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Welcome Warmth into your Heart
2006 06 27

By Christopher Moors |

Welcoming warmth into your heart, the mental sharpness that proves itself correct dissipates like a shadow scurrying from the rising sun. What seemed to be inevitable is lifted to a place that includes all that was, but illuminates the pathways to reveal yet more than could have been preconceived. All is as it should be; growth and change are intrinsic to this evolving perfection.

Perhaps a flood of rationalizations come to mind as to why everything should stay the same. If this is so, consider why a simple new thought could not be entertained without an inclination to protect the old. We can add and add and add new ideas, riding this electric wave to greener pastures of power and peace.

Isnít it beautiful to wear your own skin? A certain amount of trauma is part of the experience of incarnating. We all knew that when we reached our goal, the wounds would heal to reveal wisdom. One might arrive at the ultimate destination a little sooner than another; a caring soul lends a hand. There is no rush because the river flows in its time.

The rubato of lifeís composition allows for all varieties to have their say. Depth and sincerity are the by-products of lessons learned. Why scratch only your own back, when a room full of scratched backs makes everyone happy? It is less effort to help one another than it is to block each otherís way. Let the real celebration begin today.

~Christopher Moors

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