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Secrets of the Galaxy 9: Aldebaran, Eye of the Bull
2006 06 11

By Christopher Moors |

"Coming forward to speak out of necessity, I reinforce certain aspects of character that have been somewhat lacking in humanity’s display of attributes as of late. Know ye no sense of honor or integrity? So ready to trade away self-respect for fleeting gain, people are destroying their own souls for what amounts to absolutely nothing in time. One must focus on the eternal not the transitory. Up and down are merely the oscillations that bring beings to understanding through experience. You must remember to bravely play the cosmic game. Rather than searching for final victory, enjoy the intricacy of its unfolding.

Choices made with the whole Earth community in mind will awaken the nobler qualities in humanity that have unfortunately grown dormant through the instigation and repetition of lesser brain pathways. Beware of that which constantly draws you out through the senses. Pleasurable at first, many of these enticements can become addictions which pull you again and again down from spirit consciousness into solely body perception. Rather than living in the open free spaces of the inner world, you will be always in search of sensation. One of your Souls, Gautama Buddha, was a pioneer of freedom in this regard.

Throughout history I have been associated with the Bull’s Eye and have also been recognized as an emissary for Archangel Michael. Indeed today He is more active in the Earth sphere than He has been for millennia, due largely to the fact that certain dark forces were set loose by mischievous entities. This is all part of the cosmic cycles and provides the circumstance where angelic beings can become more personally involved with humanity’s spiritual progression. Truly this is a time of great joy for those on the astral plane. They understand that it is the backdrop of darkness which makes light possible.

It is the right moment to call forth your own personal power and engage in the effort to protect and encourage the children of light. They must come to understand that it is not unloving to protect yourself from one who harms you. The perpetrator may immediately polarize and try to define you, but that is the only technique they have, and once you learn to hold steadfast in spite of their reproaches, they will no longer have any control over you. Often the demonic entities attempt to evoke your worst fears, but if you have taken over this process consciously, they will find themselves rendered completely impotent.

Be truthful, be strong, and be well good spirits. I send you the benefit of my energy always."

~Christopher Moors

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