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Letter to the FDA Commissioner Regarding Aspartame
2006 04 06

By Stephen Fox |

March 28, 2006

The following is a letter by Stephen Fox to the FDA Commissioner ordering him to rescind the approval of aspartame as an artificial sweetener:

Order to FDA Commissioner to Rescind the Approval of Aspartame/Formaldehyde/Methanol as an Artificial Sweetener, by Stephen Fox, Author of Resolution to create a New United Nations Undersecretary General for Nutrition, and Secretariat to be based in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Honorable Andrew Von Eschenbach,
Commissioner, United States Food and Drug Administration Fax (301) 443-3100

Dear Dr. Eschenbach:

You have 72 hours to comply with my order to you to rescind the FDA approval for Aspartame, the artificial sweetener that is metabolized as aspartic acid, phenylalanine, methyl ester, which is then converted into methanol, and formaldehyde. Other adverse reactions result from the reactions between the aluminum in the cans between the phosphoric acid, the 3rd largest ingredient in most "soft" drinks, and include diketopiperazine, a proven brain tumor- causing agent.

One of your predecessors, Arthur Hull Hayes, approved it at the request of the President of G.D. Searle, and resigned his position in disgrace. This product has 92 listed symptoms compiled at the FDA. Please examine them before issuing your rescinding order: the list is stupendous: Lou Gehrig's (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Tumors, etc.

These result from the methanol and formaldehyde plaques, and other effects, for example, binding to the DNA. Aspartame is the scourge of modern health, and is consumed by 70% of the people in the United States, and 40% of the children. It is found in over 600 children's medications, vitamins, and aspirin, and in medications for Parkinson's disease.

All of the drug manufacturers use this additive as a sweetener, and almost all of the food manufacturers, including Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Kraft Foods, Altria Corporate Services, Ajinomoto of Japan (whose factory is in Savannah, Georgia), and so on. The list is quite long. They will object and perhaps take you to court with their phony 200 industry paid for studies" proving" that adding formaldehyde and methanol to food products and pharmaceutical products is "safe." Of course, we will win, and no judge will rebuff your beneficent action in this regard.

If you have any questions, please examine the Medical Text by Dr. H.J. Roberts, ( Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, and his article: Aspartame Disease: An FDA Approved Epidemic, or the text: Excitotoxins: the Taste That Kills, by Russell Blaylock, M.D., Neurosurgeon of Mississippi. As you may know, the FDA disapproved Aspartame for 16 years, from its being patented in 1966 to 1981. The internal history is quite sordid, among the more sordid chapters in the FDA's history, involving the Public Board of Inquiry report, the recommendation that Searle be indicted for fraud, Samuel Skinner, etc.

All of this is further detailed in Patricia Thomas' article The Shocking History of Aspartame in the UK publication, the Ecologist, which you can easily google and read. Also, read UK Member of Parliament Roger Williams speech in Westminster Hall, December 14, 2005, which called for the same ban in the UK of aspartame, which is now my order to you. If you have any further questions, talk with:

  • 1. William Henry Gates III and Melinda French Gates, Microsoft Corporation 2. His Majesty, King Abdullah of Jordan 3. Her Majesty, Queen Noor of Jordan 4. Prime Minister, Stephen Harper of Canada 5. Dr. Ernesto Derbez Bautista, Foreign Minister of Mexico 6. Queen Elizabeth II of England 7. His Royal Highness, Charles, the Prince of Wales 8. Harald V, King of Norway 9. Haakon Magnus, Crown Prince of Norway 10. His Majesty, Karl XVI Gustav, King of Sweden 11. Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden 12. His Majesty, Muhammad VI, King of Morocco 13. Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda 14. Dominique de Villepin, Prime Minister of France 15. Inacio Luis da Silva, President of Brasil 16. Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations 212 963-5012 17. Louise Frechette, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations 18. William Blaine Richardson, Governor of New Mexico 505 827-3000 19. Tom Udall, Congressman New Mexico and former Attorney General of New Mexico (505) 986-3990
  • 20. Stewart Udall, former United States Secretary of Interior (505) 988-4935
  • 21. Richard Bosson, Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court (505)827-4934
  • 22. Patricio Serna, Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court (505) 827-4996
  • 23. Roderick Kennedy, Judge, New Mexico Court of Appeals (505) 827-4850 24. Attorney General Patricia Madrid (505) 827-6000 (New Mexico) 25. Deputy Attorney General Stuart Bluestone (505) 827-6004 (New Mexico) 26. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (New York) 518 474-7330 27. Attorney General William Lockyer (California) 916-445-9555 28. Attorney General Patrick Lynch (Rhode Island) 29. Attorney General W. Drew Edmondson (Oklahoma) 30. Attorney General Lisa Madigan (Illinois) 31. Attorney General Thurbert Baker (Georgia) 32. Attorney General Phill Kline (Kansas) 33. Attorney General Mike Hatch (Minnesota) 34. Attorney General Jeremiah Nixon (Missouri) 35. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut) 36. United States Senator Hillary Clinton (New York) 37. United States Senator Charles Grassley (Iowa) 38. New Mexico State Senator, Gerald Ortiz y Pino (505) 250-1280
  • I look forward to your reply. By complying with this order, you will relieve 500,000,000 people worldwide from further neurodegenerative and carcinogenic damages resultant from their ingestion of aspartame/methanol/formaldehyde.

    Your letter to His Imperial Excellency, Akihito, Emperor of Japan, Kunaicho Imperial Palace, 1111 Chiyoda, Tokyo Japan, asking him to close the Ajinomoto Factories henceforth is in order, as well as to Dominique de Villepin, asking him to close the Ajinomoto Factory in France, is also very much in order.


    Stephen Fox
    217 W. Water St., Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 USA 505 983-2002

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