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Beyond the Mind Edifice
2006 04 04

By Chris Moors |

Magnificent words that come from higher dimensions do not do any good if they are simply processed in the mind and interpreted according to disposition. How can Wonder enter into the world of preconceived parameters? A good story can be interesting, but only truly serves the divine purpose if it awakens something beyond the norm in the receiver of the transmission. To the one who has lived only in the mind, the hardest thing is to let go of the illusion of knowing and the sense that they have to control their environment. There are ways. The trick is to get you to jump out of everything you have ever thought life was all about. Kicking the human children out of the nest, it is finally time for each to fly on their own. Spelling out the details, perhaps we can find a crack in the mind edifice to slip through.

So much gets crammed into the 5 sense Earth body that it shorts out. This can manifest as mental illness as well as later…physical sickness. All of your prescription meds are vain attempts to alter the body/brain chemistry that excessive mental input has destroyed. Trying to live out a myriad of contradictions, all actions are disconnected and serve no greater purpose. It is good that it takes time for prayers/intent to manifest. If everything people thought just appeared, we’d be doomed. Things will surely come around our thoughts if we hold them over time. We must untangle the goop that is stuck to our innards then with space and a fresh perspective, we can see for the first time see our life path and create something that will contribute to our own wellbeing as well as the peace of the planet.

Without the strain of other people’s pain, your body attains a new health and ability to perceive subtleties. This then makes it possible for your Higher Self to fully enter in and the Two become ONE. Rediscovering everything over again without the taint of mind is a pure pleasure. What a joy to have full intelligence and the newness of sunrise in your heart! Each moment becomes a miracle and you give thanks not from repetitive habit, but because gratitude bursts from your soul. You realize so clearly what a gift life is and how precious every last being is… Even now I feel blessed to press each symbol key that unlocks the doors to the mysteries of the universe. Out of nothing comes something. Something when shared becomes something more. Dancing without reservation, the celebration is at long last joined.

Tales of angels and demons are entertaining and indicative of something that is in fact the case. The meaning and reality is quite different than anybody that simply lives in the mind can realize. Here is where the language of mythology points you to the abstract that stays abstract. The left brained prove-it-to-me people will always say that evidence is needed on their terms, but what to do if reality has its own way? Tell them to open up their hearts and embark upon the journey of discovery so they can see for themselves. Sometimes you may start a course for one reason and suddenly find out that destiny had altogether different ideas. Once addiction to linear thinking is broken, the multidimensional possibilities add a richness and dignity to humanity that will easily relieve the sting of admitting ignorance.

~Christopher Moors

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