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Discovery of 33 Spatial Dimensions 2006 07 17


Novosibirsk physicist Bob Larin completed the work on the book "Dimensions of the space", in which he describes 33 dimensions opened by him! The author expects to sign a contract on the translation and publication of the book with a London-based publishing house.

Research has been conducted since 1996 in collaboration with other scientists, whose names have not been disclosed.

According to Larin's words, attempts to discovered new special dimensions, beginning with the fifth one, were being made by many scientists not once before, but their attempts were not successful. For example, at the end of 2005 two professors from the Oxford University, Joseph Silk and his colleague, made a statement that they have discovered 6 dimensions and, what is important, not in the whole space, but just somewhere in the Universe. This is a mistake, as Larin says, because the spatial dimensions cover all space and not only its separate parts.

"What is more those two scientists of genius marked that they have discovered 6 dimensions of space and time, - says Larin. - But there is no any sense to discover the dimensions of time because all them are known to everyone and are minutes, hours, seconds, etc. The time itself does not have any sub-dimensions. It is one and its movement cannot be stopped.

"In my book I enter a new physical concept of what is special dimension, - notes Bob Larin. - But it does not make much difference with what each of us has an idea of it. I just formulate it. I say that a dimension is a magnitude that characterizes a space in each of its separate points. Thus each point has certain position data in the space (such as length, width and height), it is placed in certain time moment, it has a certain energy stock, it is at a certain distance from the point of the beginning of existence, it is perceived by a certain consciousness, it is ruled by certain physical laws, etc. All this allows us to refer this point to many and many spatial dimensions. To tell you the truth, 33 is not the final number of them. I've just had enough of this research and decided to stop at this point. I'm sure that there are more than 100 dimensions for sure".

"Each of us knows such dimensions as length, width and height, - shares his investigations Larin. - But there are many more besides them. Einstein has discovered the forth dimension, that is time. Evidently, each point of space has its past and future. Each point of space moves, none of them is being in constant statics. At our geometry lessons we learned such concept as point. For example, a line consists of a lot of points. But all of us understand that a point itself does not have and may not have any position data in the space, because it is infinitely small and its position data are impossible to define. The same goes with the concept of an angle that consists of many undetermined magnitudes. All this means that here we meet a new spatial dimension called the dimension of consciousness, thank to existence of which in us we can perceive all this".

"The next dimension, - continues Larin - is the sphere of thoughts. I call it the fifth dimension. All of us think and all those thought altogether are a separate spatial dimension. I prove that particles, that our thoughts consist of, are material and have their certain position data, mass and density with regard to each another. They are just very small. Another dimension is imagination. I describe its difference from the dimension of thoughts in details. The following is that each element of space has a substance which it consists of. This dimension is a substance, the seventh one. The sphere of living beings, or organisms, and their totality is the eighth dimension. Et cetera, et cetera, including the sphere of logical interactions, the sphere of cause-effect relations, the sphere of mathematical laws, figures and numbers and so forth. Of course, one can know about all the dimensions in no other way but to buy my book and read it".

Each dimension is described in book in details, mentioning the practical use for science of this or that investigation, if there is at all.

One of the most important thing in the book is a division of all the substances under those that are in a range of human's perception and that are not. The latter are called the subtle physical substances /SPS/ and are divided them into three levels. It is important to mark that the author refers tj the second level just what is called spirits in many ancient mythologies. They are nothing but substances that irradiate and perceive long waves /LWPI, or long waves physical impulses/, that operate in the dimension of thoughts, imagination and so forth. That is why they can be perceived only by thoughts and in no way physically. These substances are related to an S-2 type.

The practical use of the Spatial Dimensions Theory Larin does not touch, relating it to the competence of the Russian Ministry of Defense and other departments, including scientific. Some of the information about practical use has the "top secret" mark.

"The details should have the "top secret" mark, - says Larin. - There is no a word of them in the book. For example I can't just write how to neutralize the radiation and the consequences of the nuclear explosions, can I?".

If to speak about the philosophical and physical questions then in the book for example

  • is proved the infinity of space, as that outside, for an extension, and inside, for infinite diminution;
  • is stated that infinitely small particles (the so-called omega-particles) do not exist, because they infinitely decrease inside;
  • the so-called life after death is a sphere of a being of organisms, that operate with a certain wave length, and after the destruction of the physical body of short waves (what we call a body), an organism continues its being in the sphere of other waves, if it was not destructed before;
  • is explained the concept of the parallel worlds and ways to enter them;
  • is narrated about the mystery of dream;
  • is explained the concept of non-existence;
  • are explained the mythological ideas about underground space (the so-called Hell, etc.), but on a scientific background, basis;
  • and many other things.
  • "In my book I enter a new physical magnitude, which is the power of time, - says Larin. - Then I speak about how the time becomes slower, reduces and how to define, or to calculate for how much times it is speeded up or reduced. Then I explain that time runs in different ways for different organisms, and one can reduce time as he wants, living two or three lives, living this life twice or thrice or more, so to say. I come to the conclusion that the higher is the level of consciousness of an organism, the longer life it can live. For example, let us take the fact that a human being lives almost the longest life of all the mammals".

    "The second factor for stretching the lifetime, - continues Bob Larin, - is the energy expense. The more energy an organism expends, the less it lives. For example, the trees expend very little of energy and live many times more than a human does. But a human possesses consciousness that is ten times more developed than the consciousness of the trees. But this all does not mean that if a human sits still and does not move at all, he won't live much. No, otherwise, he will die very soon, because to support the human's vital functions it is important to support the rhythm of heartbeat".

    Bob Larin is the author of many scientific works (many of them are not published because of their secrecy), such as:

  • a description of a simple teleportation mechanism,
  • investigations of neutralizing the radiation and radioactive irradiation,
  • absorbing the thermonuclear energy,
  • an elaboration of a high-frequency spectrometer, that allows to get the information about any small particles of this or that substance at any place on the Earth,
  • investigations of deceleration of a consenescence process of biological organisms,
  • investigations in the sphere of healthy food,
  • genetic investigations and others.
  • According to Larin's words, he plans to publish a number of scientific articles in the American magazine "Scientific American.

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