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MOD Report: End Of The Line For British UFOs? Not So Fast Says Nick Pope
2006 05 10

By Thomas Horn | – (Raiders News Update) – A 400-page report, entitled "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK" and marked "Secret: UK Eyes Only", is being released under the Freedom of Information by the U.K. MoD. It concludes that "No evidence exists to suggest that the phenomena seen are hostile or under any type of control, other than that of natural physical forces." Then adds: "There is no evidence that 'solid' objects exist which could cause a collision hazard."

Nick Pope, who worked in this department for the MoD from 1991 to 1994 says he doesn't want to be critical, but he disagrees with some of the conclusions, "particularly where they relate to subjects such as electrically-charged atmospheric plasmas or temporal lobe disorders, where there is no scientific consenses."

When I asked Pope if there could be other descenters of the official investigation, he responded, "I don't think you should expect a 'minority report', but as ever, the devil's in the details." He further reminded that whereas he was involved with the MoD's investigation into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and partook in early discussions that led to the commissioning of the study, he had left the MoD's UFO Project by the time this report was made.

This is not the first time a report by MoD dismissed the idea of UFOs. In 1950, Sir Henry Tizard commissioned a study to assess the reality of UFOs. The Flying Saucer Working Party scientifically studied UFOs and similarly concluded that they were ordinary objects, nature, planetoids, or hoaxes. But, in 1952, a series of high-profile UFOs were tracked on radar and seen by RAF pilots, and the investigation was reopened. To date, Britain’s most famous UFO sighting is known as the Rendlesham Forest incident, where, in 1980, military personnel witnessed what could only be considered a UFO event. The investigation turned up credible witnesses, strange animal behavior and radiation readings in three holes in the ground which formed an equilateral triangle, as well as other unexplainable elements.

Friedman Thinks Ignorance is Bliss in the UK Report

I also wanted Stanton Friedman's take on the soon-to-be-released MoD report. He provided particular amusement from the initial statements that "Until today the Condon Report produced by the University of Colorado for the US Air Force in 1969 was believed to be the only substantial government funded study of the UFO phenomenon published in English," to which Stanton countered, "The Condon report covered 117 cases of which 30% could not be identified. Project Blue Book Special Report 14 was funded by the US government and covered 3201 cases of which 21.5% could not be identified, completely separate from the almost 10% for which there was insufficient information. It contains over 240 tables of data, a statistical comparison between UNKNOWNS and Knowns, which showed the probability that the UNKNOWNS were just missed KNOWNS was less than 1%. There were also Blue Book/Grudge reports 1-12, at least 5 Theses re[garding] UFOs at the Air War College, the Congressional Hearings of 1968, etc. Incidentally, condign [deserved; adequate] is a real word, not just a random choice of letters. Should be a barrel of laughs as the nonsense of the noisy negativists almost always is. It also appears that no TOP SECRET data was included or TOP SECRET Code Word info. If UFOs were responsible for the crash or disappearance of British aircraft, presumably such data would have been withheld."

Like Pope, Stanton, a nuclear physicist, is also critical of the Plasma explanations. "One wonders," he says, "if the authors were aware of Jim McDonald's detailed scientific critique of Phil Klass' nonsense about plasmas explaining UFOs."

Elsewhere, a flurry of UFO-related events is sure to turn up additional heat on the MoD's report, and may even question the timing of the release.

Some scheduled events include:

A Toronto Press Conference on UFO Disclosure

UN Affiliate to Present Case For Extraterrestrial Encounters

McMinnville UFO Festival & Jesse Marcel Disclosure

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