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The Oslo War Erupts In Lebanon
2006 07 21

By Barry Chamish | we know why Barak was in such a hurry to leave Lebanon and why he deserted our Christian allies. we know why Sharon was in such a hurry to ruin the lives of the Gush Katif farmers.

And now we know why Corporal Shalit was handed over to Hamas. Read the findings of the IDF's investigator Col. Giora Eiland. The kidnapping was caught on a surveillance camera. A soldier wanted to shoot the kidnappers but was denied the opportunity by his officer.


Then a tank convoy was broken up by shooting on Mount Meron. Only two tanks remained to patrol the border road. They were blown to bits and two soldiers captured. Later a rescue tank was blown apart inside Lebanon to scare the public about a nasty ground war. Now why would Hamas and Hizbollah ignite Israel's fury?


I am in Salt Lake City. A lunch is arranged for me with Evelyn Rothschild's grandson who has abandoned the family for Mormonism. He does not talk willingly but I learn that just seven families are enjoying the fruits of the war. I ask him why they want to destroy Israel. He smiles and notes, "They created Israel as their personal toy. It makes them richer and gives them more control. It's not going to be destroyed."


In December of 1993 I interviewed Ron Pundak, one of the two Oslo Accord negotiators. He said something that back then I considered remarkable. He said that his boss, Yossi Beilin didn't believe in borders. Borders cause wars. When Oslo is done Israel won't have borders. There won't be borders in the new Middle East. We will all have one border.


The criminals running Israel, the Olmerts and Pereses couldn't care less if Israel disappears or how many Jews die in Haifa. They want a New Middle East and that requires Syria and Iran to get involved. But they are too smart to take the bait, no matter how many missiles they supplied Hizbullah.

If the Israel really wanted to get rid of the missiles, they are fighting the wrong war. Only ground troops can capture the enemy's weapons. So why fight an air war?

Because that's the only war the American NWO army, trapped in Iraq, can fight and Israel is testing its effectiveness. Yes people, this is the NWO's war and for it, we signed the Oslo war

Accord. And for this, the CFR has hired one Daniel Pipes to make America hate the Arabs.

And yes, Hamas and Hizbullah hate us like Nazis. If you have to have a war, you need a real enemy. And who knows what they can add to the missile heads to make us REALLY hate them and REALLY have a war.


Who is the hack who writes Olmert's speeches? He has pictures of the kidnapped soldiers in his office? He dons a kippah and reads from the Book of Jeremiah?

Who really ousted the pro-American Shah and created the monster of Iran? What is America doing in Iraq?

And why are Arabs and Jews falling for all of this?


If you'd like to have me speak for the cost of travel in North America, please write me at the address on my web site.

I'm asking for a few volunteers to spread a long expose of a sicko who is attempting to harm me with false web sites and letters under assumed names. Our goal will be to humiliate him in Israeli academia and wherever he appears.

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