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Angels Among Us

2006 06 29

By Christopher Moors | creativecosmos.org

Even now around you are angels. A rainbow of colors and a myriad of personalities, this type of being is as much of a reality as any human. There are some that have actually entered human bodies to help anchor the spiritual energies, and some that work from the astral, generally assisting the endeavors of those on the ground. Together they are building a seamless bridge between the 3rd and 4th dimension.

Beyond the 4th dimensional main body of angels, are the archangels. They represent Unity beyond time/space events. They can jump in anywhere on the timeline and send energy to balance situations. They are not bound by an adherence to “ask and ye shall receive” as are most angels. Their responsibilities rise beyond this and their position has been earned by aeons of life experience.

An average person can act as a conduit for the angels when a specific incidence arises. Like a cosmic switchboard, angels can activate or influence those receptive to spiritual energies. It is all a part of the intricate web of synchronicities that form around steady intent. Patience is necessary and will be rewarded. Failure is not possible on a heartfelt mission. Sincere vibrations bring about a positive result.

In every room with people, angels are there.

Together we share.


~Christopher Moors

Article from: http://www.creativecosmos.org

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