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Secrets of the Galaxy 7 Gentle Deneb
2006 05 25

By Christopher Moors |

"In the Swan I am the tail and in the Northern Cross, I am the head of Christ. As part of the Summer Triangle, I, Vega and Altair remind you of the divine power of 3. Simply gaze through the portal we create, open up and allow perceptions to form. This is a type of dimensional gateway for higher energies to flow into this area of space. Imagine a steady stream of Love pouring through. You can drink of this and be healed of any ailment. Relaxing you can touch the present more deeply than ever before.

I have successfully been able to cultivate an area of peacefulness in my sphere of influence for many millennia. A combination of vigilance and compassion has created a celestial oasis that many galaxian races have silently acknowledged is one place where they will not war. An aspect of why my method has worked is because it is free of judgment. This allows others to be non-differentiating as well in my presence. It is the harmony of the center revealed from without, encouraging the process within.

Along the path of the Milky Way, many come here to be in the quietly rejuvenating energies that emanate from my being. Any can partake of this resonant energy anytime. I can tell the facilitator of this message even now is deepening his connection to my subtle soothing vibes. Most beings who find their way to your solar system have been here before. For the destructive aspects of some of these beings, I am aware and would like you to know that I know about what has been occurring.

At the core of my message to you is to see yourself as you are and recognize the beauty of it. So many create an idea about what they would like to be and constantly feel that they are failing to live up to what they themselves have constructed. Then they suffer self condemnation and the agony of guilt. Cycling downward deeper and deeper into the prison, it takes a mighty lifeline to save the day. Acceptance of the uniqueness of each creature speaks to reason as well as feeling which awakens understanding.

You must also realize that you are swimming through the air even as the Aquatics on your planet swim through water. Is it not clear to you yet that you emerged from the Sea? This is the womb of the Earth. There is much about your world that you know about only in ancient myths and fairytales. Thank the Creator that you have this much or else you would have no link at all to reconnect with what is still there and more. All the beings in all the realms are aware of and experiencing the same transition that are you humans.

I am your friend and my light always shines in support of your efforts towards transformation."

~Christopher Moors

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