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One Voice Can Change the World
2006 06 02

By Christopher Moors |

No matter how loud the cacophony of chaos, one voice with Will locked in behind Truth can part the clouds and spring forth rainbows across the land. The corrupted messages of the deceivers take constant effort to reinforce and propagate, while the truth remains as it was, is, and ever shall be no matter how hard the attempt to alter perception and cause complete forgetfulness in the populace. That is the greatest advantage to those rising up to take back the Earth from the disease of Greed, one of the final plagues visited upon humanity on their way to evolving out of 3D into higher and higher frequencies. Awareness reveals what is already there in the subtler realms.

A single sentence written in truth can wash away a mountain of lies. When an individual links to their inner source, they are not just a single person, but a conduit of the universal energies. This is how Existence itself is coming to the aid of the people as of yet not awakened enough to dig themselves out of the pit they have been thrown into by the Beast. You can be sure that there is indeed a type of tribulation occurring. This series of events is carefully managed by spirit and only allowed to go so far as it takes to wake people up through compression. Gaia would never let her beauty be desecrated in the manner of Mars and before that Minerva the asteroid planet.

The Universe can use the willing facilitator like a cosmic paintbrush. Drawing from lifetimes of experience carried by the Conscious Soul within a Body, vast tapestries of reality are painted again and again. Even if the original exposure to materials from the higher planes of existence are ignored or mocked, it will become part of the momentum which will eventually break the psychic wall so carefully built around each vulnerable incarnation. We truly are seeds with the potential to become more. This will not occur without proper nourishment. Love is sunlight to the soul, and acceptance is water. As the young Soul seedling emerges it is extremely delicate.

With no frame of reference in the outer world, a burgeoning being can go mad due to the inability to place what is happening. Sometimes people who have ingested psychedelics have this problem. They arenít crazy; they just need to be talked back into the body. There is a tremendous amount of input to sort out and the best method is non-attached assimilation. When you retain space inside unmoved by the oscillations of manifested activity, you can burn through every brain path without turning it into a belief. It simply becomes territory which can be drawn from when experiencing each completely new moment. Eventually you will realize that the absurd is the norm and it wonít shock you anymore.

I call all Generation Xíers just finding your Voice to speak up loudly and profoundly. There is no time to lose! There are a few Baby Boomers not locked into their generationís disastrous lack of reason, but salvation for the future is only going to come from a new vision born from the understanding that incorporates all information from all history, and then leaves it behind for the transcendent truth that some have always known and the rest of the Earth is just finding out about. This is about nothing less than the survival of the human species and the protection of our evolution to the next level of being. We are light, love, and wisdom. Remember this and youíll know what to do.

~Christopher Moors

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