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Hurl Yourself Forward to Full Humanity
2006 06 20

By Christopher Moors |

Winding through the infinite possibilities, all potentials become actual and the hidden becomes known. Treading a path through space we walk with attentiveness and remain centered come what may. There are hills and valleys both figuratively and literally. Rolling along the surface, the beauty of the new supercedes the pettiness of the details. Deep inside we know what to do and that all is one.

Suddenly we find ourselves in the body…NOW! But you say you remember yesterday? Well show it to me…alas it is nowhere to be found. Recover your full alertness to this moment and you will have discontinuity with your reflections on past and congruence with that which actually is. Perhaps ye striveth hard for the ‘morrow. Well fellow traveler, this is but a reflection of that which has already come and gone, never to be again.

The moments when you most feel you’d like to escape, hurl yourself forward. There are numerous thresholds of resistance, but none too opaque for the light of the heart to shine through. Cat-like we lurk, relaxed yet ready to spring to life with full force immediately! If you wish to know what it is to be fully human…the true human that is just emerging, it is simply a matter of making it a priority. But I need time for this and that, you might say. ‘Tis a pity.

~Christopher Moors

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