Well, Dr. Ross addressed that issue. As Dr. Ross wrote in his book, SRA Principles of Treatment.

“Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a chronic Post-traumatic stress disorder of dissociative type with onset in childhood: it is a way of coping with overwhelming, chronic child abuse.”

“A combination of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse is usually involved,… the sexual abuse usually starts before age 5, lasts more than 10 years, involves more than 1 perpetrator, and includes at least vaginal intercourse and fellatio. Often there will be a history of participation in child pornography, child prostitution, bestiality and other highly deviant activities.”

Dr. Ross gave an example of a classic case:

“A 6 year old who is being sexually abused has no escape. The perpetrator often threatens the child with death, break-up of the family, death of siblings, being hated by God, intensified abuse, death of pets or other calamities. These threats may be combined with calling the child “Princess” and talking about the child’s and the perpetrator’s “special relationship.”

“In such a situation, the child has no escape, except in the mind. A common dissociative strategy used by trauma victims is depersonalization, in which the person has an out of body experience and seems to float up to the ceiling or simply goes away into a fantasy world. This pretending that the trauma isn’t real is protective. Victims of airline disasters, muggings or other single episode traumatic events occurring in adulthood may experience such depersonalization states.”

“The child who is being abused repeatedly requires a more elaborate defensive strategy – what we call MPD. The child imagines that the abuse is happening to someone else, so that now the child’s primary identity is not just outside the body but is actually watching another child being abused.”

“The next component in the creation of MPD is amnesia. Research shows at least 50% of children under age 10 are highly hypnotizable, that is, are highly gifted at entering trance states, blocking out pain or memories. Abused children use this ability to insert a memory barrier between themselves and the imagined new identity who is being abused. Thus the abuse is not only happening to the child, but he or she is not even remembering it."

After walking with a victim of such extreme incestuous sexual abuse, it became important to me to figure things out; to make sense of what I witnessed from my x-wife Susan Hamlin. It became even more important after she recanted and had me arrested. I was extremely fortunate to come across Dr. Ross’ work.

I was stunned at how similar his experiences from treating hundreds of women who suffered extreme sexual abuse as a child, were to Susan’s. Susan described the type of extreme abuse that Dr. Ross wrote of and she exhibited the affect of having MPD with its maze of amnesiac walls. In fact she wrote of her father, Dr. Siemer, hypnotizing her and reported to police that he was an expert at getting children in “a trance like state” for the purposes of molesting them.

As Susan Hamlin was integrating her personalities and able to access her memories, she visible worked through different personality types; child like, one full of rage, a confident one who knew all about her victimization, to name a few. As she revealed more, the change in personalities became more dramatic and got to the point where she could remember acting in a specific personality type and with great specificity all the details surrounding the various traumas attached to that personality.

Dr. Ross also explained that a victim of this type of abuse will not be able to neatly and in order have all of her memories flow forward. There is revelation and then shut down. A desire to get healthy and then a desire to be back with the perpetrator. In my case that was pronounced. Susan would often be freely flowing with memories and then abruptly just stop. It was as if her mind was feeling too fearful to continue to expose this life time held secret.

Susan Siemer Hamlin’s back and forth behavior as it related to her father was also pronounced. For long stretches she was repulsed by what Sidney Siemer had done to her and then unexplicably was drawn back to him by some strange loyalty to protect the secret and more to the point to protect him.

That pattern played itself out, over and over again. The most damaging to me and perhaps the most confusing to the public was the final act of loyalty to her father. Susan Siemer Hamlin on 2/26/04 had told police volumes about Sidney Siemer. She bluntly laid out a history of her father being an incestuous child rapist. She did so with great detail. On 2/28/04 she recanted and said that Sidney Siemer had NEVER committed an act of sexual abuse to her or anyone else and that her initial story was because I beat her. In simplest terms, I was now the bad guy.

Dr. Ross dealt specifically with this issue at my trial. His short answer was that Susan Hamlin’s recantation and her turning on me would be very normal, if not expected, for a woman who had suffered the type of abuse that she detailed at the hands of her father.

Dr. Ross was asked about the problem of a child molest victim’s “attachment to perpetrator”. Dr. Ross stated:

“All kids want to love their parents and want their parents to love them and want to be good children and want to please their parents. So you’ll do whatever it is you have to do, be compliant, not cause trouble, provide sexual favors, basically score points with your parent and then be loved and protected by them. But it traps you in the cycle of abuse.”

Dr. Ross went on to explain that the molesting parent uses the child’s dependency on him to molest. It begins as a young child because the child is dependent on that parent for life; a place to live, food to eat. The basic essentials of life come from the raping parent. So the child learns to go along with or put up with the abuse as a necessity. As things develop, Dr. Ross explained, the parent then uses the child’s emotional needs to continue the molest. “Daddy is happy when I, the child, submit to sex. Daddy is not happy when I don’t”.

Dr. Ross continued by stating that the attachment to the perpetrator does not change or go away as an adult without treatment. The adult survivor of child molest has learned over the years that the sexual abuse is just part of the package with their parent, of whom they are still seeking emotional nurturing and acceptance. Their need for emotional fulfillment and acceptance from the raping parent is enhanced because they have never had a healthy parent/child relationship. Unrealized by the child, is that they are striving to attain something that they can never obtain due to the sexual abuse their parent is inflicting upon them. But yet they continue to try, thus solidifying the attachment to their perpetrator.

Specifically, Dr. Ross testified:

“You’re going to be loyal to your parents just because that’s the way human beings are designed. So the painful thing is that the person you’re most loyal to is actually the person who’s hurting you the most. Let’s say it’s your dad. So the person to whom you have the most loyalty is also the person you hate the most.”

It is this attachment to perpetrator and loyalty conflict that is at the core of victim’s recanting, and is exactly the reason Susan Siemer Hamlin was able to “tell on” her father, Sidney Siemer, and then try to take it all back. Dad, Dr. Siemer, was about to get in a whole lot of trouble and that realization just became too much for the daughter, Susan Siemer Hamlin, to take.

Dr. Ross was asked about recantation and whether it is normal in circumstances like these. He stated:

“It is very well described in the literature, and I have seen it many times myself. And you can go through the cycle a number of different times. You’re in denial, nothing ever happened. And then you tell somebody, which could be a professional, a girlfriend, a husband. You’re believed, you’re supported, and then the conflict just gets too great, you betrayed your father, your father is going to hate you, you’re going to lose your father. Back into denial”.

“And then that cycle goes around and around. There’s no particular limit to how many times. That’s from full accusation to full denial.”

Dr. Ross was asked, “So if a person gave a very complete accounting, are you saying it is not uncommon for them to go back and have a full denial of any molest or rape?” and his response was:

“It is not uncommon for either children or adults, and it is all part of this ambivalent split attachment. “I love him”, “I’m loyal to him”, “he’s a good dad, I’m a good girl, I am never going to say anything.”

“To, “he’s a perpetrator and I didn’t deserve it, I’m not going to take it, I’m going to tell the truth, I’m going to separate from this family.”

“To, oh it’s too scary. Oh my God, it never happened.”

Dr. Ross then testified about the circumstances in my case. He spoke about the “Karpman Triangle.” In a child molest situation, the victim often finds someone that helps her to talk about her memories of being sexually abused. That person takes on a “rescuer” role with the victim and they are aligned against the perpetrator. The victim and “rescuer” can become extremely close but there becomes a point where the realization of the complete loss of the perpetrator/parent becomes too great and the victim will “flip sides.” The victim then views the “rescuer” as “all bad” and the perpetrator as “all good.”

Dr. Ross testified that it is “very, very common for them to flip around”. He identified the “rescuer” as anybody that has a close relationship with the victim, “a spouse, a good aunt, a good sister, a counselor, or therapist”.

Dr. Ross explained what occurs, when the victim “flips”:

“Dad’s good, and dad never abused me. This horrible therapist made me say a bunch of stuff that isn’t real. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. Phew. Thank goodness I can go back to dad, everything will be wonderful.”

“And the problem is the horrible therapist (or spouse) that asked the wrong questions.”

I asked Dr. Ross at trial if this was normal, as it sounded “pretty extreme”. His answer was simple, “It is absolutely normal”. I then asked Dr. Ross about my case. Here is that portion from the trial:

QUESTION: “Let’s say that you had a woman that was subject to a lifetime of child molest, child rape, incestuous sex, and actually came clean, was supported by her husband in those regards and then flipped, decided that none of this happened in terms of father and it was actually the husband that had beaten her into making these statements.”

“Are those kinds of flips, those kinds of changes, is that something that you have seen before in your practice, in your experience?”

Dr. Ross: “Countless times. Hundreds of times.”

“In extreme degree and a little more subtle. In the subtle, 100%. From one big extreme to another, again 2/3rds to 100% of the time. It is common. It is typical.”

Dr. Ross’ testimony is significant because it explains something that most of us probably have never experienced. That is why I chose to lead off with his testimony to make my case. The place where Susan Siemer Hamlin is right now, trying to protect her father and clear his name, is NORMAL; it’s expected. Dr. Ross has seen it countless times.

As Dr. Ross testified to, Susan Hamlin’s false claim that I beat her into making the allegations of child rape against Dr. Siemer is to be expected in a case like this. So with that said, I will prove that through independent evidence, Sidney Siemer is a child rapist and child molester.

And from Dr. Ross, we can finally understand that a victim of this type of childhood terror will go back and forth as a protective measure. They do this because they are hiding something awful. We owe it to Susan and all the other child victims of Sidney Siemer to study her first statement. Because in that statement is evidence that make Dr. Sidney Siemer one of the most dangerous child molesters in the United States.

Terri Aal’s Claim that Dr. Sidney Siemer Sexually Molested her

The origin of the allegations that Sidney Siemer is a serial child rapist began in 1999 when Terri Aal, the sister of Susan Hamlin and the other daughter of Sid Siemer, revealed to Susan that she thought both of them had been sexually abused by their father. The path that has revealed horrific acts of child rape and torture began when one sister approached another seeking answers to terrible questions.

Terri Aal like her sister Susan Hamlin had battled a life time of depression, self esteem issues, and thoughts of suicide. Terri’s emotional battles were more pronounced and went further. Terri suffered from extreme bouts of social phobia, freezing up in social situations. As time went on, the episodes increased in frequency and severity. She began having “panic attacks” around men. A pivotal moment occurred as she shopped at a Hallmark in her local mall. A man walked by. He had no conversation or contact with her and he did not know Terri. Yet his presence caused her to plunge into the most severe “panic attack” that she had ever experienced.

Terri Aal began an unsuccessful string of counseling attempts. Finally she decided to listen to what her gut feeling was: Terri had always felt that she had been the victim of sexual molestation as a child. Thus, Terri decided to see a counselor who specialized in child molestation.

As she was slowly getting a handle on what she had experienced, she decided to take a further step and join “group counseling” with other Adult Survivors of Child Molestation.

In 1999, Terri approached Susan Hamlin and told her sister that she believed that they both had been sexually molested by their father, Sid Siemer, and that based on what she had been revealing during her counseling sessions, her counselor believed that they had been molested as well.

Terri Aal came to her sister looking for help in filling in massive memory gaps from her childhood and to see if Susan had memories of abuse as well. Terri related that she did not have specific memories but rather “flashes” of incidents and strange reoccurring dreams. One such dream that she had often was of her locked in a cage and being used as a sex slave.

Terri Aal’s revelations caused Susan Siemer Hamlin to confront the issue in her life that she had so desperately attempted to avoid. What Terri’s counselor had seen were common characteristics of an Adult Survivor of Child Molestation. Susan Hamlin had many of the same indicators and that throbbing gut feeling that precedes remembering.

Susan’s response was denial. She claimed that she didn’t have any memories of abuse nor did she want to. Susan made it very clear that she was not ready to deal with this and just wanted to move on.

Unfortunately for Dr. Sidney Siemer, the process of revelation had begun. Despite Susan’s initial denials, she began to think and started on the long road of confronting what had been done to her.

This information, about Terri Aal being the original source of the allegations against Dr. Siemer, obviously flies in the face of the Siemer cover up story that I beat Susan into making false claims against her father for financial gain. At trial, Susan as she did often when faced with damaging facts, claimed she did not remember Terri making such specific allegations. Susan testified that Terri may have talked to her about “wonderings” of molest but was never definite.

Terri Aal was sent in by Dr. Siemer to help clean up the mess that these allegations had created. Terri, shockingly, testified that she never had gone to a counselor that specialized in child molestation and never engaged in “group counseling” with other victims of child molest.

Fortunately for me and my defense, Susan and Terri had written several letters and notes back and forth about Terri’s counseling and her charges that Dr. Siemer had sexually abused her. Most revealing statements that Susan had given to Dr. Stewart for a psychological evaluation.

Approximately 3 weeks after I was arrested, Susan Hamlin met with Dr. Stewart. This was 3 weeks after she had proclaimed that her father was not the serial child rapist she had told the police about. Susan went to this interview by herself and without a police or Siemer influence. It was one of the few times that she was left alone by her father, step-mother, or sister Terri after my arrest.

Dr. Stewart testified that he interviewed Susan on 3/18/04 and she said the following about Terri Aal:

“Ms. Hamlin’s sister, Terri Aal has been in psychological counseling for years. (4-5 years) It began when she had panic attacks associated with men, and she had been previously seeing another counselor without success.”

”Her counselor believes she was sexually molested by her father (Sidney Siemer) and sexual molest is the Counselor’s area of specialty. The sister attends a support group for adults molested as children.”


Susan Hamlin went on to tell Dr. Stewart that both she and her sister Terri Aal “are inclined to believe it” in reference to being molested by their father. Susan stated that both she and Terri have large memory gaps/blank periods that she felt was due to being sexually molested. This was all said 3 weeks after my arrest.

These facts are devastating for Dr. Siemer. The claims that he is a life long child molester are not limited to just one of his daughters; both make the same claim. Obviously, I had no control over Terri Aal seeing a counselor who specializes in Adult Survivors of Child Molest; no control over Terri Aal going to group counseling with other victims of childhood molest; and no control over Terri Aal making the claim that she thought both she and Susan had been molested by Dr. Siemer. It’s much harder to claim that Susan was “beaten” into making false claims against her father when Siemer’s only other daughter is making the same claim of sexual abuse.

One thing that is consistent is the extreme level of control that Dr. Siemer has over his victim children. After Susan Hamlin first came out and confronted her father about raping her throughout her life, Terri Aal, who started all of this, immediately ran back to her father. Terri Aal turned her back on Susan out of sheer fear of her father’s reaction to being directly accused. Dr. Siemer actually was able to use Terri to try to dissuade Susan from continuing to expose him.

DR. Sidney Siemer’s Molstation of 16 year Old Jenny Love

In the summer of 1973, Jenny Love and Susan Siemer were best friends. They were both 16 years old and attending Bullard High School in Fresno, Calif.

Jenny and Susan had decided to take a day trip to San Simeon and enjoy a summer day at the beach. Susan invited Jenny to spend the night at her home so they could get up early for their trip. The two girls slept in sleeping bags in the living room of the Siemer home.

In the middle of the night, as the two girls slept, Dr. Siemer crept out of his bedroom and approached. Susan Siemer was awoken by noise. She opened her eyes to see her father grabbing Jenny’s breasts. Susan said “you guys are acting weird,” in an attempt to disrupt what she was witnessing. Dr. Siemer simpy responded, “ROLL OVER AND GO BACK TO SLEEP.” Susan did what she was told to do. There was no outrage, screaming or fight; merely compliance. Dr. Siemer never acted afraid or worried; he simply ordered Susan to roll over and go to sleep.

Dr. Siemer never attempted to explain away his behavior. He has never to this day apologized for what he has done to either Susan or Jenny. In fact, not a word of this incident was ever mentioned until Susan confronted Dr. Siemer in a letter 30 years later. After being confronted, he merely denied it.

Jenny Love was found and brought to court to testify about this incident. (I am not using her married last name in order to protect her privacy.) Jenny did not want to testify. She was compelled to by subpoena and by court order. Despite her desire to not testify, Jenny appeared and told a jury of Dr. Siemer’s molestation.

Jenny told my jury that she did remember what Dr. Siemer did to her 32 years before. She confirmed that she did sleep over at Susan’s home so the two girls could get up early and go to San Simeon. Jenny remembered sleeping in sleeping bags in the Siemer living room.

Jenny then testified how Dr. Siemer was “just there” all of the sudden and how he was feeling her breasts. And then, unprompted, Jenny quietly and reflectively stated:

“And, um, his hands were shaking.”

You could have heard a pin drop. What everyone saw was a 49 year old woman reliving and remembering a horrible act committed against her.

As her testimony continued she stated again:

“And all I can remember is him, you know, touching me and his hands shaking.”

Jenny testified that in response to Dr. Siemer’s molestation:

“I rolled over onto my tummy so he couldn’t do that anymore.”

As the next day arrived, Jenny and Susan awoke, got dressed, and left for their day at the beach. Susan did not say a word to Jenny about the incident. Susan did not confront Dr. Siemer about what happened. Susan did not tell her mother about what happened. Jenny and Susan just got into their car and drove to the beach. Susan’s way of dealing with Sid Siemer’s molest was to act like it never happened.

On the way back home, Jenny finally spoke to Susan about what Dr. Siemer had done to her. Jenny testified that:

“I did talk her about it. Something to the effect of: Do you know what your dad did to me? Does he do that to you? Something like that.”

“And she was mostly nonresponsive to me. And so I dropped it and I never told another living soul that that happened. I never told my parents or anybody.”

Sidney Siemer’s molest of 16 year old Jenny Love is also strong evidence that he molested his daughter, Susan as well. Dr. Ross studied the circumstances of Dr. Siemer’s molestation and concluded that this was evidence of a “pattern” of molest.

Dr. Ross focused on 2 aspects. The first was Susan’s response. If this was a first time event, Dr. Ross believed that Susan’s response would have been one of shock, outrage, and confrontation. Instead, Dr. Ross noted the passive compliance by Susan when told by her father to “roll over and go back to sleep.” Having just been awakened to see her father grabbing her best friend’s breasts in the middle of the night, Susan obeyed her father’s command without so much as one word of protest.

Dr. Ross then focused on Dr. Sidney Siemer’s behavior. Dr. Siemer’s actions were highly risky; molesting Jenny right next to his daughter. He was not worried; he felt that he had control. Upon being “caught in the act”, he had virtually no fear of being exposed by his daughter. He calmly ordered her to “roll over and go back to sleep” and she did. The next morning he didn’t feel compelled to explain away his actions or to persuade Susan not to tell.

Lastly, Dr. Ross noted that it is extremely rare to have a perpetrator that only molests one time.

Dr. Ross testified during the trial about this issue:

“Offender profile where you’ve just committed one act of child sexual abuse and nothing else in their life is incredibly rare.”

“The perpetrator profiles in general, are lots of different victims and a lot of different type of acts.”

When asked about the Jenny Love molest by Sidney Siemer, Dr. Ross testified:

“How many guys molest their daughter’s friend who’s underage and they only do something like that once in their lives? IT ISN’T BELIEVABLE. IT DOESN’T HAPPEN.”

“And then the compliant daughter rolls over and goes to sleep and doesn’t say “boo”, that is part of a pattern too.”

Based on the Jenny Love molest, Dr. Ross testified that it would be his expectation that Dr. Siemer molested his daughter Susan as well. Dr. Ross testified that “the odds are very high” and that “it is part of a pattern.”

This incident also is evidence of a life long pattern of Susan protecting her father and working with him to keep his criminal acts secret. Susan Hamlin told me, her husband, about Sid Siemer’s molestation 15 years after we had been married and after years of Susan taking our four children down to Fresno to spend time with “Grandpa Sid”.

When Susan told me and our friend, for the first time, about her father’s molestation in November of 1999, she specifically said that she hadn’t raised it before; because she was afraid that I would be upset and that I might not let her dad see our kids.

So despite knowing that her father, Sid Siemer, was a child molester and despite Susan being too afraid to even speak to him about what he did, she continuously took our four babies to her molester father to spend time alone with him. She did this unilaterally, excluding me, their father, from knowing this, thus precluding me from taking steps to protect my children.

When Susan Hamlin had to weigh the safety of her children vs. pleasing her father - keeping his secrets, she chose her father over our children. When Susan Hamlin had to choose between protecting her father criminal secrets vs. having her husband falsely arrested, she chose her father. This should not be surprising though.

If Susan Siemer Hamlin couldn’t even protect herself from Sidney Siemer, how could she protect Jenny Love, me or even our children against him?

DR. Sidney Siemer’s Rape of his Elementary Age Daugher, Susan Siemer

When Susan Siemer was in Elementary School, she lived in Corvallis, Oregon. Her best friend during those years was Suzie W. (Last name not written to protect he privacy) The two girls would often sleep over at each others home.

During this incident, Susan told me and others that she was in the 3rd or 4th grade. Suzie W. had come over to the Siemer’s home to spend the night. The two girls decided to sleep outside in the backyard in sleeping bags.

After the two girls fell to sleep, Susan Siemer was awoken by extreme pain. She said that she began screaming; she described it as a “murderous scream.” As she opened her eyes, her father was on top of her. Susan continued to scream. Dr. Siemer’s response was to slap his elementary school age daughter and he told her “to be quiet.”

At that point Suzie W. woke to see Dr. Sidney Siemer standing over Susan. As Suzie W. would say, “the screaming hadn’t stopped and Sid was there.” A few minutes later, Susan Siemer’s mother came out, well behind Dad. Susan could not be consoled. Sid Siemer’s explanation… He told his daughter that she was scared because a “slug” was in her sleeping bag.

This incident is also a good example of how Susan retrieved her memories of being sexually abused. Susan had always remembered some things about this incident; she recalled waking up screaming, a “murderous scream’; she recalled her father being on top of her as she woke; she recalled with great confusion, her father’s reaction to her screaming, his slapping of her and telling her to be quiet. The memory that she had was kept to herself for 35 years. She said that she felt that there was parts of the memory missing; “not all there.” Susan said that the reason she never talked about the memory was an underlying bad feeling connected to this event that kept her from wanting to explore it.

After remembering other incidents of her being raped and molested by her father, Sid Siemer, which had been completely repressed, she was able to remember this event completely. What had been missing was the “feeling” that came from the event. Susan had felt nothing. When she was finally able to recall the entire event the “feelings” came roaring back. Susan Siemer Hamlin was now able to feel the pain which caused her to scream so violently. Susan was able to feel where that pain came from. Susan Hamlin finally recalled that she was raped by her dad as she slept next to her best friend Suzie W. She knew and remembered this was not the first time that she was raped by Sid Siemer, but that it was unexpected and caused more pain than usual.

Susan Hamlin recalled that she had been sleeping. It had been a fun night with Suzie as they “camped” in her back yard. So it was particularly jolting to her to be awoken out of a deep sleep by such severe pain in her vagina. Her scream was involuntary. As she came to, she saw and felt her father, Sidney Siemer on top of her. She recalled that he seemed surprised and angered by her screaming and immediately slapped her and told her to be quiet. Susan recalled that it was too much for her to comprehend and that she couldn’t be consoled. By the next day, all she recalled was screaming because a slug was in her sleeping bag and that she got slapped because she was too loud. That partial memory stayed with her for 35 years.

This is one of the numerous memories that she told me and others that she tried to take back by saying that I beat her into making false claims against her father.

Yet, this is a memory that also has independent proof that it occurred. Suzie W. and Susan Siemer Hamlin had not communicated in 29 years. After Susan told me about this memory, she confronted her father about this and other acts of rape and molest. Dr. Siemer’s response was that Susan “was crazy” and that it didn’t happen. So Susan wanted proof. She wanted to be able to prove to others that her memories were real.

Thus, Susan set out to find Suzie W. and she did. After 29 years the two best friends from Corvallis, Oregon spoke. Susan told Suzie W. about being raped and molested by her father, Sid Siemer and asked if she remembered sleeping in the back yard. Before Susan Hamlin could finish the question, Suzie W. finished it by saying, “you mean when you woke up screaming?” Suzie W. remembered an event that occurred approx. 35 years before.

Suzie W. has been interviewed by investigators and by me. She confirms that she remembers the event. She recalls being awakened by Susan’s screams; she said “Susan screamed like she was murdered.” Suzie W. remembers Sid standing over Sue while she was still screaming and that Sue’s mom came out of the house a couple of minutes later.

In a statement that Suzie W. gave to investigators in 2004, she added:

“Ms. W stated the phone call they had was very emotional and it lasted approx. 2 hours. Sue Siemer was in tears during the conversation. Sue told her that Sid (Siemer) had sexually abused her.”

“Sue told her that she had spoken to a High School friend that told her about Sid sexually molesting her. Sue told her, after talking about the incident she began recalling memories of Sid molesting her, Sue Siemer, since childhood and that he continued to molest her sexually as an adult. Sue told her that the sexual experience involved penetration, actual intercourse.”

As previously stated, Susan attempted to recant this memory and others as a way to clear her father of any sexual abuse. However, this incident was spoken about by Susan Siemer Hamlin approx. 3 weeks after my arrest when she met with Dr. Stewart for her psychological evaluation. Remember, this was one of the few statements that she was able to give without pressure from the police or Siemer family members.

When Dr. Stewart asked Susan if she thought she had been molested by her father, Sid Siemer, she responded by telling him about 3 incidents. Susan first told the Dr. about her sister’s accusation of being molested by their father, then she told of Jenny Love being molested by her father and finally she told him of being in the back yard with Susie W.

Susan Siemer Hamlin’s words were recorded and Dr. Stewart prepared a report which he testified to during my trial. He reports that Susan told him:

“Ms. Hamlin had another recollection earlier in life of sleeping in bags in the backyard with a friend and awakening screaming and her father slapping her and telling her to be quiet. She recalls there was a slug in her bag but also that her father was there.”

So what can we prove? First and foremost, this is not a memory that was “made up”. Susan Siemer Hamlin described with great pain and emotion being raped by her father. The basic facts of the incident are corroborated and testified to in nearly the same exact detail by her elementary school best friend, Suzie W. This incident was noteworthy enough that two people recalled it, even though the two witnesses hadn’t talked in 29 years, and the incident itself took place 35 years before.

Even if Dr. Siemer had no other accusations of being a child molester against him and we examine only Susan’s watered down version of what took place, this incident is still very disturbing.

Look at this as a parent. Susan Siemer and Suzie W. were in 3rd or 4th grade; 8 or 9 years old. What parent upon hearing their young child screaming as she slept outside would run out and slap her and tell her to be quiet? Think about what Susan told Dr. Stewart, “my dad slapped me”. What parent, instead of comforting their daughter and finding out why she was screaming like she was murdered, would choose as their response to slap and silence her?

The answer is obvious; no parent would do that. Especially a father in response to his 8 or 9 year old daughter.

From these facts we can conclude two things:

One, that something painful or extremely frightening happened to Susan Siemer. She yelled “like she was murdered”; a “murderous scream”. She was inconsolable after being awoken and unable to be comforted for a long while.

Two, that Sidney Siemer had something to do with that pain and fear. Susan said her father was on top of her. Suzie W. said after the scream awoke her, she saw Sid Siemer standing over her. It simply is unconceivable that Dr. Siemer just happened to walk outside and somehow was on top of or standing over his daughter and unrelated to that she begins to scream like she was murdered. Further, he cannot claim he responded to the scream, because both girls put him at the scene during the initial waking and yelling. Additionally, we see the “timing” of responding to the scream; Sue’s mom came running out a few minutes after Sid Siemer was already there.

Most damaging to Dr. Siemer is his response. Susan has said the same thing before and after my arrest; she screamed and he was there and slapped her. He tells her to be quiet. These are the actions of a criminal, a child rapist, who didn’t want to be caught. Dr. Siemer was caught off guard by the volume of the scream from his 8 or 9 year old daughter. His control was momentarily lost. Dad’s response; Slap her, Silence her.

These actions convict Dr. Siemer. This was a man who was about to be caught in the act of raping his daughter because she made too much noise. So he had to act quickly. And he did. The 6’3 father hauled off and slapped his 8 or 9 year old daughter and then menacingly ordered her to be quiet. Is there any wonder why this memory would have been in part repressed?

These actions convict Dr. Siemer… especially if you examine this in light of the other claims of child molest made against him by his other daughter and Jenny Love.

When we examine this in light of Jenny Love’s molestation, a very sick pattern becomes apparent. Sidney Siemer likes stalking his child victims as they sleep. He likes to attack his child victim as they slept next to a friend. In family albums he had numerous pictures of Susan and her young girlfriends as they slept during sleepovers.

And finally, when Suzie W. was told that Susan Siemer was now recanting her claims about Sid Siemer raping and molesting her, she responded in absolute disbelief. Specifically, Suzie W. is quoted as stating:

“How can that be? Why would she say that? She told me details of Sid having sex with her all of her life.”

“Ms. W. went on to say that she could not believe that Sue would now deny that, given their conversation. She described Sue as sounding very pained by her memories and very sincere. Ms. W. stated on a couple of occasions that she could not believe that Sue would now deny that.”

“She described Sue, as being a woman who was investigating her past and attempting to regain her health. She seemed very committed to that during their phone call. She was very emotional and very real during their talk.”

Susan Hamlin Displayed Common Characteistics of a Victim of Child Molestation

Virtually every expert, in the field of treating adult survivors of child molestation report that there are common signs and characteristics that the victim displays. Significant indicators that a person may have suffered from traumatic sexual abuse as a child include; thoughts of suicide, especially at a young age; depression which began early in the child’s life and increases as the child gets older; and large blocks of memory gaps of the victim’s childhood.

Remember, severe childhood sexual abuse often traumatizes the victim to such an extent that the memories are repressed or stored away in another personality. Thus, experts such as Dr. Ross have been teaching clinicians to look for common signs and characteristics that may indicate such abuse.

In Susan Hamlin’s case she had all 3 of these characteristics.

Most notably, was Susan Hamlin’s thought of suicide as early as Kindergarten. Susan’s thought of suicide have been reported by her to Dr.’s throughout her life. Of note, was Susan’s reporting of these thoughts after my arrest to 3 different professionals.

Approximately one month after my arrest and Susan’s recantation that she had never been sexually abused by her father, Susan spoke to Child Protective Services about her childhood and background. Susan Hamlin’s statements were recorded and put into a report for the court. In Susan Hamlin’s statement she stated:

“Susan remembers wanting to kill herself as early as Kindergarten. She believed that “I’ll kill myself, that will show my parents.”

The report went on to report other details that support the conclusion that Susan had suffered from being molested as a child. It stated:

“Susan’s childhood is characterized by periods of memory loss, emotional and verbal abuse… She states that her father was very dominating.”

“Susan has spent many years battling bouts of depression and at one time was prescribed Prozac. She has also experienced suicidal ideation during extended periods of melancholy.”

In a separate meeting with Stephen Collins, PsyD on 3/15/04, two weeks after my arrest, Susan Hamlin stated that “she’s experienced episodes of depression and anxiety all the time”. In PsyD Collin’s report, he noted that Susan Hamlin “had experienced suicidal ideations while she was in elementary school”.

In a third meeting with yet another Dr., on March 24, 2004, Susan gave statements to Dr. Stewart. This as previously discussed occurred nearly one month after my arrest and her statement was made without police or Siemer influence.

In Dr. Stewart’s report, he writes:

“Ms. Hamlin described her memory as having “blank periods”. That is, there are “memories here and there” but noticeable gaps. She states her sister also has such gaps in her memory.”

“Ms. Hamlin denies having specific memories of being sexually molested, BUT FEELS THAT IS WHY THERE ARE GAPS IN HER MEMORY.”

Victims of child molestation also have great difficulty with relationships, particularly with men. Susan Hamlin told Dr. Stewart this very thing. He wrote:

“Ms. Hamlin “had difficulty getting close to people - men.” She felt that she “couldn’t be myself with men.”

“I never had good sexual relationships.” She had always thought of sex as bad, but her feelings were evolving.”

Dr. Stewart noted other statements of Susan Hamlin that are consistent with the reports she gave to other professionals and what she told me. Dr. Stewart wrote:

“Ms. Hamlin described her father (Sidney Siemer) as “domineering and controlling, always right, only his opinions counted, his way was the only way.” “I always thought I had a close relationship with Dad because I was TAUGHT to see him as good.”

“Ms. Hamlin recalled many nights sitting on his (her father’s) lap, or when she was in bed, talking and talking late into the night, alone into her High School years.”

Most significantly during Susan Hamlin’s time with Dr. Stewart, is Susan’s return to her claims of being molested by Sidney Siemer. In her session, Susan first tells him that “she believes the reason she has gaps in her memory” is because she was molested. Later she tells the Dr. that she believes she has been molested, “more likely than not.”

Finally she tells the Dr.:

“He (her husband Richard Hamlin) was so caring, and protective and outraged. It was a truth of his that I was raped by my Dad all my life. It was very emotional. There were more books with tests about abuse that were so on. So I started to think I had been molested.”

The evidence of Susan Hamlin being suicidal as a very young child, and suffering from depression long before I ever came into her life is not simply limited to her self-reporting. Other evidence from that time period has been found.

Suzie W., Susan Siemer’s best friend in elementary school, told investigators that Susan talked to her about suicide in the 4th grade. This absolutely supports Susan Siemer Hamlin’s self reporting of wanting to kill herself as early as Kindergarten. What is even more significant is that Susan did not think about killing herself just once in a fleeting moment. Oh no, she continued to think that killing herself, “to get back at her parents”, was a vivable option to the life she had to endure for YEARS. As Susan told CPS, her first thought of killing herself was in Kindergarten. From Suzie W., we know that she still thought of suicide in the 4th grade, finally feeling so pained that she told another person.

Through letters that Susan Hamlin’s mother kept, we were able to also see how Susan felt between the ages of 17-28. In those letters that we have in our possession, Susan Siemer writes to her mother often of deep depression which would last for days. Susan Siemer also wrote her mother of strange fears that she had. Susan often felt as though someone else was in her room at night and she described an overwhelming gripping fear. It was so bad that she wrote to her mom about the need to sleep with 2 hammers under her pillow.

Through interviews and letters of Siemer family members, we have evidence from that time that describes a family suffering from trauma. Letters and medical evidence reveals that Susan Siemer’s mother attempted suicide when Susan was 17 years old. Sidney Siemer claims that his first wife attempted suicide on multiple occasions. In another letter, Dr. Siemer states that his oldest son “was a good candidate for suicide.”

From yet another letter that was written by Sid Siemer’s 2nd son, Glen Siemer, when he was 17 years old in 1977, Glen writes to Susan Siemer and states:

“I find myself becoming very bitter and aggressive and it scares me, especially towards Sidney (Siemer). There must be some reason why neither Layne (his brother) nor myself have any respect towards him and at times only hate. I do not want it to become as extreme as in Laynes and Sids case.”

“So I must leave as soon as possible. I must move out. And hopefully move far, far away, to leave the past and the family, so as to grow up hopefully better and perhaps different than Layne and Sid.” (Letter dated 8/11/77)

In a second letter from Glen Siemer to his sister Susan Siemer, dated 3/9/77, he writes concerning Susan’s depression. Glen writes that he heard that Susan was depressed and to snap out of it. He then writes:

“Just look at me, I’ve made a shambles of my life up here by being depressed…”

“Poor Terri (Terri Aal, Glen and Susan’s sister), she’s really opening up personality wise up here, she’s still shy to strangers but who isn’t in this screwed up family.”

He concludes his letter by saying that he thinks the problem in the family is being wrapped up with their parents:

“Getting wrapped up in all their problems along with our own, no wonder were all getting messed up, especially Layne. I believe the best solution for the problem is for all of us to break away totally, leaving other peoples problems to themselves and working on our own for a change.”

Finally, Suzie W. told investigators that Susan Siemer made up lots of wild stories, or so she thought, when they spent so much time together in elementary school. Suzie W. stated that, “Susan would tell these stories that sounded like she lived another life. They were very bizarre.”

Suzie W. told investigators that Sidney Siemer was someone not to be crossed, very controlling and gave examples of Dr. Siemer flying into rages.

So what does all this information mean? For one very important thing, it is independent evidence of Susan Siemer suffering from severe childhood abuse. It is evidence that cannot be attributed to me making it up, as it occurred years before I ever met Susan.

Dr. Ross testified that this is evidence of common characteristics of someone who has been sexually molested as a child. And for just a minute, let’s slow down and examine why that makes common sense.

As a parent, let’s think about our children or reflect back on our own childhood. A Kindergartner thinking about killing herself. A little girl about 5 years old who thinks it would be better to kill herself than to continue to live in her current situation. What in the world must be going on in that home for a child to think that death is a better option?

For Susan Siemer, life with her father Sidney Siemer was so bad that she actually considered killing herself at age 5. And to our horror, what we now know, is that Susan didn’t just think of it once and let it go. Thoughts of suicide stayed with this little girl straight through to the 4th grade, when she finally told another; her best friend Suzie W. Interestingly, it was during the 4th grade that Susan Siemer Hamlin described being raped in the back yard as she had a sleep over with Suzie W.

Apparently whatever was occurring in the Siemer home was not just limited to Susan. Her mother suffered so badly from what was going on that she actually did try to kill herself. Glen Siemer, Susan’s brother, wrote at 17, about absolute “hatred” towards his father. He describes his brother as having rage towards Dr. Siemer and aptly sums things up by describing the Siemer situation as “a screwed up family”.

What causes children to have these types of extreme feelings, Dr. Ross and many, many experts will tell you it is the product of sexual childhood abuse. All things which occurred by Sidney Siemer to his children years before I ever came into the picture.

Lastly, look at the significance of what Susan Hamlin revealed about her childhood to Dr. Stewart.

Susan Hamlin was screaming out for help, one last time. Think of her dilemma; after finally “telling on her dad” about horrific acts he had done to her, she got scared and recanted. As Dr. Ross says, a very normal thing for a 47 years old victim who has finally revealed a life long secret. As Susan recanted, she felt compelled to clear her father of any sexual wrong doing. She had no problem blaming me for her revelations; she claimed I beat her into making these claims against her father.

Yet, there she is approximately, 1 month later, talking to a Dr. who should be able to see the signs of a molest victim. Susan’s family is not with her, as they were when she gave her recantation and false accusations against me. There are no police with Susan. She has had no contact with me and based on her claims that she made against me, she clearly wasn’t under my control.

What Susan Hamlin told Dr. Stewart, is clearly evidence that she was in fact molested by her father. It was a last ditch attempt to yell out for someone to correct the wrong of her recantation. A hope, that maybe, someone would see it.

Susan Hamlin lays out a history of feeling suicidal and being depressed. She tells Dr. Stewart that she has large gaps in her childhood memory and tells him she thinks that is from BEING MOLESTED. She describes difficulties getting close to men and feeling sex is bad. When asked if she thought she was molested, she said that “it was more likely than not”.

She then describes for him, 4 instances that scream out that Sidney Siemer is a child molester; Susan’s sister Terri Aal accused him of molesting both of them; Susan’s 16 year old best friend being molested by Dr. Siemer. The incident during Susan and Suzie W.’s 4th grade sleep over; and she details how her father would have her sit on his lap or sit with her in her bed into the late night, early morning hours, while she was in High School just “talking and talking”.

The last incident was especially noteworthy to me. Susan spent hours reliving the horror of Sidney Siemer “calling her out” or “waking her up” in the middle of the night to “talk and talk”. Susan Hamlin would describe her father using the desire to “talk and talk” as a way to molest her nightly.

One month later, she was hoping that someone might look at her victimization by her father, anew.

Susan Hamlin Confronting Sidney Siemer

If this was all made up, it would be highly doubtful that a daughter would so emotionally and strongly confront her father. Susan Siemer Hamlin after 47 years finally confronted the man that had molested and raped her throughout her life. Susan wrote her father, Sidney Siemer, 3 letters and made several phone calls confronting him about what he had done to her. Susan, an attorney, actually was attorney of record in proceedings against him. Lastly, Susan Siemer Hamlin told over 30 people that her “innocent” father was a child rapist; including other family members, friends, and business associates of Dr. Siemer.

Further, the progression of the confrontation followed a natural and increasing development which marked Susan’s growth in remembering and dealing with her traumatic past.

Susan’s first act of confronting her father, was a timid questioning in a letter, dated 4/22/03. This was not a letter of anger or real accusation. It was Susan giving her father a historical overview of the emotional difficulties she had been experiencing and concluding with THE question; “did you sexually molest me as a child?”

In Susan’s 4/22/03 letter she wrote:

“I have lived my life not ever letting others see the real me… In my case, exposing the grotesque ugliness that was me, so I thought, could only lead to being cast aside, abandoned, discarded, rejected, shunned, isolated… unloved. The result of course, was ZERO self- esteem. How could I have possibly had any good thoughts of myself if disgust and disapproval were a certainty upon seeing behind my facade.”

“Perfection of this facade as I went through childhood, then, was a necessity for my very survival, since dependent children would surely perish if abandoned.”

Of note, is that the “facade” that Susan wrote about began in her CHILDHOOD. Susan Siemer as a child was afraid to let the world see the “real” her. As she wrote, she feared that exposing the real her would lead to being shunned, rejected and unloved. What in the world could lead a CHILD to feel that way, except severe sexual abuse?

Most chilling, is that Susan as a child felt it necessary to perfect this façade or risk dying due to being abandoned by her family. As experts who treat victims of child molestation will tell you, victims unfortunately, universally share a feeling of “ugliness” due to what has been done to them. Molest victims feel that if their secret is found out by others, they will be looked upon in shame, rejected, and as Susan wrote… unloved by those around them. These feelings come from the acts committed against them and often from their perpetrator telling them that.

As a result, victims of molest put on a facade; their attempt to look and act “normal”, hoping against hope that the secret they have kept, will remain.

Susan went on to describe how the “facade” was now creating problems:

“While this facade served me well, for the most part, in hiding the ugliness that I have always believed to be me, it is now hurting me and those I love… It is affecting every relationship I have with people in my life – my husband, my children, my siblings, my friends, any employer I have ever had… and you. This facade has out lived it’s usefulness in my life, unfortunately, it has taken on a life of its own. It’s going to protect me whether or not I need or want it. Why is it so strong?”

Susan then told her father, the toll this “ugliness” was taking on her:

“I started into a plunge that went deeper than anything I had previously experienced – e.g., mom’s suicide attempt, her death… etc. Thoughts of suicide were not unfamiliar to me over the years, but, the depth and intensity of this particular period of severe depression really scared me. I remember on a couple different occasions crying to Rick to please watch me closely – I was afraid of what I might do.”

Susan Hamlin then confronted her father about his molest of Jennie Love. She recounted for Dr. Siemer in explicit detail what she saw him do. At one point, Sidney Siemer’s daughter writes:

“She (Jenny) told me that you came into where we were sleeping the night before and started rubbing her breasts. She didn’t know what to do at the time, or what to think. She was confused and felt very awkward, as did I?”

“She asked me if that was something that you did to me to help me get to sleep at night. My response was a very embarrassed “no”. But I knew that was what was going on when I woke up.”

After asking her father about this incident, for the first time in 30 years since this incident, she then explained the reason why she is asking now; our daughter Clare was of an age to go on sleepovers.

Susan concluded by asking the question:

“Clare is at the age of spending the night at friend’s houses now. So, all of a sudden, I had a need to write this letter. As I have been writing this for the last week or 2, I have been immobilized by severe depression. My body has shut down. I can’t drive without falling asleep at the wheel. I am freezing cold all the time and crying at the drop of a hat.”

“What does it all mean??? But in my pain as an adult, I have to ask the question – Did you sexually molest me as a child?? If you can help me heal, as your baby still, won’t you please answer my question with loving honesty? I am a wreck and just trying to survive.” “Your baby Susan”.

Clearly, this letter is a deep, introspective writing that is very self-serving for Susan. When I say self-serving, I do not intend for that description to be negative. On the contrary, a victim of child molest needs to be self-serving in order to begin on the road to recovery. This letter is about self survival and Susan’s need to find out what happened to her and more importantly why it happened to her. It is a first step, by a daughter to talk about issues that should have been discussed many, many years before.

The tone, content and motive of this writing absolutely refutes the notion that this was dictated by a husband in an effort to make false claims against his father in law. That conclusion is ridiculous in view of its content. Yet, for Susan’s recantation to be true, you must believe that Susan had no interest in raising these issues with her father because of course they were not true. The fact is, Susan wrote this letter precisely because her father was in fact a child molester; as evidenced by his molestation of Jenny Love. Her concluding question, of whether she too had been molested by Sidney Siemer, is the logical inquiry given her trauma filled childhood and his sexual abuse of others.

What is noteworthy, was Dr. Siemer’s response. He was not concerned about his “favorite” daughter’s well being; He went into classic denial of his criminal actions. Susan called her father, as he refused to acknowledge the letter, and was told by Dr. Siemer “that he knew she did not want to talk about this.”

In short time, after continued refusals to talk, Dr. Siemer began a campaign among family members to call Susan “crazy” and to absolutely deny his molestation of Jenny and anyone else.

As, I previously noted, Susan Hamlin’s first specific memories of her being raped by her father, occurred in June of 2003. Susan began calling old family members and siblings about her memories. Dr. Siemer brought a restraining order against us to prohibit us from further dissemination of information concerning his acts of child rape and molest.

It was Susan Hamlin that became Attorney of Record in the restraining order case and aggressively pursued a successful defense. When Sid Siemer realized the matter was going to be contested and that he would be called as a witness to discuss multiple acts of child rape and molestation, he attempted to dismiss the action.

As a part of us agreeing to a dismissal of the case, a negotiated settlement occurred. What Susan wanted and was agreed to, was to force her father to read a letter from her, in front of his attorney. As evidenced by a letter from Dr. Siemer’s counsel, that in fact did occur.

In Susan’s second letter to her father, dated August 10, 2003, Susan Hamlin is no longer the timid daughter asking a question; she is a very upset victim confronting her perpetrator.

Susan Hamlin writes to her father, Sidney Siemer and states:

“Since we just found your motion for a restraining order in the bushes when we got home last night, it prompted me to re-read the letter I wrote you in April… In all fairness to you, I feel compelled to clarify this written record that you are so meticulously compiling. You truly thought that you had me willingly in your web, that I knowingly chose to participate in your repulsive deviant little “games” of torture and control.”

“I just couldn’t let the record stand if there was any possibility of confusion on this issue. So to be very clear, YOU NEVER HAD ME. That my body was forced to participate, from the very beginning and continuing on until April of this year, in acts so unbearable that, in order to survive (quite literally) things that were so against nature, my mind had to immediately delete all traces of each event…”

She then in graphic detail confronts her father about his rape of her:

“What do you think people will think of you when they learn what you did to me to make sure I never told anyone that you raped me repeatedly throughout my childhood?”

“The acts of rape were horrific, but you were able to trump even that. Your acts of cruelty and torture were effective control tactics with me, the cornerstone of which was to teach me “my place”. That I did learn. I had the same value to you as did any other animal, no more, no less. Animals are kept around only so long as they please the master.”

“My puppy that I so loved was the subject of your demonstration, do you remember? While holding her by the scruff of her neck, you took your jagged edged fishing knife and sliced open her abdomen allowing her insides to run out into the tub. I got it.”

“This demonstration was more personally tailored. You tied me, naked and in a spread eagle position, on top of the table in the Adams St. house and with your fishing knife, threatened to cut me as you had my puppy when we lived in Richmond.”

Susan concluded her letter by listing other acts of sexual abuse that her father had committed and stated:

“My survival of my past, is due to a coping mechanism which spared my child mind from remembering trauma which would have been too great to bear. This served as a life preserver which thankfully, kept me afloat until I was strong enough to deal with the memories.”

She signed the letter, “Susan” not “your baby”. In October, she wrote a similarly confrontational e-mail. (Go to Virginia McCullough – “Would You Convict Richard Hamlin on Susan Hamlin’s Word”, for the full content of the 2 letters.)

These letters are not written by someone who is being forced to make up false accusations against an innocent man. These are the words of a victim fighting back. They are filled with the unique passion that can only come from someone who has had to endure this type of sexual abuse by her father.

And if Dr. Siemer was an innocent man who never perpetrated sexual abuse, how could a daughter write such awful things to him.

Yet, Susan’s claims against her father were not limited to letters to him; she went much, much further and gave a very long and specific complaint to the police. So if this is not true, Susan Hamlin falsely implicated her father in serious criminal charges that could have landed him in prison for life.

What is much more reasonable is that Susan Hamlin’s report to law enforcement was the natural progression of a daughter dealing with the horrible and deviant sexual abuse inflicted upon her by her father.

In her recorded statement give to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office on 2/26/04, Susan Hamlin gave specific details about what Sidney Siemer had done to her:

“I have been molested by my father all my life and passed around to others by him.” (Pg. 10)

“I was raped repeatedly for my entire life. By my dad and whoever he decided to share me with.” (Pg.11)

“I was shown snuff films as a child by my father for enforcement purposed to keep me afraid of talking about what things went on in our family… I was required to watch this film being made, this girl being killed.” Pg.21)

The Evidence Points to One Conclusion – Dr. Sidney Siemer is a Child Molester

So, the unrefuted facts of Susan Siemer’s childhood are these. As a 5 year old girl she thought of killing herself. Her thoughts of suicide continued during her elementary years and throughout her life. She was depressed very early on and throughout her life. Susan’s mother actually tried to kill herself. Her brother wrote of his and brother Layne’s “hatred” toward their father. Susan grew up to be a woman who for some reason thought “sex was bad” and had difficulties getting close to men. She grew up with large gaps of memory blanks from her childhood.

Susan Siemer’s 16 year old best friend was molested by her father, Sidney Siemer, as she laid asleep right next to them. When she awoke to see her father molesting her best friend, she was told to roll over and go back to sleep; an order she complied with immediately and without question.

Out of this childhood, her sister Terri Siemer Aal came to her and told her that she believed that both of them were molested by their father, Sidney Siemer.

Out of this childhood, Susan Siemer remembers being awoken by pain and screaming a “murderous scream” with her father on top of her while she laid next to her 4th grade best friend during a sleep over. Sidney Siemer’s response to his daughter screaming; slap her and tell her to be quiet.

So with all of this as a back drop, wouldn’t you EXPECT that Susan Siemer Hamlin suffered from being sexually abused by her father Sid Siemer. It shouldn’t surprise anyone, that out of that childhood, Susan Hamlin began to retrieve horrible memories that had been repressed, that she would actually confront her father, write about her experiences in a diary, and tell many people of her experiences, ABOUT BEING SEXUALLY MOLESTED BY HER FATHER.

And therefore, isn’t it absolute unreasonable to believe Susan Siemer Hamlin’s recantation.

Out of that childhood, and after Susan confronted her father, wrote about being sexually abused by her father and told many people including the police about her abuse… Is it then reasonable to conclude that all of this was made up because her husband beat her into making false claims against her father.

You don’t beat someone into telling the TRUTH.

What one must conclude is that Susan’s recantation is just simply a lie. Clearly, Susan’s statement that her father NEVER molested her or anyone is simply not true. And now, doesn’t it make sense, why she would have to lie about being “beaten into making false claims against her father” and beaten to write incriminating diaries about her father. She lied because she feared a monster who had raped and threatened to kill her throughout her life. She lied to cover up the truth about her dad.

Dr. Ross says that’s normal. Common sense says that’s normal.

Therefore, with it proven that Dr. Sidney Siemer is a child molester, isn’t there an obligation to re-investigate Susan Hamlin’s first reports made to the police. Reports that depict a serial child rapist and molester; a truly dangerous man. Reports that implicate many others. Reports that tragically detail many, many victims. It is time to break the control that Sidney Siemer has had over these children, many of whom have become adults.

It is time to reach out find victims that need help and health care. It is time to hold accountable Sidney Siemer and his incestuous associates, family members and friends. It is time to remove Dr. Siemer and company from the streets, sending them to prison and making our world a whole lot safer for our children.

The bottom line is, Dr. Sidney Siemer is a child molester. The remaining questions are: What affect did that have on Susan and how bad a molester is he? This forces you to ask one final question: Might Susan make false claims against me to explain away her initial truthful allegations against her father? The answer and the truth is yes.

God Bless You,

Richard Hamlin

Article received from: Richard Hamlin

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