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Secrets of the Galaxy 6: Polaris and Friends
2006 05 10

By Christopher Moors |

“I have guided many a seeker before and will continue to do so for some time. Eventually I will be released from your eyes as Pole Star designation and shall be just another star in your sky. I look forward to the quiet, and am already experiencing the winding down of attention in my direction. Even a couple of hundred years ago, many humans were connecting with me nightly. Sharing energy, they came to look upon me as an old friend. Some developed a relationship with me that lasted through many Earth lives. How much humanity has forgotten! They wind their way forward at a reckless pace, convinced that they are advancing, not remembering that the whole point of the journey was supposed to be to discover and enjoy.

Being quite a distance from your Sun’s System, it is a marvel that communication can be successfully established. Human beings are a wonder. Throughout your species’ existence, many have shown the propensity towards remarkable perceptions and achievements. I honor you and have learned from you even as you have from me. Perhaps you may not be consciously aware of my influence, but over the years, I have guided humanity not just as a marker in the sky, but as an archetypal representation of an aspect of your subconsciousness; something in you which is unswayed no matter how difficult the journey. Sailing a straight and steady course with your life, you can never go wrong.

I’d like you to know Merak and Dubhe. They have been humbly silent, but are feeling forlorn simply being seen by modern man as the stars that point to me. As a friend to humanity, I ask you to enjoy them on their own terms the next time you see them in the sky. One of those nights when the big dipper looms enormously overhead, cast your eyes upon the last two stars and thank them for their beauty. For them I have much gratitude. They have been good friends to me and I wish to share their blessed qualities with you. In the greater bear they make up part of the mother to the lesser bear child of which I am a part. Centuries of human stories are derived from existential truths that have been intuitively perceived.”

(Merak and Dubhe come forward.)

“Our Love for Polaris brought us to add in this joyous expression. How inconceivable it was for us to have this means of communication where we can speak to humans in human language. Of course we always interact light upon light, but this method develops the intimacy so the next time you see us in the sky we will have a deeper connection and the energy dance of our auras will mean more. We could each speak individually but in this moment prefer to unify and say that we are here in friendship. Honored to portray an aspect of the Great Bear, we have warmth and regard for all of life. We are gentle, lucid, and would like to mention that Polaris is not the Pole star by coincidence. It takes a certain kind of leader even amongst the stars to hold the attention of millions through millennia. Without a bit of angst, this noble sentinel has a unique quality that has steadily held together the center of our mythos.”

(Polaris returns…)

“I will hold forth for some time and after awhile recede to give another the duty of maintaining core vigilance. Imagine all the stars pulsing while they converse with one another. There is much chatter in the skies. If only you knew! Many stars gossip about one another even like human teenagers. This might seem odd until you remember that all is God playing with God. There are so many ways for Existence to experience itself and all of our forms, disguises, roles, and masks, are just colors of the game. Above all relieve yourself of worry, guilt, and unnecessary stress. The process of letting go is a path that will never lead you astray. Find your own center and stay the course.”

~Christopher Moors

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