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Angel Buddha Christopher: Cosmic Ambassadors of Joy
2006 04 17

By Christopher Moors |

To be back in a place where I can once again somehow deliver a communication to the people of Earth is both a pleasure and a necessity. Gliding away is not an option until certain things have come to pass. I could disappear, but it is not often that one finds such clarity and meets it with the ability to express the intricacies of spirit. Bumping up against mind filters, we have to find a way to slip a little Truth into the deeper reaches of our inner realm. It takes but one ray of light to dissipate darkness. O seekers, heed the eternal call! Let not the undulations of the world hold sway. The ephemeral can be enjoyed and experienced, but one must never believe that they belong within it, because if they do, when the changes turn the present into the past, their concept of self will be battered against the rocks on the shore of time to be lost forever.

Watch out for thought loops. They will catch you and cause you to repeat the same foolish mistakes that have been occurring on the blue-green planet for millennia. Masters demonstrating self-awareness are rare gems who have appeared through/in time to keep the fires of realization stoked. It makes one shed a tear for their beauty and imagination. While most people go about their tiny lives, the sage basks in eternity, dropping fragrant rose pedals in hopes of perhaps stirring a memory. With humor and a twinkle of knowing, they sing the song of salvation from soul to soul. Using vibration they reinvigorate dead cells and cause them to once again dance. What could you do if every atom in your body was smiling? No longer simply a glorified eating-machine, you would find purpose in your nature and fulfillment from its expression.

You are slowly evolving out of your infancy as a species. Do not let EGO react in horror at the idea that you have not already arrived. Think in terms of millions of years and you will see that you have only recently emerged, and are just now starting to remember that you are more than the shell you are staying in. When we become aware of this, our inner light starts shining through the skin, changing the frequency of our resonance and merging the Body, Mind, Soul into one transcendent conscious entity. To drastically simplify simply for the sake of giving the living something to grasp onto regarding ascension, the Body is the 3rd dimension, the Mind when freed of identification with the body and when viewed from the Heart, is the 4th (Astral/Dream world), and the Soul reawakened, unified, in tune with the Sun, and now home, is the 5th.

You, spirit as flesh, are an interesting creation. Each manifestation brings something unique into the picture that everyone can benefit from. Building upon lessons already learned, the individual can avoid typical pitfalls on the path, and instead opt for an application of universal law in the support of good. This is why it is advisable to study history and to soak up information from those who have walked many roads. Assimilating all of it and rising above, humanity is moved forward in the only sensible way. So many pieces from so many places have come together in your body vehicle given as a gift from the Earth. Believe me, if She did not want you here, you would not be. He, the Sun, sends you Wisdom, and She sends you Love. Destiny awaits the cosmic ambassadors who will travel forth to share the Joy of your Solar System.

~Christopher Moors

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