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Changes are Coming
2006 07 29

By Christopher Moors |

Ye must not allow complacency to set in, or when the next change arrives, you will be caught unaware. This will in turn cause you to act in a way that is not in your or anybody elseís best interest. It is resistance to the inevitable unfolding of life that causes the most suffering. These days, people seem desperate to maintain status quo at all costs; this is what causes the Armageddon feeling when the intrinsically unsustainable is no longer able to be upheld. Delay and denial cause a crash to be felt rather than a smooth progression. One cannot borrow from the future to pay for today. The day of reckoning will arrive.

Even the most lucid of us are human and feel pain when our hopes and dreams reveal themselves to be illusions that can never materialize because there is no such thing as tomorrow. Past is fairly easy to understand, but giving up ambition is anathema to most human beingís latent intentions. Perhaps it is only when the Universe itself proves to us personally that it has its own way, will we be able to let go. Attachments come in persons, places, and things, while life is moving, dynamic, and flows irresistibly towards the Great Ocean.

There is simplicity beyond demons, dragons, and astral reality. It is said in Zen that in the end the Rivers will become Rivers again and the Mountains will once more be Mountains. Before embarking upon the path, the human sees such a small world. Then when entering into the inner realms, they become all stirred up and the amazing, weird, and intense amount of input and intricacies can become so overwhelming that they color their perceptions in another more subtle and elusive way. Eventually we can transcend and let go of even the most spectacular of experiences; quietness comes and you see with steady and clear awareness.

We have so much to go through here on Earth. Some donít even have the time or luxury to read such expressions as this. They are too busy running from bombs they canít see, or trying to find a drink of uranium laced water. Be in tune with your blessings and send Love to your brothers and sisters. Body, Emotion, Mind, and Soul are One and I am ever your friend.

Herr Moors

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