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The Promise of the New, The Dying of the Old
2006 04 11

By Michael Sharp |

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the changes going on all around you.

Today I wanted to talk about the crumbling old world and the emerging new world.

However, a quick detour is necessary. In order to understand what's happening around you without overt superstition, you'll need to know a little bit about the way we (and by "we" I mean you and me) create in this world.

You'll need to know about the physics of energy.

Now don't get all panicky. This is not the "advanced" kind of physics that they do in the big universities. This is the "simpler," more spiritual kind of physics that we talk about in the New Age movement. Many of you are already familiar with the "basic" concepts of this new age physics like vibration (which is, even if the scientists haven't realized it yet, just another, more visually informed, word for energy), and resonance (which occurs when vibrational patterns meet). That's really all you need is a couple or three basic concepts and you'll have an adequate (from a spiritual perspective) understanding of creation.

So let's start with the physics of energy. The important features of energy/vibration can be summarized in five simple fundamentals of energy/vibration.

The first fundamental principle of energy is "everything is made up of energy."

Everything around you that is creation, everything from the earth, to your body, to the social and political institutions, to your family, to your relationships, to the bed that you sleep in, is made of up energy. I'm not telling you anything you don't know. Even the scientists know this. The molecules of our creation are energy and everything, from the computer you sit at to the sun that warms your garden, is energy or vibration.

The second fundamental principle of energy is "everything in creation requires continuous energy to function."

This is obvious everywhere you look and again, even the scientists know this. If you stop feeding anything of this physical universe energy, it begins to disintegrate/die. This is as true of our bodies as it is of our cars, houses, and even social institutions. Just consider how much energy is required to maintain a car. Consider how much energy is required to maintain a family. Consider how much energy is required to build an organization. It's a lot. And all creation, whether it's a rock or a human brain, requires energy. How much energy something needs depends entirely on its location in creation and its overall complexity.

The third fundamental principle of "energy is vibration." I mean, this is obvious even to scientists like myself. Just take a look at any textbook representation of energy from x-ray energy to heat energy. It is all vibration.

The fourth fundamental principle is "energy is spin."

As the ancient Chinese physicists knew, the energy that underlies all physical creation has a balance of spin. The ancient Chinese called the opposing vibrations yin and yang and presented the fact that these "spins" opposed each other in a fashion that created our reality. It is true. Every physical particle that bubbles up into existence out of the zero point field is comprised of opposing (for lack of a better word) spins. These spins, when they "interfere" with each other, create standing wave patterns. Standing wave patterns are, as the scientists are now beginning to understand, the fundamental structure of all physical creation. Standing waves are what creates the illusion of solid creation. Please note, do not use what I have just said to justify duality in this world. This has nothing to do with gender or good or evil or anything like that. Those are just parts that we play.

The fourth fundamental principle of energy is "balance does not mean equality.".

As the Chinese scientists knew, you could create form with energy that was out of balance. You could create with balance or you could create with more yang and less yin, and vice versa. It just depended on your particular purpose. Each "balance" we might choose would create specific types of resonance patterns which could then be used to create different types of structures. A different balance leads to different creations. Important to know here, structures created with one balance (especially an extreme balance) may not be easily compatible with structures created with another balance.

The fifth (and last that we will deal with today) fundamental principle of energy is "consciousness is the source of all energy." This is something that I explain in great detail in The Book of Light so consult that text if you want details. Here, it is just important to realize that because consciousness is the source of all energy, it is the state of consciousness that determines the state of energy. Any characteristic of energy, like the balance of yin/yang, is determined by the structure of our consciousness.

Now, as noted at the outset of this article, we are here today to talk about the fundamental changes occurring on this planet. At this point we can begin to discuss these changes because now you will understand when I tell you that the changes that are occurring on this planet, and which are accelerating in an exponential fashion, are the result of an energetic rebalancing that is going on right now. In essence, we are moving from a more yang based balance and moving to a more equally balanced yin/yang energy.

Why are we rebalancing? Because, as I explain in the The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order, we are ascension workers and our ascension work is done. Now that our work is done, we don't have to live in the ugly old world of inequality and duality (which has been brought about by the over-yang balance) anymore and so we are changing the world and moving back/forward to a more utopian existence.

How is this rebalancing occurring?

It is occurring because of changes that we are making in the collective consciousness of this planet. It is occurring because we are changing our ideas about duality (i.e., gender, good and evil, etc.) and our ideas about yin/yang. Slowly but surely we are coming to a more balanced representation of energy/spin in our consciousness.

Take gender, for example.

Our ideas of gender, such as they are, are one of the ways we imbalance the energy in this local area of the universe. It must start in consciousness. It is our entrenched and global belief in the importance of the differences between male and female that creates the imbalance of energy in this quadrant. We have associated gender with energy and amplified the differences between genders. We have assumed a dichotomy where men hold yang and women hold yin and we have privileged the male sex saying he's stronger, more capable, blah, blah, blah.

Don't shoot the messenger. It's just the way we thought. Its this ideological structure that has imbalanced the energy.

Thankfully though our ascension work is completed and we are now doing away with artificial distinctions in gender. Of course, we want this. After all, if we don't have to, why live within the limited and limiting constraints of gender?

Despite some ongoing resistance that we (and by "we" I mean our Immortal Spirit's) might experience, the elimination of duality in consciousness and the eradication of gender significance is about halfway through. You can see it happening in consciousness and around you if you look. Soon, the importance of gender in our collective consciousness will be totally erased (in fact, if it wasn't for the terrified way in which the corporate controlled mass media is trying to reinforce gender, we'd already be done) and we will see the world for what it really is - OUR CREATION.

But anyway, as I said at the outset, we are here to talk about the changes going on around us. I suppose the question that now emerges is "what does the elimination of duality in consciousness and the subsequent rebalancing of energy have to do with me, the earth, or the changes going on around us?" Well, it is simple really.

As energy changes and rebalances, the structures that rely on the older balance (the yang based balance) will have to vibrate in the new energy. Remember the second fundamental principle of energy? The second principle states that all structures require a continuous flow of energy. As a result, as the old yang based energy continues to weaken, we will find it necessary to "unplug" all the structures which previously vibrated in the old energy (i.e., our family, our work, our cars, etc.) and plug them into the balanced energy. And what's very important here, we basically need to do this before the old energy becomes too scarce (at around 2012) to support the old structures. The grim truth is, past 2012, any structures that have not changed to the new energy will not be sustainable and they will crumble and collapse into dust. Depending on how many structures are left vibrating in the old energy at that time, it could be a very dramatic "end of the world" presentation. Of course, it won't quite happen over night, but it sure will seem like it to some people.

Of course we don't have to wait for 2012 for the fireworks to start. We are currently going through this energy transition right now in preparation and anticipation. So far this transition has been relatively smooth. Structures continue to switch gradually. We expect it to continue like this even through the 2012 marker. We are being careful and we started early and for good reason. We want to avoid a "Hollywood" style end-of-the-world disintegration. Hollywood is one big corporation, after all, and we're playing with real lives here. We want it to be as smooth as possible.

Still, even now, some things are beginning to collapse. It is not for lack of trying. It is just that some structures will not be able to switch over to the new energy streams fast enough and they will run out of energy and disintegrate. There's nothing we can do about this. The energy rebalancing is already past the point of no return so why fight? And besides, there's nothing to be afraid of. We have been planning for the collapse of certain structures. If some institution or physical structure cannot transform and falls, something will already be there to take over its purpose and function.

I guarantee it. All you have to do is watch.

Take the power industry for example.

In the past year or so many of us have experienced serious power failures in our electrical grid systems. We have had international outages in North America as well as more localized power failures. Just last week when I was in Calgary, Alberta, the entire city was hit with a power short that knocked out computers and other equipment. My wife and I were stranded in our hotel room because the computers that control the elevators were damaged by the power spike. I'm sure you have local examples.

So, what to make of this?

Well, these are the first manifestations of a crumbling yang-based power grid structure. The current yang-based structure is hierarchical, centralized, capitalistic, and inequitable in so many ways. It is set up to privilege the few and deny the many. Only the really wealthy in the world (i.e., those of us in developed countries) can afford the power provided. This is not a fair system. It is an old world system that participates in the "privilege for some/poverty for many" structures that are so typical of the out of control type of manifestation encouraged by the too-much-yang energies of the old world. Now, while the industry is not going to fall, the power sources are going to change. The old centralized power reactors and gargantuan hydroelectric dams will collapse. They simply cannot be switched over to the new energies. They cannot be made equitable. They are lumbering and expensive dinosaurs of the "power for the few" mentality that we all once participated in.

So what will we do when they collapse?

Will we be thrown back into the dark ages?

Will the power grid turn to dust?

Certainly not!

Who do you think we are anyway?

Already new energy technologies are beginning to manifest which will fundamentally alter the way power is distributed on this earth (at more levels than one). These are amazing technologies that will plug freely into the abundance that exists all around us. Why, just recently a South African firm announced the discovery of a way to produce cheap and efficient solar panels. Those of you who follow the ups and (mostly) downs of solar energy will know, cheap and efficient solar panels are the Holy Grail of solar energy. The primary reason why we all don't have solar panels on our houses right now is because the old-technology silicon based panels are expensive and inefficient. But now we have a new technology that the average middle class homeowner will be able to purchase.

Just imagine that!

Billions of people all over the world generating their own power.

Just imagine what that would look like!

It would revolutionize the industry. The costs of producing and delivering energy would drop to almost zero! And what is more, working as one, we would produce huge surpluses that we could give away to areas that need development. With billions generating power, the cost of electricity will approach zero point.

Just imagine that!!

It will be a revolution. The entire economic system will instantly become more efficient and more productive.

Think about it.

Free and clean energy?

It means the elimination of inequality and prosperity for all.

It means factories and cars and computers and heaters and tractors and stoves and fridges that run on sun (and a bit later) air.

This is a promise that is already being fulfilled.

So, if you want my advice, ignore the old prophecies.

They are all wrong.

We are standing at the cusp of a revolution in development that will light up the world with the sun. Power stations are only one example. Nations will prosper like never before and all reasons for war, hatred, aggression, and violence of all kinds, will be gone. With all that free power, we eventually won't even have to work. Of course, getting rid of work will require the elimination of economic and political systems based on the old energy. But as you now can hopefully see, that's inevitable.

Nothing that is old will stand in the new energies.

So don't vibrate in the old energies. Don't cling to the old ways.

Do you see the new world?

That's Shambhala and it is just around the corner!


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