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Discover your own Transcendent Truth
2006 04 23

By Christopher Moors |

The truth is we can go farther and farther still. When we can finally conceive without conclusion that there is no stop, then we can fully enjoy the Go Go God. When at last it dawns on us that stagnancy is death, we will embrace the change and luxuriate in the rejuvenating influx that never ends. The question of how to link to Source is a simple one. It revolves solely around the efforts you put forth in facilitating the process through paying attention to what is occurring on an ongoing basis. People are not enlightened because they do not seek to be. Too wrapped up in pettiness and mundane affairs, they use up all of their energy and opportunity, finding peace only in an early grave. Even in this case the body rests in the dirt, but the spirit remains continually tormented. Human emotion is a type of drug for the addicted ghosts, often causing them to immediately leap into another body. An urgent newly deceased energy entity can even go so far as to draw a man and woman together by force of will from the astral plane to open an incarnation portal. This is particularly true where alcohol is involved. It makes room for the undetected entering of this influence.

The etheric double is not the Soul. It is the body’s energy equivalent. This is what survives death with the personality still intact. So there you are in the astral realms first vibrations, which overlap with your former reality. Where you find yourself is really not that different from what you are used to…in some way more brilliant and fluid. Very dreamy and magical, it is actually a relief of many burdens associated with the body. Gravity is not as prevalent since the body is no longer there. You are light and free, traveling with but a thought and inclination. Soon you will encounter old friends and life goes on. For some who had a traumatic crossing that pierced into their mind and remained with them even after the physical passing, there is a period of rehab. This situation is monitored by guides and the equivalent medical/psychological assistance is available upon arrival.

The few individuals from Earth who had dismantled their Ego and personality imprint while alive will have another kind of experience entirely. The colloquial phrase which comes to mind in this case is, “The World’s Your Oyster”; then apply what that phrase represents to the whole Universe. Some will share long visits with the entities which exist in the realms beyond form, space, and time. These beings have many experiences to share. It may take a million years, or a split second. Once you get this far you can jump in anywhere on the time line anyway, so it is irrelevant. Many who remember themselves to this point will assist evolution on planets here and there. Jesus and Babaji have agreed to be governors or caretakers of the blue-green planet Gaia. Some of the masters traveling through such as Buddha, Osho, and your author come from other star systems and have been around for aeons. Take this chance to open to the vibrations available and discover your own transcendent truth.

~Christopher Moors

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